Sadvritta In Ayurveda – Code Of Conduct For Healthy Life

Article by – Dr Renita D’Souza
A healthy education system should have codes of conduct for work place, society and family. Ayurveda has explained these codes of conduct under the title Sadvritta. Ayurveda emphasizes on social and personal behavior as they both affect mental and physical aspects of health. Sadvritta is the code of conduct which helps to gain health and control over mind.

How control over mind contribute to healthy and happy life?
Control over mind is to control impulses of emotions which otherwise may cause mental illness. Such as controlling anger, jealous leads to mental calmness and improved health.

Definition of Health in Ayurveda:
Health is the state of equilibrium of doshas, normal functioning of tissues and waste products along with the cheerful soul, unimpaired senses and well being of mind.
Ayurveda covers spiritual, social, mental and physical aspects of health, under this definition.

Healthy state is not only the physical well being but also well being of social and mental aspect of life.

Ayurveda recommends

What is meaning of Sadvritta in Ayurveda (code of conduct)?
Sad – good
Vritha – regimen

Sadvrutta refers to good personal and social behaviour which gives hitha ayu (life beneficial to society) and
sukha ayu (life which gives individual happiness).
It is also called sadachara.

Acharya Vagbhata defines sadvrutta as, compassion for all creatures, sacrificing, control of mind in physical, verbal and mental actions with aid of his wisdom and considering others feelings as one’s own and acting accordingly.

Code of conduct related to mind –

  • Have independent opinion and be impartial in decisions
  • Do not feel exhilarated in success and depressed in failures.
  • Accept both failure and success confidently
  • Be enthusiastic, modest and intelligent
  • Be sympathetic to those disappointed in life, innocence, who have taken immoral route for livelihood.
  • Do not believe nor suspect everything around you.
  • Should be free from anxiety, fear and shy.
  • One should neither dishonor himself nor should be self boasting.
  • Trust your loved ones

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Social conduct –

  • Friends should be served with affection and good deeds, whereas others (wicked) should be kept at distance
  • Do not indulge anti social activities
  • Speak few words on right occasion in soft pleasing tone
  • Have determination to accomplish your goals
  • Never disrespect those who are inferior by experience, money, beauty, status, strength and knowledge.
  • Be first to greet and start conversation.
  • Do not reveal failures or insults you underwent
  • Console frightened and angry persons.
  • Admire and adore relatives, rich, educated and model persons.
  • Host guest and show hospitality.
  • Follow the path of righteousness

Physical conduct – 

  • Have daily shower, trim your nails, hair and mustaches.
  • Be dressed with clean and well fitted clothing.
  • Always cover mouth while yawning, sneezing, laughing and regurgitation.
  • Avoid blowing nose, biting teeth or nails, tapping feet over ground, scratching head in public.
  • Avoid awkward movements of body parts and sitting on ones own heels for long time.
  • Avoid direct exposure to wind, smoke, dust, cold wind and snow
  • Reside in place where pure water, air and basic requirements are easily accessible for its continuous use.
  • Avoid excess straining over senses. Example – Hearing loud sound, gazing at minute, shining objects for long time.
  • Avoid bearing heavy weight over head.
  • While having food maintain hygiene, offer prayers to God, serve first elders and children.
  • Eat on time and in right quantity
  • Avoid taking food, sleeping, sex and studying at time of dusk.
  • Avoid suppressing natural urges

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Religious conduct –

  • Worship God
  • Do not move disrespectfully at places of worship.
  • Do not show disrespect to religious priests
  • Perform religious sacrifice in holy manner

Occupational conduct – 

  • Make best use of time
  • Be enthusiastic and modest at work
  • Do not lie nor take others possession
  • Never envy others progress
  • Do not reveal the secrets
  • Avoid intake of excess alcohol, smoking etc
  • Avoid being cruel or violent to others
  • Avoid argument with learned intelligent people
  • Respect elders, teachers and other learned intelligent persons
  • Do not desire to be happy alone
  • Do not desire others property

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Self analysis of our deeds and adopting the right way, will avoid being victim of sorrow.
Thus following the rules of good conduct (sadvrita) help to attain long life, wealth, health, reputation and eternal life.

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