Parenting Tips: 7 Things That You Should Do For Your Child With Disability

Bringing up kids with physical or mental disabilities like autism, ADHD etc,  is really challenging, requires a lot of guts, determination and positivity.  Here are a few effective parenting tips that can be useful to help out your child with disability.

1. First thing first – Patience. You got to have a lot of patience while you communicate with your child. They take their own time to pick up what you have conveyed to them.

2. Stop thinking “why me?” or “why my child alone”.  Take this as a challenge and work endlessly to bring your kid on par with the rest of the world. Please remember – every challenge is an opportunity. Be positive.

3. Consider taking your kid to an appropriate specialist. A specialist help will always go a long way in helping kid to cope up with their daily routine and studies.

4. Put up a party. Invite his best friends, steal an opportunity to talk to them personally and casually explain how teasing is affecting your son, (in the absence of your son). They will understand the problem.

5. Make your son develop some good habits. Guitar, dancing, drawing, painting, clay models, any other musical instrument, etc. It makes your child feel that he can do what others can not. so, it instils confidence in him. This is a good idea especially for children with physical disability.

6. Treat him as a normal child. Praise him when he deserves, point out when he is wrong, even mildly punish him for his big mistakes, but love him at the bottom of your heart. But giving a small tolerable punishment and follow up with some consoling act and may be a small gift and explain how his mistakes can be corrected.

7. Do not make dummy promises, or betray him in any possible way. When he gets hurt, he may take a long time to regain his normal mood. Hurting in the meaning of betrayal is forbidden.

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