Pitta Body Type From Structural, Functional Mental And Social Viewpoint

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S

Pitta constitution features from anatomical viewpoint

  • Appearance of body – moderate built, fair looking, reddish appearance, hot on touch, not attractive
  • Texture of body – Dry, delicate body parts
  • Body weight – moderate, moderate built
  • Their eyes, nails, tongue, lips, palm and sole will have coppery colour
  • Their muscles, bony joints and body parts will be delicate, smooth, yellowish and loose / lax
  • Their hairs, moustache and body hairs will be of brown or reddish brown in colour
  • They have less body hairs
  • Eyes – unsteady, fluctuating, yellow or reddish brown colour, less and thin eyelashes
  • Frequent manifestation of boils, blisters, pimples, discoloration, freckles on body and face
  • Premature wrinkles on face
  • Premature greying of scalp hairs
  • Severe hair fall and premature balding

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Pitta constitution features from physiological viewpoint

  • These people have severe appetite and quick digestion of food. Therefore they have repeated hunger pangs. As a result pitta body type people eat lot of food.
  • They also have severe thirst.
  • They cannot tolerate heat and hence cannot work in day heat. They feel exhausted in hot climate and on hot days.
  • Tolerance to hardships is very less, they are sensitive and tender
  • Suffer from mouth ulcers, is a regular complaint
  • Sweat a lot, their sweat and other body secretions emit foul smell
  • Excreta i.e. sweat, faeces and urine are produced in excess
  • Rotten smell is emitted from their armpits, mouth, head, faeces, urine and entire body
  • Semen is inadequately produced. As a result these people will be less exited and show less interest towards sex. They have low sex performance and capacity. They show less interest in women and women show less interest towards them. These people will have less progeny.
  • These people have liking towards sweet, bitter and astringent tastes, cold foods, drinks and comforts
  • They like to stay in cold places, to roam around in parks, lakeside
  • They get severe anger
  • Their eyes are reddened when they are angry, in bright sunlight, in heat of sun and after intake of alcohol

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Pitta constitution features from mind behaviour viewpoint

  • These people are extremely reactive and courageous
  • They are argumentative and always desire to defeat people in debates in order to establish their supremacy and talents
  • They are expressive and do not hesitate to tell anything
  • They are fearless in combats and wars, are gutsy enough to take on their enemies and defeat them. Pitta people form good soldiers and leaders.
  • They are extremely intelligent, have situational presence and application of mind and intellect,
  • They attract people towards them and also draw attention by their brilliance and knowledge and outspoken nature
  • They are highly skilled, wealthy and adventurous
  • They never get scared and do not succumb to pressure situations and do not panic in difficulties
  • If someone behaves bad towards these people, they too will react in a similar way, they carry revenge and are vengeful
  • If someone is helpful and good to these people, they too reciprocate in a similar way. They are extremely friendly and helpful to their good circle and behave courteously with utmost patience and affection.
  • These people are fascinated towards being pampered by sweet fragrances and perfumes, cold baths and massages, anointments with coolants like paste of sandal, flowers, garlands, ornaments and jewellery and new clothes.
  • They quickly get angry, sometimes without any reasons. At same time they get settled down and quickly become normal.

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Pitta constitution features from social behavior viewpoint

  • These people are courageous, egoistic, self-made, of good character
  • They are always clean and tidy
  • They are good hosts and friendly with friends and neighbours
  • They are intelligent, powerful
  • They are argumentative and defeat their opponents in debates
  • They are wise and learned.
  • They have moderate strength, knowledge, equipments and property, progeny and lifespan

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Pitta constitution features from viewpoint of dreams they see

Pitta constitution people see one or more of below mentioned in their dreams.

  • Gold, tree flame of forest, dinner plate or golden shower tree
  • Fire, lightening, sun, wind, meteor
  • Flowered tree of Cassia fistula
  • All pathways lit with fire
  • Other hot, burning and fiery things
  • Their nature of activities and behaviour will be similar to those of snake, owl, cat, tiger, monkey, mongoose, celestial musicians and demigod

Influence Of Pitta Qualities On Pitta Dosha Body Type

At time of conception, if pitta is predominant in embryo, pitta body type is formed. In pitta body types, pitta influences fetus. Each quality of pitta will influence fetus. This influence will continue after birth of child, all through development and growth of child and will continue so throughout lifetime, at all phases of life.
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Therefore, person of pitta temperament will be rich in pitta qualities. Each and every feature of pitta body type are produced and influenced by qualities of pitta.
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Influence of pitta qualities on pitta constitution

Ushna Guna – Hot quality

This is one of main qualities of pitta. This quality causes below mentioned features in pitta personalities –

  • Hot or warm body temperature, dryness, delicate organs and body parts
  • Fair / reddish / yellowish / golden / saffron complexion
  • Intolerance to heat, hot faced, over anxious, outrageous
  • Hairs, body hairs, moustache will be soft, smooth, less, scarce and of reddish brown colour. Early symptoms of ageing are seen in these structures i.e. greying of hairs, hair fall, wrinkles on skin etc.
  • Frequent manifestation of pimples, freckles, blemishes, spots and stains, pustule, boils, discoloration, skin eruptions, mouth ulcers etc
  • Intolerance towards hot foods, climate, medicines, heat and sunlight
  • Liking towards anointments, flowers, ornaments, pearls, application of sandal paste and any other comfort which would reduce heat and give comfort
  • Early signs of ageing
  • Early baldness
  • Excessive hunger and thirst

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Teekshna Guna – Sharpness / Fiery

Sharpness quality will cause below mentioned features in body.

  • Brave, courageous, heroic, mentally aggressive and physically weak
  • Glamorous, good looking, brilliant, fearless, attacking nature, not succumbing, non-surrendering, rude to non-conducive people and soft behavior amongst compatible people
  • Can’t tolerate hardships
  • Virtuous, friendly, helping nature
  • Excessive hunger and thirst
  • Intense digestive fire, hyper-metabolism
  • Gluttonous eaters, eat frequently throughout day, binge eating

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Mrudu Guna – soft quality

This quality provides softness to certain structures. These people have tender, soft and copper colored hairs, copper colored nails and moustache owing to this quality.
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Drava Guna – liquidity

Due to this quality, people with pitta temperament will have loose and soft muscles with delicate and lax joints.

There will be excessive discharge of sweat, urine, stools and other body secretions.
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Visra Guna – Foul smelling

Due to this quality, people with pitta body types will emit offensive odour from their armpits, face, groins, and other body parts. They will have excessive sweating. Their skin and sweat will emit a peculiar offensive odour.
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Katu Amla – Pungent and Sourness

Owing to pungent and sourness, people with pitta constitution will produce less semen and less ejaculation. Therefore their fertility and sexual vigour will be less. Sexual desire, drive and performance will be less. They will have less desire towards women. It is needless to say that they will have less progeny.
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Overall effect of these qualities on temperament of person

Owing to above said qualities of pitta, pitta constitution persons will have –

  • Moderate strength and endurance
  • Moderate life span
  • Moderate intelligence and wisdom
  • Less progeny
  • Moderate amenities and wealth
  • Moderate success

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Due to these reasons, pitta constitution is known as moderate constitution among all three body types.

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