Glimpses Of The TextBook – Vaidyamrutha Tharangini

By Dr M S Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu) PhD

About The Book– Vaidyamruta Tarangini


  • This book was published by ‘Mathrubhoomi’ press, in 1927.
  • Book starts with Namaskara to “Lord Ganapathi” and “Lord Dhanvanthari”
  • The author and year of writing is unknown.

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  • This book describes the treatment of 60 diseases.
  • It also mentions about specific diseases like Chirang, Chunang, Kuru, Marma chikitsa etc


Various dosage forms and formulations are mentioned for fever (Read about Ayurveda diet in fever ). Few important ones are as follows –

At the beginning stage of fever :

  • Hrisva Panchamoola + ginger prepared into ganji (gruel) can be given.
  • Amruthottaram kashayam is mentioned to administer along with castor oil to clear Kosta (GIT) and also reduce fever.

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In case of Fever with Headache:

Sapthaparna bark and Sida cardifolia (Bala) ground with coconut milk and applied over forehead.

In case of Jwara Shopha (Fever with oedema):

  • Punarnava, Devadaru, are taken and made decoction for internal medication.
  • Ashwatha patradi enna (medicated oil): for thalam is mentioned.
  • Sundaravarjanadi gulika

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Raktapitta (Bleeding disorders)

  • Internal medication for blood vomiting (hematemesis) – Sandalwood ground with Navaneetha (butter). (Sandalwood used in decoction form is also mentioned)
  • Bud of Vata + Vasa root can be prepared into ‘Paal kanji’
  • Avipatti Choorna.

Asrigdara (menorrhagia)

  • Thengin Pookkula Kashayam (decoction made from coconut tree flowers), mix with jaggery (sarkara) and have it.
  • Bala Kashaya (decoction) + Milk boiled – given internally.
  • Nalpamara (Vata, Udumbara, Parisha, Plaksha) + Triphala + Musta + Hibiscus roots + Kadhira are made into decoction.

Arochaka (tastelessness) And Baktha roga (Anorexia)

  • Sugarcane juice+ Ardraka Swarasa ( fresh ginger juice) for Kavala (garling).
  • Ksheerabala Taila or Gritha applied on chest and abdomen and make him stand in sunlight.
  • Combination of Camphor, Sita (sugar candy) and Honey.


  • Laaja Powder + Honey will stop vomiting.
  • Vilwadi kashaya.
  • Decoction of tender leaves of mango tree is administered.
  • In case of blood vomiting (haematemesis): application of Lakshadi Kuzhambu on head and Dhara with Milk.
  • Intake of milk in evening is advised.

Vayu kshobham (Abdominal discomforts)

  • Balajeerakadi kashaya.
  • Vayu Gutika.
  • Sahacharadi Kashaya: Sahachara, Bala, Castor, Nagara, Devadaru, Nirgundi, Onion.
  • Sarvanga dhara done with Navara taila and Navara Ghrita.



Rajayakshma (emaciating disorders)

Medicines for other disorders

Arshas (haemorroids)

Udavartha (regurgitation)


Visoochika (enteritis)

Athyagni (Bullemia)

  • Sharkara (jaggery) + Tender Coconut Water + Laaja (parched rice).
  • Paal kanji + butter

Asthi Srava (Leucorrhoea with Osteoporosis)

Laksha + Banana

Prameha (Urinary disorders)

  • Kataka + curds.
  • Dhanwanthara gritha.

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Kuru (Vrana-Ulcers)

Gulma (Gaseous tumours)

Shoola (abdominal pain)

  • Intake of Arka root paste applied on betel leaves.


Skin diseases

  • Shigruvadi Kashaya.
  • Triphala Oil applied on head.


Mootratisara (Diuresis)

  • Bala Gritha + Bala decotion for internal administration.

Alcoholic intoxication

Sanyasa (Coma)

Mukha Roga (oral diseases)

  • Chiratta kari+Iratta kari+Honey+Trikatu is applied inside mouth. (Kari=Masi, charred material)

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Chirang (Blisters)

Muzha (Cysts)

  • Vasa root + Neem bark + Long pepper – prepare decoction and taken along with cumin.

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Mulamel kuru (Infective abscess)

  • Nimbadi Kashaya.
  • Castor seeds + Mudga Beeja (green gram) + Seasame fried with Ghee, then boiled in milk. Make a paste out of it and apply over the area.

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Marma Chikitsa

Marma chikitsa (Treatment for injury to vital organs)

  • Fever caused due to injury to marma (vital organ):- Musta, sandalwood, Udicha, parpata, ginger, Ushira, castor are made into decoction and taken internally.
  • Marma kshoba kashayam: Cumin, Castor, ikshu, jack fruit leaves etc. Should be made into decoction

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Kidangalk Enna Kachal (Oil for childhood ailments)

  • Plaksha, dasha pushpa are crushed to obtain juice.
  • Equal to taila coconut milk is taken.
  • Paste is made from Manjista, Kusta, Cumin, Sandalwood etc,
  • All these are boiled to prepare oil.
  • This oil is to be applied over the body of the baby. This is helpful in all diseases of babies.

Treatment for poisons

  • Chitraka, Harithaki, Samudraphena, Shodhitha Naga:- all these are pounded and taken in new coconut shell (cheratta) ,
  • Add water boiled with Triphala and keep for a night.
  • Next day it should be filtered to avoid the supernatant liquid. Process is continued for 3 days.
  • This is mixed with equal quantity of buffalo’s dung.
  • Later it triturated (Bhavana) with juice of castor leaves, and given in dose of ‘Gunja Pramana Gutika’ (125 mg) for all poisoning conditions.

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Merits of the book

  • Author has his own contributions in many yogas other than classical formulations of various texts.
  • Author has explained treatment for vital organs (marma) and poisoning separately.
  • He has explained the method of preparation of oil for childhood care .
  • Common skin diseases and few specific treatments are explained.

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Demerits of the book

  • Some drugs are very hard to understand, as colloquial names are given.
  • Since it is written in Malayalam, it needs to be explored with commentaries and notes.

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