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Goat Milk Benefits According to Ayurveda

Goat milk has many health benefits. Goats have a lean built, they do not drink much water, do a lot of physical activities and eat grass and plants that are pungent, hot and bitter in taste. These qualities of the goat gets attributed to Goat milk, according to Ayurveda. Hence goat milk has its own special importance in Ayurveda.

goat milk benefits
Goat Milk Benefits: 

  • Goat milk is best suited for dry and emaciated patients.
  • Goat milk improves digestion.
  • Goat milk is useful in respiratory disorders. Hence, for patients with respiratory diseases, it makes sense to choose goat milk over cow milk and buffalo milk.
  • Goat milk is beneficial in bleeding disorders.
  • For those having mild diarrhoea or who defecate more than twice a day, goat milk is beneficial.
  • Goat milk does not have a very cooling effect over the body.
  • Goat milk improves breast milk production.
  • Among those substances that relieve emaciation, improve breast milk, blood production, absorbent (useful in IBS) and bleeding disorders, goat milk is the best. (Reference – Charaka Samhita Sutrasthana 25)

Goat milk is
Grahi – absorbent, bowel binding
Laghu – light to digest
and it is useful for persons suffering from Raktapitta (a diseases characterized by bleeding from various parts of the body), diarrhoea, Kshaya – emaciation, coughing and fever.
Ayurvedic medicines with goat milk as ingredient: 
Kumkumadi tailam – Used for acne, scar, blemishes.
Maha Triphaladi Ghritham – used for the treatment of eye disorders.
Pinda Thailam – Used in the treatment of Gout.
Saraswata Ghrita – Used in treating children with neurological developmental disorders.
Somanatha rasa – Used to treat frequent urination.
In Gout, an ointment made of ghee, the powder of Godhuma – wheat and goat’s milk is prescribed. (Charaka Sutrasthana 3rd chapter)

Ayurvedic medicines with which, goat milk is advised as co-drink / diet – 
Shukramatrika Bati
Bala Punarnavadi kashayam

Milk, goat, fluid, with added vitamin D

Taste – Astringent , sweet
Qualities – light,
Potency – cold
After digestion taste transformation (After digestion taste transformation (Vipaka)) –
Effect on Doshas
Vata increasing – due to astringent taste, lightness, cold potency
Pitta balancing – due to astringent sweet taste, cold potency
Kapha neutral – astringent taste and lightness decreases kapha, sweetness and coldness increase kapha

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