Lifestyle, Food And Factors That Cause Pitta Dosha Increase

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay)
Anything that causes increase of heat does increase Pitta Dosha. Pitta Dosha is made up of fire and water elements. Here is the list of things that cause Pitta Dosha increase. 

Pitta Dosha

Pitta aggravating factors

Katu – excessive consumption of pungent foods. So, almost all spices with pungent, hot taste increase Pitta Dosha.
Amla – excessive consumption of sour foods
Lavana – excessive consumption of salt or salty foods
Ushna – excessive consumption of hot foods
Vidahi – excessive consumption of corrosive foods
Teekshna – excessive consumption of intense acting foods and medicines
Krodha – excessive anger
Upavasa – excessive fasting, – leads to increase of digestion strength and thus leads to increase of heat and Pitta Dosha.

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Atapa – excessive exposure to heat of Sun causes increase of body heat and increases Pitta Dosha.
Stree samparka – excessive indulgence in sexual intercourse
Tila – excessive consumption of sesame and foods prepared with sesame
Atasi – excessive consumption of flax seeds and foods prepared with flax
Dadhi – excessive consumption of curds – especially when it is sour in taste.
Sura – excessive consumption of fermented herbal drinks – cause excess increase of digestion fire and lead to Pitta Dosha increase.
Shukta and Aranala – excessive consumption of sour and fermented medicated drinks
Bhukte jeeryate – during the process of digestion of food – In the process of digestion, the middle one third part is dominated by Pitta Dosha.
Sharadi – in autumn season, naturally there is Pitta Dosha increase in all people.
Greeshma – in summer season
Madhyahna – during afternoon – If we divide day time into three parts, the middle one third is dominated by Pitta Dosha.
Ardha ratre – mid night – If we divide night time into three parts, the middle one third is dominated by Pitta Dosha.

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Increase based on qualities

Increase of Pitta Dosha based on its qualities: 
Teekshna –
 Piercing, strong , sharp, deep penetrating, hot quality of Pitta Dosha – 
All things that are hot, strong and piercing such as hot sun, chilli, extreme summer – these increase Pitta Dosha. 

Slight oiliness quality of Pitta Dosha – All things that have oiliness and hotness – for example mustard oil, sesame oil – these cause Pitta DOsha imbalance. 

Hot quality of Pitta: 
All things that are hot – summer, excessive anger, short temper, exposure to fire, hot and spicy foods increase Pitta Dosha. 

Lightness – Lightness is understood as opposite to heaviness. All things that are light and quick to undergo digestion increase Pitta Dosha. 

Pitta increasing herbs

Other foods and herbs that cause Pitta Dosha increase:
Tulsi – Holy basil leaves are very strong and hot. They cause increase of Pitta Dosh.
Mango that ripens on the tree, which is sweet but little sour, slightly increases Pitta Dosha (Bhavaprakasha)
Unripe mango, Sour mango
mustard, fenugreek, cinnamon, chillies, Pepper, Asa foetida, Cumin seeds, Black caraway, Linseed oil, Flax seed oil, ajowan, Tulasi, Fenugreek, Vacha – Acorus calamus, Pepper-grass
Ajagandha – Gynandropsis gynandra
Unripe Mango
Unripe Falsa fruit
Amlavetasa – Garcinia pedunculata
Asthi Samhara – Cissus quadrangularis
Unripe Ceylon oak fruit – Koshamra – Schleichera oleosa
Leaves and shoot of Chakramarda – Cassia tora
Fruit of Shami tree – Prosopis cineraria
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Causes as per Sushruta

Causes for increase of Pitta as per Master Sushruta:
Reference: Sushruta Sutrasthana21/21

Excess anger – causes sudden rush of blood to the face and all through the body. Blood tissue vitiation and Pitta are directly connected. Hence, it leads to Pitta imbalance. 
Grief and fear – it may lead to Pitta imbalance symptoms such as dizziness, confusion, fainting and excess sweating. 
Excess physical activities – such as outdoor games played under strong afternoon sunlight can cause increase of hotness in body leading to Pitta dosha imbalance. 
Excess fasting – causes increase of digestive fire – Agni. Fire element and Pitta are similar. Hence, this leads to increase of Pitta Dosha. 

Excess intake of spices, salts, sour food substances  – these tastes are directly associated with Pitta Dosha. 
Strong and hot food substances such as chilli 
Excess use of sesame oil, mustard oil 
Sour dairy products such as sour buttermilk or curd 
Excess consumption of alcohol 
Sour fruits – these cause increase of Pitta Dosha. 

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