Anger: Relation With Body Types, Ways To Control Anger

Controlling anger and having a calm mind is the dream of everyone. Anger is actually a normal healthy emotion of human beings. But the place of anger manifestation and quantity need control.

As per Ayurveda, anger depends on –
1. Body type of the person – 
A Pitta body type person gets angry very quickly. Pitta is compared to fire, so also is anger.
A Vata body type person may get angry fast (quickness, movement is Vata quality) but he also calms down very fast (coolness is also a Vata quality)
A Kapha person gets anger very slowly (coolness is a Kapha quality). But if gets angry, he will not react immediately but he may plan for a well executed revenge! (slowness is also a Kapha quality).

2. Disease such as high blood pressure
3. Mental status – schizophrenic, maniac patients or people with lot of stress, depression, anxiety etc may get angry very quickly.
4. Diet – people who consume excess of non veg, excess of spicy foods, drug abuse and excess of alcohol (Rajasika foods) get angry very quickly.
5. Age – teenagers and elderly get angry faster.
6. Week people. It is told, when body becomes week, the mouth gets louder.
7. Medicines – In case of Manic depressive psychosis patient, over-dosage of anti-depressants may make the person to exhibit anger more.


Types of anger

Aggressive anger – When the person is ashamed, neglected, etc.
Defensive anger  – Fight or flight reaction, to defend his own status, to hide one’s mistake
Frustrated anger – out of frustration. The person over a period of time may develop suicidal ideation.

Tips to overcome anger

1. Patience, patience, patience.
2. Be calm today, plan a better fight tomorrow.
3. Listen to the other person full before opening the mouth
4. Hold back your sentences just for 2 seconds, when you are emotionally unstable.
5. Practice Pranayama. It helps to think better and clearly. Learn about a simple Pranayama technique here.
6. Join Yoga class
7. If you are told to have Pitta body type, incorporate Pitta controlled measures. Such as having raisins, almonds, ghee regularly etc. Learn more: How to balance Pitta
8. Sleep for at least 7 hours at night.

Ayurvedic medicines, herbs

Ayurvedic medicines that are useful in controlling anger:
Brahmi Ghrita – Useful in concentration problems
Panchagavya Ghrita – Used in psychiatric conditions
Saraswatarishta – Useful in low intelligence people
Manasamitra Vatakam – Useful in anxiety and depression
Chandanosiradi kashayam – Useful when Pitta is high
Kamadugha Ras – Useful in gastritis and high Pitta.
Pravala Pishti, Pravala Bhasma – Pitta disorders
Drakshadi Kashayam – Calms mind and stomach
Draksharishta – calms mind.

Ayurvedic herbs useful to control anger:
Brahmi – Bacopa monnieri
Mandookaparni – Gotu Kola
Draksha – Raisins – Vitis vinifera
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Article by Prof. MS Krishnamurthy and Dr Hebbar

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