Pitta Dosha Dominance In Different Body Parts – 8 Things To Know

The general rule is that, Pitta Dosha is dominant in the middle one third of the body. It is responsible for digestion, skin texture, vision and many other functions. Let us learn about parts of body where Pitta Dosha is dominant.

Pitta is located in the following parts of the body –
Nabhi – umbilicus
Amashaya – stomach
Sweda – sweat
Lasikam – serum / plasma / lymph
Rudhiram – blood
Rasa – blood plasma
Drik – eyes
Sparshanam – skin
The main location of Pitta in the body is the umbilicus (Nabhi).

Places of Pitta Dosha 

place of tridosha


It is the level where duodenum and small intestines lie. It is the place where the major part of digestion happens. Duodenum is the first part of small intestine, connecting to stomach above and liver and pancreas on both sides. It is the place where all the digestive enzymes from liver and pancreas fall into small intestine. Hence it is dominant with Pitta Dosha.

Because the liver and pancreas secrete digestive juices, they both are places of Pitta.


After receiving the food into stomach, the initiation of digestion takes place and food particles are broken into small pieces and small amount of nutrients are absorbed. Though Vata and Kapha Dosha are also present here, Pitta’s role is very specific.


The sweat pores of skin are dominant with Pitta. Hence Pitta body type person sweats more. Diseases of Pitta predominance has sweating as a symptom. Also, Pitta controls body temperature by means of sweating.

Plasma and blood

Blood and Pitta are directly connected. Pitta imbalance leads to blood related disorders such as skin diseases, bleeding disorders, etc. Liver plays a major role in blood cell production. Hence, Pitta resides in liver.


The lymph, its channels and lymph nodes in the body are dominated by Pitta (and some amount of Kapha.)


Eye is correlated to light, and is a place of Pitta. Most of the eye disorders involve Pitta imbalance. Excessive sun exposure leads to Pitta imbalance, which in turn leads to burning sensation and redness of the eyes.


Pitta is responsible for temperature maintenance, glow, colour and complexion of skin. Many skin complications are due to blood impurity and infection, which is due to Pitta imbalance.

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