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Charaka Kalpa Sthana 2nd Chapter Jimutaka kalpam

2nd chapter of Charaka kalpa sthana deals with “Pharmaceutics of Jimutaka”. The chapter name is Jimutakakalpam.

Now we shall expound the chapter dealing with the “Pharmaceutics of Jimutaka”. Thus, said Lord Atreya. [1-2]

Synonyms of Jimutaka

Now listen [addressed by Atreya to Agnivesha] to the exposition on the pharmaceutics of Jimutaka whose fruits and flowers are used in recipes. The synonyms of Jimutaka are Garagari, Veni and Devatadaka. [3]
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Therapeutic Effects of Jimutaka

Jimutaka cures all the three doshas when taken with appropriate adjuvants. It is useful in the treatment of fever, asthma, hiccup and such other disorders. [4]

Recipes of Jimutaka Prepared by Boiling with Milk

Jimutaka endowed with all the attributes, growing in appropriate land and collected according to the prescribed procedure as described before [for Madana-Phala in Kalpa 1:9, 10, 14] is used, as followed:

  • The flower is boiled with milk and this milk is used;
  • The freshly appeared fruit is boiled with milk and used as gruel;
  • The fruit with its hairs is boiled with milk; the cream is extracted out of it and is used;
  • The fruit devoid of hairs is boiled with milk, and curds are prepared from this milk. The cream of this curd is to be used.
  • The matured fruit which is green and yellowish is boiled with milk. The sour curd prepared out of this milk is to be used; and
  • The fully matured fruit which is dried should be kept in a clean container.
  • One Suti (24 gms) of this fruit is made to powder and taken by adding milk to it.

This is useful for a patient who is suffering from ailments caused by Vayu and Pitta. [5-7]

Recipe of Jimutaka Prepared with Alcohol

The powder of the fruit of Jimutaka is soaked in Sura-Manda (supernatant part of alcohol) and kept overnight. Thereafter the recipe is stirred with hand and strained. The liquid thus obtained, is taken by the patient suffering from anorexia caused by Kapha, bronchitis, anaemia and tuberculosis. [8]

Recipes of Jimutaka Prepared by Boiling in decoctions

Two or three fruits of Jimutaka are boiled in the decoctions of [one of the twelve drugs, viz]
Nimbi and

Then the liquid is fermented, filtered out and given to the patient according to the procedure prescribed for Madana-Phala (vide Kalpa 1:14) [9 – ½ 10]

Recipes of Jimutaka Perpetrated by Adding Decoctions

Alternatively, the powder of Jimutaka is taken along with the decoctions of
Svadu- Kantaka
Sarngesta and
Murva by the patient suffering from fever caused by aggravated Pitta and Kapha according to the procedure described earlier (vide kalpa 1:14) [10 ½ – ½ 11]

Recipes of Jimutaka prepared in the form of Pills

Eight type of pills (Varti) of Jimutaka are to be prepared on the line suggested for Madana- phala (vide Kalpa 1:16). The size of each of these pills is like that of a Kola (jujube fruit). [11 ½]
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Recipes of Jimutaka to be used with Juice

The powder of jimutaka is used along with the juice of one of the four drugs, viz.,Jivaka, Rsabhaka, Ikshu, Shatavari.
It is used in the treatment of fever caused either by pitta or Kapha or by Vayu and Pitta. [12]

Recipes of Jimutaka Prepared in the form of Medicated Ghee

Ghee is prepared from the milk boiled by adding Jimutaka. This ghee is cooked by adding the decoction of Madana-phala, etc., it is an excellent recipe for emesis [13]

Contents of Chapter

To sum up: –
There are thirty-nine recipes of Jimutaka, as follows:
Six recipes prepared by boiling milk with Jimutaka; (vide verse nos 5-7)
One recipe prepared by soaking Jimutaka in alcohol (Vide verse no. 8)
Twelve recipes prepared by boiling with decoctions (vide verse nos. 9 – ½ 11)
Seven recipes to be used along with decoctions (vide verse nos. (10 1/2 – ½ 11)
Eight recipes in the of pills (varti) (vide verse 11 ½)
Four recipes to be used along with the juice of Jivaka, etc; and (vide verse no. 12)
One recipe of medicated ghee (vide verse no 13) [14-15]


Thus, ends the second chapter of Kalpa-sthana dealing with the “Pharmaceutics of Jimutak “ in Agnivesha’s work as redacted by Charaka, and because of its non- availability supplemented by Drdhabala.

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