Muladhara Chakra – The Root Chakra, Features, How To Activate?

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Chakras are energy centres spinning in the form of wheels. They transmit energy to run the activities of our body and mind and contribute towards our physical, mental and spiritual well being. They are constantly spinning in our aura, parallel to our spine.


Mooladhara Chakra is one of the energy transmitters located around our tailbone. In modern terms it is called as root chakra because it is located at the bottom of the tailbone and forms the root for our spiritual development.
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Root Chakra is often known as ‘the foundation of the energy body’. The awakening of the greatest energy i.e. Kundalini begins in the root chakra. It is also known as the ‘the seat of the red bindu or subtle spot’. This spot is said to rise up to the level of white spot in the head which represents the unification of female and male energies, the Shakti and Shiva.

Name meaning

Mooladhar is a word derived from two terms, mula + adhara.
Mula means root. Adhara means foundation.

Other names –

  • Mula kamala / Mula Padma – a lotus located at the bottom of spine, at our root
  • Mula Prakriti – root constitution of our spiritual self
  • Moola Chakra – the spinning wheel present at the root of our spine.
  • Brahma Padma – The lotus of Lord Brahma, the creator of the world
  • Bhumi Chakra – the wheel which is connected to the earth element
  • Chaturdala – the one with four petals
  • Chatuhpatra – the one with four leaves / petals
  • Mulakanda – a tuber like wheel located at our root of our spine
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Qualities, location of Root Chakra

Location of the root chakra – Located at the lower end of the spinal column, below the coccyx i.e. tailbone.
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Main symbolic animal of root chakra – An elephant with seven trunks is the main animal of root chakra. Elephant is symbolic of wisdom and prosperity, carrier of the creator, Lord Brahma (responsible for creation and knowledge). The elephant symbolises the immense wisdom that lies latent in the root chakra which has to be raised into the light of consciousness.

Seven is an auspicious number in Hindu belief. The 7 trunks of the elephant represent 7 tissues of the body, 7 mineral, 7 gems and 7 levels of consciousness. Seeing oneself riding an elephant, especially white elephant in one’s dream is supposed to be a lucky omen. A mighty and powerful elephant can just be controlled by a small goad. The mind and senses which are always fluctuant and tempt a person towards wrong doings are often compared with a wild elephant. This elephant can be controlled by the goads called mantra (enchanting) and sadhana (discipline).
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How to activate Muladhara Chakra?

Bija Mantra (seed mantra) of Muladhara Chakra – The seed mantra of root chakra is ‘LAM’. It is said to be the sound of spiritual awakening. When LAM is enchanted with concentration and focus oriented towards the root chakra, the energy at this level is said to get activated.

Within the bindu, the dot over the Sanskrit term la, is said to be Lord Brahma. He is deep red, has four faces and four arms. He holds a staff, a sacred vase of nectar, a meditation chain of beads and gesture of dispelling fear in each of his hands.

Alternately he is seen to hold a lotus flower and sacred scriptures in his hands instead of staff and bead chain. The lord is seated on his vehicle, the swan. The goddess Dakini, his shakti is depicted with him. She has three eyes and four arms, has red or white skin, holds a trident, a skulled staff, a swan and a drinking vessel in each of her arms and is also seated on a swan, her vehicle. She is also seen holding a sword and a shield instead of the swan and vessel in some other depictions. (reference)
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Chanting on this mantra relieves tensions and blocks in the chakra while activating the energy therein. The dormant powers within us are awakened to consciousness. Along with pleasant experiences, one may undergo painful feelings too in the root chakra. Hurts and disappointments which were deeply buried in our consciousness surface so that they can be healed and resolved. If they are not awaken and brought to the surface, the negative emotions cannot be flushed out. Therefore awakening the root chakra becomes important.
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Disappointments too can be taken as stepping stones towards self development. When these are worked out and surfaced in root chakra, they can be transformed into valuable experiences and seen with a different perspective, as opportunities for development. This sets in a journey to work over selves and progress towards spiritual development. If we do not work on these negativities, they will remain subdued in the darkness of the closed closets of root chakra, in the form of unconsciousness, as negative energies and out spiritual journey never starts. We remain drowned in the whirls of agony, pain and suffering.
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Lotus and number of petals of root chakra

The root chakra is represented by four petal lotus. The four petals of the lotus at root chakra represent the four fundamental psychic functions of mind, intellect, consciousness and ego. The roots of these entities and their functions are located in the root chakra.

The lotus is said to be red in color, has four petals and a yellow square at its center. Each petal has one of the Sanskrit syllables written on it in gold. They are –

These letters representing the four vrittis (awareness) i.e. immense joy, natural pleasure, delight in controlling the passion and blissfulness in concentration respectively.
They are also said to represent the four human goals of life i.e. dharma – righteousness, artha – wealth earned in a righteous way, kama – ethical desires and moksha i.e. longing for spiritual liberation. 8 spears point out of the sides and corners of the square.
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Lord Indra, the king of Gods is associated with the root chakra. In the lotus, he is embedded in and represents the yellow part; four armed, and holds a vajra, his instrument and a blue lotus in his hands. He is mounted upon his celestial white elephant, Airavata having 7 trunks.

Occasionally Lord Ganesha is also associated with this chakra. In these depictions he has an orange skin, wears a yellow dhoti, and a green silk scarf draped around his shoulders. He holds a sweet ball laddu, lotus flower, a hatchet and a mudra of dispelling fear in each of his four hands.
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The square at the center of the lotus petals also represents the earth, the four dimensions and four directions.

The Divinity of Root Chakra – Lord Shiva, in the form of Lord of all animals i.e. Pashupati is the divinity i.e. ruling God of the root chakra. Lord Shiva represents consciousness and liberation. Liberation here means destruction of anything harmful and negative within the world, within us. He burns all negativities with the fire eliminated when he opens his third eye. Root chakra is said to form the boundary between animal consciousness and human consciousness.

Since Lord Shiva is the god of all animals, he controls the animal consciousness from dominating the human consciousness, in fact balances them. The root chakra is the site at which the transition takes place from sleeping to awakened states. The creative consciousness is ignited. Therefore it is the seat of spiritual evolution of man and is governed by the divinity of Lord Shiva.
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The female divinity Aasuri Shakti alongside Lord Shiva represents negative energy in us. Other female divinity on other side of Lord Shiva, Devi Shakti represents the positive power within us. The destructive energy can be gradually transformed into constructive energy by following a positive, spiritual and confident lifestyle, having good thoughts, doing good deeds, attitude of forgiveness and helping. This also creates positive energy in the root chakra and guides us towards spiritual realization and transformation.

The Shiva and Shakti combination in root chakra depicts the amalgamation and balance of male and female forces to run the show of life in the best way.
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The Lord Ganapati Connection – Some other authors believe that Lord Ganesha resides in the root chakra.

Symbols of root chakra

1. Shiva lingam – The phallic symbol of Lord Shiva in the form of a stone idol surrounded by a serpent for three and half windings is one of the symbols of root chakra. The linga represents consciousness and creative power

The three windings of snake represent three levels of consciousness i.e. unconsciousness, subconscious and conscious. Half winding of snake represents awakened super-consciousness. Head of the snake pointing downwards indicates that the process of evolution can also go downwards.

The evolution of consciousness which happens following purification of thoughts is connected with time. Time is called kala. The snake is also called kala. Kala also means death. Just like the time, the snake which also shares the name kala represents past, present and future.
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2. Inverted Triangle – In this the tip of the triangle points downwards and the base at the top. The tip indicates the starting point of our spiritual development. The arms of the triangle which spread upwards and outwards from the tip show the direction of the developing consciousness. The Kundalini shakti is said to be located in this triangle.

Seat of Kundalini in relation to root chakra – In the center of the square of the lotus, below the seed syllable, is a deep red inverted triangle. The Kundalini Shakti is said to sleep here waiting to be awakened and brought back to the Brahman, the source from which it had taken its origin. It is represented by a snake wrapped three and a half times around a grey lingam.

The color of Root Chakra – Red color belongs to the root chakra. It indicates the existence of a strong energy and is connected to the earth. Some even have attributed clay yellow color to the root chakra.
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Elemental connection with root chakra – Though the entire body is made up of all elements, the earth element is the main component which makes our physical composition. Thus we call a human body as parthiva sharira i.e. earthly body. Our existence thus has its roots in the earth element.
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Root chakra also forms the root of our existence. Therefore the earth element i.e. prithvi tattva is assigned to the root chakra. The root chakra and its energy will become weak as they lose the connection with their earth element. These people will remain at a lower level of consciousness, far below the root chakra and will not evolve to higher levels. Thus, the love and affection to earth and all lives wills strengthen the root chakra and energize it and help us evolve within ourselves, to discover selves and enable us to travel in the pathway of obtaining spiritual liberation.
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Sense organ and sense related to root chakra – Nose is the sense organ related to the root chakra. The root chakra is afflicted by sense of smell. When the root chakra is activated and awakened, it causes heightening and refinement of sense of smell and also that of hearing. One can perceive the smell and hearing which are not perceived by others, a kind of extraordinary sensory perception. Some people can see the auras or feel the thoughts and moods of other people in the surrounding.
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Organ related to root chakra – Anus is the organ related to the root chakra. Anus is an important karmendriya i.e. organ of action. It is involved in elimination of feces. People with low energy in root chakra often present with problems related with defecation, like constipation etc. and also problems related to sexual functions, virility and reproduction, in those cases wherein no medical causes are found out.
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Part of the body related to root chakra – The seat of root chakra belongs to the vata. Large intestine, anus and bones are the chief seats of vata, colon being the governing centre. The root chakra is related to earth element and earth element predominantly makes up the bone tissue in the body. Thus, the root chakra, bones and vata are connected.
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Gland related to Root chakra – the root chakra has its connection with gonads and their function. The gonads are i.e. testes in men and ovaries in women are located in the pelvic area of the body, which is closer to the root chakra. Gonads and their functions are also controlled by apana vata and apana vata is related to root chakra.
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Root Chakra, the mother – The root chakra which enables the origin of our spiritual journey in discovering selves is often considered motherly. Just like a mother, who unconditionally nourishes and loves us, the root chakra too enables us to develop providing the roots for our personalities. It is a seat of our dormant wisdom, energy, spiritual powers and immense abilities. By activating this wheel we embark on the first step on the pathway towards a fully developed human consciousness.
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Vata / Prana related to root chakra – the seat of root chakra belongs to the area governed by apana vata, a subtype of vata which is involved in excretion of wastes, reproduction and menstruation.

Other entities related to the Muladhara

Plane – physical plane (bhu loka)
Planet – Mars
Principles – egoism, pride, laziness
Precious stone – Onyx
Metal – Lead
Mineral – Calcium
Emotion – Passion / desire
Taste – Bitter (read – Bitter Taste – Qualities, Health Benefits, Side Effects)
Secretion – Urine
Plexus – Sacral Plexus
Superficial activation point – between perineum and coccyx
Psychic channels – Root chakra is said to be the base from which the three main psychic channels or nadis emerge. They are Ida, Pingala and Sushumna.
Positive attributes – vigor, growth, security, positivity
Negative attributes – laziness, inertia, self-centred, extreme desires
Related age of maximum development – children during their first five years of life, leading to the emergence of the feeling of belonging to a family, a group
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Salient features of balanced Mooladhara

It is the Root of our existence – This chakra is a foundation on which our existence takes its origin. Our personalities develop on this foundation.

It is the basis for our spiritual development – This energy wheel forms the basis for the origin of our spiritual growth.

It forms the basement and first step to ascend towards other higher chakras – Being located at the most bottom point of our body, the body in the form of a tree seems to be rising up from this root. The other chakras are placed at certain distances from each other in an ascending pattern. Though all chakras are spinning at a time, their energy levels differ. The tissues and organs which derive energy from these spinning wheels of energy too vary depending on the energy contained in the wheels and the amount of energy transmitted to them.
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It is said that if the energy needs to ascend to the second chakra i.e. swadishtana chakra located above the level of the muladhara, the muladhara chakra should be saturated with energy. This energy is located at the bottom of muladhara chakra in the form of Kundalini Shakti, in the form of a coiled serpent. The serpent is constantly trying to rise to higher level and fill the entire body with energy.
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First it has to cross the muladhara chakra and reach the swadishtana chakra, and then it is graduated to the manipura chakra, so on and so forth until it reaches the highest centre, the agna chakra located few inches above the crown.

It enables expressions of our personality – Just as the roots supports the entire tree and nourishes it, the root chakra supports and nurtures body and enables complete development of our personality. Just like the sprout breaks open the earth and grows upwards towards the sun and produce flowers, fruits and seeds being nurtured and sustained by the roots, our physical self too, from the sustenance received from the muladhara chakra expresses itself in a better way and develops into a perfect personality.

It has roots of Kundalini Shakti (immense spiritual energy) embedded in it – The root chakra has embedded in it the spiritual energy of highest quality in a state of deep and motionless sleep, a sleeping serpent. Only when we activate this potential spiritual energy we can obtain the light of knowledge and attain fruits of self-realization, which is the goal of spirituality and root for attaining the goals of life. Once the energy is activated the consciousness traverses a process of development from the root chakra to supreme consciousness. Some schools are of the opinion that a Yoga technique called Yoga Nidra is helpful in awakening the spiritual energy rooted in the root chakra.
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It is the embodiment of our Karmas – We are the product of our karmas, the deeds done in the past lives. Every good or bad deed done by us has sown a seed of karma in the root chakra. Depending on the count of good or bad seeds of karma in the root chakra, we experience happiness or unhappiness in this current life. This experience is called prarabdha karma. These seeds will rise to the surface into the light at some point and determine our fate and fortune.

It is the seat of unconsciousness and place of self-discovery – the root chakra is a dark, locked room. We would never have an idea of what lies in it. Hidden in its belly may be precious gems or poisonous and dangerous reptiles. When the root chakra is activated, we get many surprises. The qualities which we never knew were within us would surface. They may be in the form of a destructive rage, excessive desires, deep rooted anger or immense passion. On the other hand, the goodness also can be experienced. They may be in the form of feelings of happiness, joy, freedom, harmony, balance and closeness to God.
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Muladhara is known as seat of unconsciousness because our good or bad deeds are in a state of unconsciousness until the energy is activated. It is only when we open these closed doors of unconsciousness and illuminate the centre with the light of knowledge that we gain all these experiences. With this knowledge and experience of knowing self identity after unlocking the doors of ignorance and unconsciousness and illuminating the room of root chakra, our perspective of the world will change instantaneously. If we do not explore our roots located in the root chakra, we will never obtain self realization; we will obviously be a captive in the darkness of the wheels of destiny.

It represents the meeting place of three nadis – The root chakra represents the meeting place of three main nadis i.e. Ida, Pingala and Sushumna. The downward pointing triangle indicates the downward movement of energy and the three main nadis moving down.
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It is elated to our survival instincts – Since the root chakra forms our roots, the roots of our survival lay in it. The roots hold the tree, but they too need earth to hold them. The root chakra is the earth (also has connection with earth element) in which our roots are embedded deeply. So if we need to survive good, the root chakra need to be strong, intact and energized.

To survive, we need to have a survival instinct. The will to survive controls

  • self confidence,
  • a belief of being safe,
  • desire for possessions and profession and being in sync with the decisions made,
  • feel of being secured,
  • a feel that you belong to a group, as in family, identity of your group and your identity in your group etc

All these happen when the root chakra is awakened, active, balanced and energetic.
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It is related to our securities and insecurities – Our securities and insecurities in life are directly connected with the root chakra. This chakra is nourished in our childhood. Thus the development of the root chakra much depends on the circumstances which have been provided for the infant and child to grow up in a fearless and secured way. This depends on how we as parents, teachers and siblings make them feel secured at every moment, allow them to explore the world and give them a freedom of growth and expression.

In a child brought up in happy and secured circumstances, the root chakra will develop properly. A child growing up, on the other side, in an unsecured, fearful conditions wherein parents are always quarrelling, abusing the child, scary situations in the schools, abuses and bullying, molestations and lot more will grow up in insecurities and those memories keep haunting throughout the life. Many may need interventions at some part of their life as they suffer from wide array of psycho-somatic ailments, mainly mental disorders.
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All these happen because the negative emotions fear and insecurities will be saved as corrupt files in the software of root chakra. The root chakra will always be depressed, drowsy and will never rise to the balconies of spiritual awakening and liberation, i.e. the energy will never ascend to the level of the higher chakras. Only when the root chakra is awakened, when the person is counselled, when the victim will realise the value of self worth and when he works on flushing out the negativity of the root chakra he will have hope of getting relieved from some ailments and get better.

This shows that all ailments cannot be treated with medicines. This also shows that the child brought up with good care and love will grow up to become a physically, mentally, socially and spiritually fit individual and will excel in life. Responsible parenting is the key for development of a child’s root chakra to optimum strength and energies. The growing child shall be noticed, observed, guided, guarded, monitored and if needed corrected in a sensible and sensitive way, without allowing the child to realize that he or she is under vigilance, constantly. This will allow the awakening of root chakra and express itself to optimum potentials.
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It is related to social living – The way we live a social or family life depends on the balance of root chakra. Since the root chakra is the seat of origin of our development, we learn that we belong to a group of community and how we need to sync in with it at this level. This is expressed through feelings like stability, safety and survival.  Since the fundamental needs of our survival like food, shelter etc are provided by the group with which we live and since much of our life depends on the group we belong too, mainly our family, being an inseparable part of this group is the necessity at this level.

This shows that our social and family lives are also governed by the stability and balance at root chakra. This chakra enables us to evolve from unconscious beings to conscious beings, from immature child to a responsible adult. When we identify ourselves with a group, as in family, we also imbibe its consciousness, which we gradually take and assimilate them as values transmitted across generations. We thus have inherited the preconceived ideas, fears, strengths and weaknesses of that group and try to develop and improvise ourselves in the territory of an energised root chakra. The life experiences and interactions we learn with a group will become guidelines for us to share similar experiences with a larger group and community and be a good social being.
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The root chakra is nurtured maximum in the first five years of a child wherein he or she will learn to get a feeling of belonging to a group and growing in a secured environment surrounded by his own people giving all love, care and attention. These are the first lessons learnt by the child at home. If home is the best school for him, a well balanced and energized root chakra is the foundation of that home. The process of the spiritual development at this level influences us to keep only the positive and compatible groups while rejecting and discarding the others which are not conducive to us.

The opening of the spinal column i.e. sushumna i.e. Brahma Randra (Brahma Dwara) is closed by the coils of the sleeping serpent which in the body is in the form Kundalini energy. When the root chakra is activated the dormant energy of Kundalini awakens. The snake raises its head and flows freely into the Sushumna channel. The waking aspect of Kundalini is her poison and the awakening aspect is called the nectar. When she is awake, Kundalini which is in the form of Shakti or feminine energy rushes through the sushumna crossing the level of all the other chakras to unite with Shiva, who is the masculine energy, the absolute reality located above one’s cranium. Here the person experiences consciousness and eternal bliss.
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It enables us to keep grounded – Keeping grounded is very important for our existence. Just like a plant needs to hold ground to grow and develop into a tree, we human beings too need many essentials to keep ourselves grounded so that we can grow and develop as conscious individuals. The root chakra helps in grounding us to stability. This includes fulfillment of basic needs like shelter, food, water, safety, security and courage. We feel grounded only when these basic essentials and instincts are met with. An awakened root chakra helps us to earn our basic essentials and lead a decent life while being stable and holding ground, being secured and feeling protected.
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Effect of imbalances

  • Insecurities
  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Laziness
  • Inertia, being self centred
  • Extreme and unwanted desires
  • Nightmares
  • Diseases of colon
  • Diseases of urinary bladder
  • Diseases and painful conditions of low back, feet and joints of lower limb
  • Prostate problems in men
  • Menstrual disorders in women
  • Sexual disorders like impotence, sterility
  • Inability to conceive and difficulty in labor etc
  • Diseases related to bone
  • Diseases related to nose
  • Difficulty in adjusting with family and society
  • Fear of survival
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How to balance?

How to unlock the dark room of root chakra so as to obtain self realization?
Yoga is the best method to work out through the contents of our unconsciousness in the dark rooms of root chakra, with complete awareness. Yoga Nidra, the spiritual sleep and Dhyana, the meditation are other methods of activating the energy levels and igniting the flames of self realization in the dark world of unconsciousness embedded in our root chakra.
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Practices related to activation and awakening the root chakra
Below mentioned are some Yogic practices which are said to incite the energy in the root chakra according to Kundalini Yoga.

  • Asanas – Garudasana, Shashankasana, Siddhasana etc
  • Nasikagra Drishti – Gazing at one’s nose tip
  • Pranayamas
  • Practice of Mula Bandha – involving the contraction of perineum, which awakens the kundalini energy and is equally important for retention of semen
  • Chanting the seed mantra Lam – when one chants it for more than 10 crore times attains all the Siddhis (accomplishments) of root chakra
  • Dhyana – special meditation practices to awaken and strengthen the root chakra

Siddhis obtained due to working on root chakra

  • Darduri Siddhi – frog jump in air at various degrees is experienced by the practitioner
  • Trikala jnana siddhi – One gains the knowledge of the present, past and future
  • Bhuta siddhi – one gains control over the elements of the earth
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Dhyana, Meditation – Meditation is the best remedy for balancing the root chakra. It not only balances the chakra, it also keeps you grounded, makes you aware about your higher consciousness, introduces and connects you with your higher self. It initiates the beginning of spiritual awakening in the chakra. Connection to the universal energy, be it in the form of higher conscious, nature, God or spirit, will bring about a sense of stability, tranquility and peace.

Nasikagra Drishti, Gazing at one’s nose tip – Nose is the sense organ which is related to the root chakra and so does its sense i.e. sense of smell. When one focuses on the tip of one’s nose while meditating, will help in aligning and balancing the root and will initiate the qualities that one need to balance the root chakra.
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Yoga – Some yoga asanas i.e. postures will help in opening, aligning and balancing the root chakra. They are –

Bandha Yoga too can be practiced wherein you lock or tighten certain areas of your body so as to help to bring strong energy and strength to the area of the root chakra. Women also can practice Kegel’s exercise.

Mantra chanting – Chanting of hymns can also help in bringing the balance of your root chakra. The sounds of mantras create vibrations in the body. These vibrations will synchronize the functions of cells, tissues and organs and will establish balance therein. The mantra sounds that correspond and syncs in with the root chakra is LAM.

Visualizing Red color – Red is the color of the root chakra. Red is also healing for root chakra. To balance root chakra, one should wear red dress and ornaments, have red interiors around him, which he can see daily, eat food and drink things which are red in color, visualise and meditate on the red color. Simultaneously chanting on ‘LAM’ bija mantra and visualising red, while breathing in red color and visualising the root chakra bloom at its place will work in balancing the imbalances in the root chakra.
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Wearing Gemstones – Garnet, Red jasper, Black tourmaline and Bloodstone. You can place the gemstone on the area of the chakra while lying down. This will help open and align the root chakra. These stones can be worn on finger too.
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