How To Differentiate Laziness, Tiredness And Fatigue? – From Ayurveda Point of View

It happens many a times that people who say – “I feel tired all the time” are victim of laziness and people who say “I feel lazy”  are often suffering from tiredness and fatigue. Knowing the difference between fatigue and laziness is very crucial for a complete solution.

Tiredness, fatigue and laziness

Tiredness and Fatigue

We had a detailed discussion about Feeling tired all the time.  Tiredness is called as “Shrama” in Sanskrit. It has its origin in Vata. For example, an overdose of exercise leads to Vata imbalance – tiredness.

Fatigue can be described as continued tiredness originating from constant physical and mental stress. Fatigue also arises from Vata.  For example, continuous over time work for two months may leave you fatigued. You no longer would be able to continue with the same strength and positive attitude.

More often tiredness is associated with physical aspects, fatigue is related to both mental and physical aspects. Both body and mind are involved in the pathology of fatigue.

Chronic (long standing) diseases or hidden sickness may be a cause for fatigue. Example, diabetes may cause fatigue.

Treatment in Ayurveda

Treatment, herbs and foods that brings about Vata balance is recommended in Ayurveda.
Oil treatments such as Shirodhara, oil massage etc are the treatments adopted and
Diet containing  Sugarcane, dry grapes, pomegranate, dates is usually advised.
Tiredness affects at the end of a long day but laziness occurs fearing a long day ahead. 

Laziness – 
Laziness is the inability to do any work, though you have the strength and resources. We discussed about “I feel lazy

Laziness originates from Kapha.  For example, you just have finished lunch and is not feeling like doing anything. Kapha is dominant at that period of time.

You sleep excessively, and do not wish to get up early in the morning. Excess sleep is a symptom of Kapha and so is laziness.

Usually to treat laziness, strong and stimulative measures are adopted. Like a cup of strong coffee, Triphala, honey, etc.

Stimulating the sense organs & brain and improving digestion capacity of stomach is very important to get rid of laziness.

Role of brain in fatigue and laziness

Fatigue and laziness – both are mutually supportive.

Fatigue for a long period of time may inject negative attitude and may couple with laziness to worsen the condition.

Continuous laziness may manifest as fatigue over a long period of time.

Lifestyle changes

What can you do about laziness and tiredness? 

Follow these basic steps  –

  • Fixed daily routine. Go to bed and get up at a fixed time.
  • Fixed amount of sleep – 6 – 8 hours, based on your physical and mental activity.
  • Getting up early in the morning
  • Avoid excess oily, deep-fried food.
  • Avoid heavy non veg food. Meat soup or chicken soup  is a good option.
  • Include Amla and Dry grapes in diet. Both are rich in anti oxidants and strengthen and stimulate organs and brains.
  • Consult your doctor for any hidden illness.
  • Though you may have genuine tiredness, keep your mind active by reading inspirational biographies, books, play a game of chess, solve a puzzle or su-do-ku. Do all these to keep your mind away from fatigue, tiredness or laziness.

3 comments on “How To Differentiate Laziness, Tiredness And Fatigue? – From Ayurveda Point of View


    20/01/2012 - 8:06 am

    Respected SHREE JANARDAN Sir – may laziness does not happen in few persons , who are physically fit ; but do not wish to discharge their “REAL_ DUTIES (KARM)” . In few zodiacs also I have seen such combination of planets ; which generate such nature in few persons , who are physically fit ,but dnt do their basic works ; as they got some members in their family , who may perfom their work , on the one’s behalf. Sir I am feeling embrassed to put such opinion.

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  • Gaurav

    02/07/2013 - 10:26 am

    Another wonderful article, thank you!
    A more elaborate article on food/herbs to help stamina (overcome fatigue/tiredness) would be most welcome!

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    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu)

      02/07/2013 - 2:35 pm

      Hi Gaurav, Noted! Will write about it.

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