Split Hair Causes, Ayurvedic Treatment, Remedies, Oils

Article by Prof. MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu)., PhD.
People, especially women worry more for their hair related health issues. It may be hair fall, graying, dandruff, burning scalp, thinning of hair, loose hair roots etc. Very importantly split hair is their most troubling and burning health complaint. Quite naturally this complaint appears to be very simple .But proper care in proper time brings desirable benefits. Or else the member has to bear a lot of value for such a great loss as the hair is a tool of beauty for all and especially to the ladies of all age group.

Ayurvedic understanding

Splitting of hair-Ayurvedic understanding
According to Ayurveda splitting of hair is caused due to the Ruksha (dryness) quality of the hair. If the dryness is increased or oiliness is decreased it results in splitting of the tip of the hair.

Infact, other vata related qualities like Laghuta (lightness), Kharata (roughness), Sookshmata (minuteness) too play significant role in causing split hair. But their action is significant only in the presence of increased dryness.

Local and systemic effects

Among the causative factors which cause or trigger the complaint of splitting of the hair there is equal role of food and habits as well as the local effect produced by the environmental conditions and seasonal effects.

Even though quite naturally Vatic people are prone for splitting of hair very easily and rapidly people of other constitution are equally have the chance of affliction due to the below given factors-

Local effect-
Dry atmospheric conditions
Exposure to dust, fumes, fog etc
Winter season and later part of summer
Use of excess of chemical shampoo-perfumes-soap-hair cleansers etc
Advanced hair care trends incorporated with chemical agents in all the stages for hair care
Not applying the hair oils
Improper head bathing habits
Unhygienic conditions etc

Systemic effect-
Intake of dry-light-spicy-salty food
Lack of nutritious diet
Intake of excess of pulses and non vegetarian diet
Junk food
Food and beverages added with coloring agents, low standard preservatives, emulsifiers etc
Intake of hormonal tablets and long term medication
Cytotoxic drugs and radiation etc

Line of treatment

Line of treatment for splitting of hair as per Ayurveda: 
As there is no much hopeful remedies and scientifically proven drugs their prescription is restricted mere for some of the multivitamin capsules and tablets or else few of the shampoos and lotions whereas in Ayurveda good number of prescriptions are found for both systemic action and local health benefits.

Even though apt prescription can be made only through individual consultation it makes me to explore here the deep rooted Ayurvedic knowledge over here.
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For local effect useful formulations-
Wash with Amla juice
Wash with Aloe vera juice
Wash with coconut milk
Application of Amla powder/Triphala powder soaked in water etc

Oils for application in split hair conditions-
Amalaka taila
Bhringamalaka taila
Chemparutyadi keram
Malatyadi taila
Malatyadi keram
Neelibhringadi keram
Mandara taila etc
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For internal administration to get the systemic benefit-
Saptamrita loha
Dhatri loha
Amalaka rasayana
Shatavaryadi rasayana
Shatavari guda etc

Do’s and dont’s

Do’s and Don’ts in case of Split hair
Intake of plenty of water, fruit juice, tender coconut water/paper pulp, usage of fenugreek (Methika), milk, raw vegetables like cucumber, ash gourd, carrot etc are recommended in split hair.
Spicy-hot and deep fried food, junk food, added chemicals in food, wearing of dark and thick turbans, exposure to dust and fumes etc are totally to be avoided so as to prevent and cure from split hair.

Last drop
Dear readers, no chemicals can reverse the process of splitting of hair. Proper hair care, nutritious food and diet,oil application to the scalp etc will surely help in preventing and in cure of split hair.
Go to the nature and enjoy the gift of nature…..
Article by Prof. MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu)., PhD.

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