Manovaha Srotas Description, Vitiation Symptoms, Treatment

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay)

Mind cannot be carried by anything. Mind is all pervasive due to its properties of oneness and minuteness. Mind is responsible for perception of sense objects and is also associated with the organs of action for the discharge of their actions. Therefore the mind is a dual organ. All inputs of sensory information and all discharges of motor / functional information pass through the mind. Mind carrying channels are not mentioned among the list of channels by Master Charaka or Sushruta. But the word manovaha srotas has been mentioned in some other contexts (references given below). Mano = mind, Vaha = carrying, Srotas = channels / ducts of transportation or conveyance.
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Manovah Srotas – Channels carrying the mind and emotions
The site of the mind carrying channels is –
Hridaya – heart
Dasha Dhamanis – the 10 great arteries taking origin from the heart

Though the channels of mind (functioning) has not been exclusively mentioned or listed among the list of channels in the classification of the same, 10 great blood vessels taking their origin from Heart are considered as the mind carrying channels.

These might be the channels of flow of sensory and motor information and thought processes.

Here, hridaya may also be considered as the brain and dhamanis as the nerves taking their origin from the brain – those nerves which are connected to sense organs and organs of action.
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The mention of mind related channels appears in the description of psychological disorders.

1. When the mind channels are occupied by morbid doshas, one could experience bad dreams.

2. When the mind channels are afflicted by morbid doshas and get obstructed, mental diseases like Unmada – insanity are manifested.

3. The morbid doshas are said to cause Apasmara – epilepsy / memory disorders when they get lodged in the Hrt-Srotas i.e. channels of the hrdaya. Here the channels of hrdaya shall be considered as the same 10 dhamanis mentioned in the context of mind related channels and hrdaya shall be considered as brain.

4. Murcha or fainting is said to be caused in weak minded people. It is caused when the strongly vitiated doshas get lodged and contaminate the seats of sense organs and also the channels carrying the mind.
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Finally – the channels of mind can be present everywhere in the body wherein there is discharge of sensory and motor functions and these channels are contaminated by the doshas in the above said disorders.

In the pathological conditions related to the mind the mind doshas i.e. rajas and tamas are mainly vitiated. The same doshas contaminate the mind channels. In physical disorders leading to mental symptoms, the physical doshas i.e. vata, pitta and kapha contaminate the mind and mind related channels and later the mind doshas i.e. rajas and tamas get involved in the pathogenesis.
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Causes of vitiation

How mind carrying channels get vitiated?
Foods and activities which cause aggravation of rajo and tamo qualities of the mind and deterioration of sattva quality of mind
Foods and activities which cause aggravation of physical doshas
Excessively expressing the emotions related to the mind like anger, greed, lust, fear, panic, jealousy etc
All etiological factors mentioned in the context of insanity, epilepsy or fainting disorders
Mental injuries / mental trauma and any causes leading to the same
Incompatible or inappropriate association of the sense organs and sense objects
Mistakes done in a state of consciousness
Weak mindedness
Long standing physical and mental disorders

Sanskrit Verses


There are many ways in which mental disorders can be dealt with. Among them, the three basic principles of treating the mental disorders are –
Dhee – proper and skillful use of / training the intellect
Dhairya – seeding courage in one’s mind
Atmadi Vijnanam – to make one to realize the importance of ‘self worth’
The same are the best treatments for the mind related channels.
Apart from these, the below mentioned measures can also be included as per the condition of the disease and diseased –
Keeping away the etiological factors
Following the treatment principles of insanity, epilepsy and loss of consciousness
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