Cow Milk And Buffalo Milk – A Comparison

Cow milk and buffalo milk both are both very nutritious. When both are available, the choice of milk should be made based on your personal needs, health status and digestion power.

Cow milk and buffalo milk – similarities

  • Taste – Both cow milk and buffalo milk are sweet in taste,  and have cooling effect.
  • Cow milk and buffalo milk both act as natural aphrodisiacs.
  • Both are high in nutrition and improves strength.
  • Both these milks calm Pitta and help in relieving burning sensation.

Cow ghee Vs buffalo ghee – Which is best?

Cow milk vs buffalo milk – Differences

  • Buffalo milk is slightly heavier to digest when compared to Cow milk.
  • The capacity to induce natural sleep is more in buffalo milk than cow milk.
  • The protein content in buffalo milk is more compared to cow milk.
  • Fat content is more in buffalo milk than in cow milk.
  • Ghee prepared from buffalo milk increases Kapha, while Cow milk – ghee calms Pitta and increases digestion power.
  • Cow milk is more used in Ayurveda than buffalo milk.

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34 thoughts on “Cow Milk And Buffalo Milk – A Comparison”

  1. me what to drink with Chayawanprash ,as Milk does not suits me.
    Is Tea or Butter milk is fine?

  2. Dear Dr Hebber, Is this comparison between Desi Cow’s milk & buffalo’s milk or its the Jersey cow commonly available?

  3. I think the comparison is not comprehensive enough and does tilt towards consuming Buffalo milk. Desi Cow milk is far superior please read charaka samhita .pdf is available for you on the net.

  4. Its difficult to find milk of desi cow like that of gir here in Mumbai.
    So my choice is either buffalo’s milk or cross-breed cow’s milk.
    I am heart patient and suffer from thyroid problems also and so am not able to decide which one should be better, especially after knowing about A1 and A2 milk controversy (“Devil in the milk”).

    Please guide me and refer more articles about the same.

    • mitesh ji please get desi(A2) milk. It does wonders over junk A1 milk. It has helped me personally a lot. Just try it and see it. You will know the truth yourself.

  5. @sridhar plz expain why there is an initial hesitation in adapting desi cow milk. We had been operating in M.P. from 1 year there is problem in adaption of desi cow milk in terms of taste. Most of the customers start and go away eventually. Is there anything missing any help is appreciated.

  6. Its hard to find milk of desi cow. Jersy cow milk is not good for health so can we choose buffalo milk…?

  7. Request you to please elaborate. In mumbai, we get jersey cow milk. So is it then advisable to drink Buffalo’s milk. My mother has got many small knots in her body. Ayuervedic doctor advised us to drink Cow’s milk. But the problem is we do not get Desi cow milk. Also if you can elaborate how to identify difference between desi and jersey cow, it would be of great help

  8. Dear Dr.,
    Can the contoversy regarding A1 and A2 milk be ignored?
    Which will be better for children, Buffalo or A1 ghee?

  9. Other than drawbacks like fat and kapha generation, is there any harmful effect of cow’s milk or buffalo milk in infants/children, like in brain development? There is an old saying in my village that feed children only with cow milk and not with buffalo milk as buffalo milk will hamper brain development. Is there any logic to that argument?

  10. If you don’t want to have khapha & vata , PL avoid drinking Milk. You can drink chaas instead. Try drinking black tea , it’s more refreshing, make it light golden, don’t boil the tea. Moreover a lot of Milk in India contains oxytosin a hormone injected in cows to make them lactate. This oxytosin goes in our bodies when we consume milk and causes our bodies to produce kapgh , sneezing , watery nose.
    If you stop drinking Milk, you will notice in a week time all symptoms of kapha , catalog will vanish.

  11. Namaste sir,I just wanted to know the effects of pasteurisation and homogenisation on cow’s milk. Does it spoils the natural qualities of pure cow’s milk? I have heard so many people saying that quitting dairy is better if freshly yielded milk is not available because it is harmful to use processed milk……

    • Hi, milk, in Ayurveda, while preparing Ksheerapaka etc, is boiled for long periods of time. Sometime, more than half an hour. So, taking pasteurized homogenized cow milk is fine.
      I have a problem with fatless milk. It is not healthy. Milk comes with natural fat, which is required for the body.
      If available, then taking cow milk directly from a vendor and using it after boiling is the best.


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