Daiva Vyapashraya Chikitsa – Divine Therapies of Ayurveda

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S

Daiva Vyapashraya Chikitsa is the treatment method based on the deeds done in the previous births and methods of correcting those deeds. It also includes believing in divine powers and measures taken to please God. It can be called the Divine Therapy.
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Daiva = God
Vyapashraya = centered around
Chikitsa = treatment


तत्र दैवव्यपाश्रयं- मन्त्रौषधि मणि मङ्गल बल्युपहार होम नियम प्रायश्चित्तोपवास स्वस्त्ययन प्रणिपातगमनादि, 
tatra daivavyapāśrayaṃ- mantra auṣadhi maṇi maṅgala balyupahāra homa niyama prāyaścitta upavāsa svastyayanapraṇipātagamanādi
Charaka Sutrasthana 11/45


These Mantras (holy recitations) are gifted by the highly evolved Guru to the disciple. Guru vouches for the disciple and signs guarantee for all the good and bad deeds of the disciple, under the condition that the disciple will chant the Mantra and will lead a pious life, everyday. So, if you are giving Mantra to a disciple to chant, keep in mind that you are vouching for that disciple. Hence, it is not a good idea to give Mantra Upadesha to everyone. Wrong use of Mantra, with wrong pronunciation should be avoided at all cost.

Gem Therapy

Mani (gem therapy) –
As per Ayurveda, the precious stones are not just beautiful ornamental stones. They contain within them hidden energies. As per Ayurveda, the light rays entering and exiting these gems carry special positive energies. So, these gems should be perfect, without any defects to wear and not all gems are suited to everyone. A gem therapy expert or an Ayurveda doctor would help you with gem selection based on your dominant Graha – planet. It is related to Astrology.
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Mangala Bali – Sacrificial rituals

Sacrificial rituals are done in order to sacrifice the animal instincts that a person has. These sacrifices are done with animals, but these can also be done even without actual animal sacrifice.

Homa – Fire rituals. It is a sacred practice of offering all our negative energy to the fire and in return gaining the positive energy.
Niyama – Self restrictions like fastingfollowing strict rules, like visiting temple everyday / once a week, etc. These rituals help in controlling the sense organs and mind.

Svastyana – holy chanting, Mantras. They also help in controlling the breathing pattern.
Prayashcitta – reconciliation – Writing 11 or 22 times, everyday, in a book – “Forgive me, lead me, guide me.” Source – Divine Park. Reconciliation can also be done in the form of social work, donating to the poor, charity work etc.

Divine Therapies For Fever

Jwara is more than just a fever in general terms. It is defined as that which causes pain and disturbance in the body, senses and mind, manifests before any other disease and strongest among all diseases. Therefore jwara is more than a physical raise in the temperature.
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Divine therapies are explained elaborately as a part of treatment strategy to deal with vishama jwara i.e. intermittent or irregular fevers.
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Divine Therapies

Charaka Samhita, Chikitsa Sthana, Chapter-3, Jwara Chikitsa Adhyaya, Verses 309-315

Wearing auspicious gems and medicines

The fevers will quickly reside when one wears –

  • Auspicious gems – like topaz etc
  • Auspicious medicines / herbs – like Achyranthes aspera etc
  • Poisonous herbs – which are also medicaments like poisonous roots etc but not deadly like taking poisons
  • Agada – antidote herbs and things which are antagonistic to the effect of poisons

Shiva Puja – Worshiping Lord Shiva

The mythological evidences of the ‘first ever manifestation of the fever’ as explained in Charaka Samhita is related to Lord Shiva. The fever manifests from the anger of Lord Shiva. So it makes sense to worship Lord Shiva and pray for relief from fever.

Master Charaka tells that – ‘the person who worships Lord Shiva / Ishwara accompanied by his wife Uma / Parvati, attendants including Nandi – the celestial bull, and eight divine mothers comprising of Brahmi, Vaishnavi, Mahesvari, Indrani, Kaumari, Varahi, Chamunda and Pratyangira with dedication quickly gets rid of his Visama Jwara i.e. intermittent fevers’.
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Reciting Vishnu Sahasranama

 ‘When one recites ‘one thousand names’ of thousand headed Lord Vishnu who is the lord of all movable and inert things in the creation and all pervading, will get rid of all the fevers in quick time’. 

Reciting the thousand names of Lord Vishnu is nothing but reciting ‘Vishnu Sahasranama i.e. 1000 names of Vishnu’ verses given in the context of Shanti Parva section of Mahabharata (Ref – Master Gangadhara, commentator, Charaka Samhita).
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Worshiping Lord Indra and other ‘one’s’ favorite deities

The person suffering from fever will get rid of the same by worshiping Brahma and other deities enlisted below. They are –

  • Lord Brahma – the creator
  • Ashwini – the celestial physician twins
  • Lord Indra – the king of Gods
  • Hutabhaksham – God of fire
  • Himachalam – Himalaya mountains, which is said to be abode of many Gods, goddesses and sages
  • Ganga – river Ganga which is said to be the most sacred river in India
  • Marud ganan cha ishtan – troop of Maruts / host of Gods / all Gods who are one’s favorite
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Other auspicious, good and noble deeds

The person will quickly get rid of the fever by doing the below mentioned deeds –

  • Worshiping, taking care of and respecting one’s parents and teachers, includes all elders
  • By following the celibacy
  • By being truthful and righteous
  • By religiously following the rules and regulations related to food and lifestyle, by leading a systematic way of life
  • By muttering prayers and getting indulged in fire sacrifice and other rituals
  • By doing charity
  • By hearing to the recitation of Vedas
  • By sight of great sages and saints, virtuous, holy and noble persons
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The same divine remedies are applicable to treat the Agantuja Jwaras i.e. fevers caused due to external causes.

Sanskrit Verses

My experience with Vishnu Sahasra Nama

I know Vishnu Sahasra Nama by heart and I have used it as a tool to treat stubborn fever not responding to any medicines. I have tried it on my son, some of my family members and on myself. Once when my son, as a kid, had suffered from fever with high rise in temperature, he had gone to a stage of delirium, no medicines were working…I had him sleep with his head on my lap, kept my hand on his head and chanted Vishnu Sahasra Nama closing my eyes. I felt the temperature in him gradually reducing, traveling through my hand, torso, and foot into the ground. By the time I chanted it twice, his temperature had come down. Surprise, he even started to play within few minutes. Ever since I have started using this as the first hand remedy even before administering any medicine, especially for my family members, hospitalized, suffering from long standing illness of any kind or otherwise. I was not disappointed at any time. I have even not hesitated to advise my patients, at least a few who have my confidence and friends to try this remedy!!

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Additional points by Dr JV Hebbar

Psychiatric disorders

The worship of Pramathas, the attendants of Lord Rudra, who roam about the universe, makes the patient free from Unmada (insanity). Exogenous type of Unmada gets cured by Bali (Sacrifices), Mangala (Recitation of auspicious Mantras), Homa (offering oblations to the fire), wearing talismans containing anti-toxic herbs, observance of truthfulness, maintenance of good conduct, practice of penance, recourse of knowledge, charity, observance of scriptural rules and religious bows, offering prayer to the Gods, cows, Brahmins and by the application of perfected Mantras and medicines. Charaka Unmada Chikitsa 92-94

Epidemic disorders

Rasayana therapy:
Proper Rasayana therapy done with medicines that are collected before onset of epidemic disease restores physical health.
Bhoote Daya – compassion for living beings,
Dana – donation, charity,
Bali – scarifies,
Devatarchana – prayer to the gods,
Sadvrutta – good deeds,
adoption of preventive measures, tranquility, protection of the self by Mantra etc are very effective.
Devotion towards God, residence in auspicious localities, observance of Brahmacharya, service to those observing Brahmacharya is told as a remedy.
Discussion on religious scriptures, befriending great sages, who have self- control, who follow religion, who are Satvika and who are learned people.
These therapies, which when adopted during epidemic disorders, can easily save lives of individuals provided the epidemics can easily save the lives of individuals provided the death of a particular individual is not pre-determined (by destiny). Charaka Vimana Sthana 3rd chapter /12-18

Wound management

As per Master Sushruta, in the management of deep wounds, the patient should be given a bath with cold water to calm down Pitta Dosha, the wound should be washed with astringent and bitter decoctions and squeezed to drain out pus, a medicinal wick prepared with paste of sesame seeds, honey, ghee, neem etc medicine is placed deep into the wounds, bandaging is done, fumigation is done with Vateria indica, guggulu etc protective (Rakshoghna) herbs, then Mantras should be chanted for protection from microbes. Sushruta Sutrasthana, 5/17.

These are just a few examples of utilization of Daiv Vyapashray Chikitsa in Ayurvedic practice.

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