Video Course: 
Marma Therapy Introduction, 
Marma Manipulations of the Leg



A detailed course on Marma Therapy 


Dr Joseph K.C., B.A.M.S., CCH, CGO, PGSSC

Syllabus of the Video Course:

Introduction and history of Marma Therapy

Detailed Marma points of legs & lower back

Practical demonstration of six Marma points to treat

Disc slip,

Varicose veins of legs,


Knee Joint Pain,

Balancing the Mooladhara Chakra

Treating Piles using

Preparation of  Marmani oil.

Demonstration of various practical techniques of osteopathic and DORN therapy

Amalgamation of acupuncture with Marma therapy.

Feature #1

Detailed Theoretical Explanation of 

Marma Shastra - The Science of Marma Therapy

Feature #2

Practical Demonstration of all Marma manipulation techniques of the leg  

Feature #3

Demonstration of Marmani Oil Preparation along with its practical use in Marma Therapy

Amalgamation of
Acupuncture Techniques 
Osteopathic methods
DORN therapy
along with 
Marma Therapy

Nature of the course: 
Online Video Course 

Self Learning Module

Course divided into easy 5-10 minutes short sessions for easy learning

Online donwloadable certificate available after completion of course 



Rs 4,999 or $ 64.99 (USD)

Launch offer:

Rs 2,999 or $38.99

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