Easy Ayurveda Video Courses

We present to you short video courses on specific Ayurveda topics

Diabetes Course

Learn to reverse Type 2 Diabetes effectively in our course, developed along with Madhavbaug
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Short Courses


Short courses of 2-4 hours duration
Learn at your own pace
Downloadable notes and handouts for better understanding of the subjects
Explanation of complex Ayurveda topics and Sanskrit terms in simple English
Unlimited doubt clarification
Certification at the end of the course
Can be viewed in desktop/smartphone/Udemy app
Lifetime access

Introduction to Home remedies

This video course helps you to understand fundamental principles and scientific reasoning behind home remedies with numerous examples

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Prakriti – Know your Dosha

This course helps you to analyze anyone’s Prakriti or natural Dosha body type. This course also enables you to advice diet and lifestyle changes based on Dosha

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Ayurvedic Herbology

This video course teaches you the fundamentals of Ayurvedic Pharmacology. This helps you to understand how an Ayurvedic herb/remedy acts.

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