Fatigue: Ayurvedic Treatment And Medicines

Article by Prof. MS Krishnamurthy. MD (Ayu)., Ph.D.
Tiredness without any work is complained by many people. The technical term for this kind of health issue is FATIGUE. Ayurveda refers this condition as Klama. Acharyas (experts and authentic scholars) of Ayurveda defined it as-
“Anayaasa janita shramaha klamaha”

Understanding of Fatigue: 
According to modern medicine fatigue, as such is not a disorder and it is found as feature in hundreds together disorders.
Importantly it is commonly found in anemia, jaundice, diabetes mellitus, cachexia caused due to systemic illnesses like tuberculosis, liver cirrhosis, mal absorption syndrome etc.

Tiredness, fatigue and laziness

But the complaint of fatigue may be found in other conditions also as an undesired effect like in post fever conditions, after long term administration of medicines especially anti biotics or cytotoxic drugs etc.
According to psychology, the factors like bad working atmosphere, lack of job satisfaction, insecurity of job, loss of sleep, anxiety, fear, lack of courage and confidence, inferiority about life-profession-appearance-built-education-status etc too contribute significantly in causing the complaint Fatigue.

As per Ayurveda, indigestion or mal digestion leads to stasis of food in stomach or intestine and in long term such a kind of stasis (abhishyandana) may result in the formation of mal absorption.
Thus the minute channels of the body (sookshma srotas) are occluded and hence the condition Klama (fatigue) is caused. So we can suspect the role of Tamas and Kapha aggravating factors in the manifestation of fatigue.
How To Differentiate Laziness, Tiredness And Fatigue? – From Ayurveda Lense


Characteristic features of Fatigue: 
Laziness/ hindrance to do any kind of work, loss of interest to take up the task/complete the task, sleepiness, loss of enthusiasm, yawning, drowsiness etc are the characteristic features of fatigue condition. Such people are prone for the addiction of different bad habits/addictions.

Line of treatment

Line of Treatment for Fatigue
As per Ayurveda Fatigue (Klama) is treated effectively by digestive (pachana) and carminative (deepana) medicaments. In case if it is persisting for long, Rasayana (rejuvinatory) medicaments are to be administered.

The drugs possessing sour and bitter taste are very much useful, Spicy and aromatic substances are having significant role in combating Fatigue.

Among the therapies Udwartana (dry massage) and Swedana (sudation) are having very good effect as they stimulate and promote the bodily functions. They also having considerable role in making the body firm and active.

Regular exercise, yogic postures, outdoor and mind games do have very good effect to overcome the complaint of fatigue.
In case if Klama is caused due to any illness such inducing diseases should me managed appropriately.


Single drugs

Single drugs useful in the treatment of Fatigue
Pippali-Piper longum (long pepper)-digestive and carminative, adaptogenic
Maricha – Pepper-(Piper nigrum)- carminative
Shunthi-Dry ginger-Zingiber officinale-digestive
Bala-Sida cardifolia-nervine tonic and soothener
Amalaki-Emblica officinalis-cardiac tonic, tissue replenisher and free radical scavenging agent
Ashwagandha-Withania somnifera-revitalizer,tonic and virility enhancer
Pushkaramoola-Inula racemoa-strengthen the heart and lungs
Hareetaki-Terminalia chebula-laxative and lipid mobilizer
Guduchi-Tinospora cardifolia-bitter tonic and rejuvinator
Punarnava-Boerrhavia diffusa-good diuretic and replenisher
Arjuna-Terminalia arjuna-well known cardiac tonic

Ayurvedic medicines

Ayurvedic medicines: beneficial in Fatigue: 
Classical Ayurvedic medicines-
Chandraprabha vati
Shilajatu vati
Chyavana prasha
Dashamoola rasayana
Amalaka rasayana
Brahma rasayana etc

Proprietory Ayurvedic/herbal formulations-
Somavit capsules (Millinium herbals)
Geriforte (Himalaya drug house)
Swamla compound (Shri Doothpapeshwar Limited)
Balarjuneeya (Acharya Sushruta, Shringeri)
Ayush syrup (Alva pharmacy)
Poshak (Alva pharmacy)
Jeevani syrup (B V Pandith company) etc

Ayurvedic home remedies

Home remedies for Fatigue
One cup of Lemon sharabath/syrup is added with a pinch of cumin seeds/ginger juice and 5 ml of honey if taken in between the food intervals(11 AM and 5 PM) it gives very good effect in fatigue.

Cocum juice is added with a pinch each of organic turmeric powder and ginger is taken twice a day preferably in early morning and late evening.

Do’s and Don’ts for Fatigue
Relaxing exerices,listening music,engaging in good habits,mind games,social service,silent prayer, warm water,sour food and drinks etc rejuvenate both body and mind and hence have significant benefit in fatigue.

Oily and fried food, junk food, stale food, cold food and beverages, jealousy, hatredness, back biting etc worsen the condition and hence they are to be avoided.


Last drop
Keeping the body and mind fit by all means is the easiest way to prevent from fatigue. Positive attitude helps a lot to achieve this.
Homemade quality and limited food, fruits and vegetables, light food habits, free from unnecessary commitments are the simple tasks which are surely beneficial to overcome the complaint of fatigue. I hope for enthusiastic and hopeful minutes every day to one and all….

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