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56 thoughts on “11 Ebooks Offer – 65% off!”

  1. Dabar ka ye Ashwagandhadi lehya..
    Lene se kya kya benifit hote hai..
    I’m. 31 to muje kitne doss Lene padange dinme or ratme.. or I’m slim body to mera thoda wight badh sakta hai? ?

    • Dear sir, Ashwagandhadi lehyam is a very famous herbal product. It is a natural Ayurveda body building supplement. It helps to put on weight in a healthy way. It also helps to relieve emaciation, blood impurities. It brings about rejuvenation. It is rich in anti oxidants. Dosage: 1 tsp twice a day after food with milk

  2. Thankyou Dr.
    Do we need to apply any hair in the day time? Pls let me know the names of the oils you suggest.

    • Hi, because it is a structural deformity, there is no oral Ayurvedic medicines to correct it.

  3. Dear Doc,

    My hair has been greying prematurely. A doc has suggested the following
    1. Ostreon D- 1 tab twice daliy
    2. GT Capsule 2 tab twice daily
    3. Khadiradi Kwatha- 3 tsp diluted with warm water twice daily
    4. Neem oil as nasal drop twice daily

    The dosage has been prescribed for a month. Is it ok?
    Kindly advise


  4. I have purchased the dried fruit variety of amla.
    How do I prepare to eat and how much daily do I need to take….
    Please make clear if amount is hard dried amla or the soaked rehydrate type.
    Look forward to hearing from you.
    I tend to mix it with spicy lime dip, the taste goes well together
    Await to hear from you

  5. Sir, i am raw herbs supplier ,i want your publication hard copy please send information for any books for ayurvedic formulation.

    • Hi, I have not written any book on medicines yet. You can find medicine information here – ayurmedinfo.com

  6. I was advised to use coconut oil one litre,with 100 ml coconut water,turmeric powder,coriander100 g, Tulasi leaves boil for few minutes ,filter and add 10 g of each Navratna bhasma,Suvarna bhsma,Hira bhasma and Jai Mangala Ras mix,add 5500ml of warm mustard oil mix and use externally everyday for 45 days to cure knee joint pain ,nerves weakness and other pains. Please advise me whether I can use this safely and will it work I will be great up if you let me know whether it is safe .
    Thank you

    • Hi, you can prepare the oil with all the herbs. Just avoid Navratna bhasma,Suvarna bhsma,Hira bhasma and Jai Mangala Ras mix – in the above combination.
      They will be wasted. Their usage externally is of no use at all.
      Whoever has advised it to you is probably into selling those costly bhasmas and making quick money out of it. Do not trust him.

      If it is hard for you to believe my words, Here is the list of more than 200 traditional Ayurvedic oils with all ingredients. Show me one oil with these Bhasmas in this list. – http://ayurmedinfo.com/category/taila-ayurvedic-oil/

  7. Sir,

    Which is best of Ashwaganda powder or lehyam ?. Kindly tell its expiry dates (Life period) for these products.

    • Powder – 1 year expiry date.
      Lehyam -2 – 3 years from the date of manufacturing.
      Kottakkal product is good.

  8. Sir,Pranam. Is there any Ayurvedic doctor in Atlanta,Usa .my niece is having a boy of seven hrs ….ADHD child ,giving physical training mentally not much improved can you help in this regard . Thank you ,swarnasridar

  9. I want to pay by debit card of 10 e book, after payment what is the time I will get 10e books.
    All 10 e book I will get one in a time.
    Plz reply me sir

    • Thanks for the purchase.
      I have sent all the ebooks directly by email, along with a special gift of a video and an extra ebook.

  10. Namaskaram sir, Thanks for your wonderful tips and remedies. My son is 7 yrs old. He is not growing height and gaining weight . He looks like 5yrs . Please advice me .


  11. Sir. I am really interested in studying the use of medicinal herbs in clothing through weaving and dyeing. Is there a separate topic or a book on how herbs can be used in clothes and whether it helps enhancing health especially skin , cooling the body etc. ?

  12. Is it advisable to give Kumari Asav No3 to toddlers to build immunity against cough. It contains paraben. Please suggest

  13. Hello,Im an Ayurvedic Doctor and interested in manucturing of Ayurvedic oils,facepack,shampoo,conditioner etc if you have any ebook or suggest me any other for method of preperation of all above then please tell me.

    Dr Karamvir Singh.

  14. Sir please help me sir my son was 4month old his poo in green and watery it continue in 2weeks plz help me sir which medicine i give my son

  15. My sister r harniya diteck by hospital check up please ayurvedic medicine and other treatments getting. Please

  16. Your advise in Ayurvedic medicine is really appreciable in this way Ayurveda is getting alive by doctor like you. Patients getting satisfaction and become hopeful from your advise

  17. Hi sir, I experiencing vibrations like mild current flowing throughout the body while doing kapalbathi, it lasts 2-3 min even after kapalbathi. That is really wonderful experience but sir problem is i feel increased internal fear, anxiety and some time nervous later, so i confused are these side effects of kapalbathi?

  18. You are offering All Video classes + notes. You are also offering E books. Are these having similar contents? suppose I purchase Video classes, then is there something I am missing in that E book offer? I need for Ayurveda study.

  19. Namaste. I am interested in buying the entire set, but have few questions. Do any of these books have knowledge of pulse diagnosis? If so, which one? Thank you!

  20. I read in many ayurveda texts that ayurveda uses 06 kinds of salts(Lavanam) but mostly recommended Sahindava Lavanam(rock salt). I believe that only rock salt is natuarally obtained from deep underground while other kinds of salts are manufactured chemically. Is this correct ?. If not, what is the origin of all other kinds of salts mentioned in ayurveda ?

  21. Hi Sir,

    I want Herbs (Jeevaka & Rishabaka), if you sell these herbs please send me the price details. If not please provide me details of the seller so that I can get from them.

    Thank you,
    Kumar P


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