Inculcate 9 Qualities Of Leadership In Your Child

The mental and social aspects of parenting is a real tricky area. It is almost impossible to crack the code of perfect parenting. Here is an attempt.

  • Child’s mind is like butter, whatever little object falls on it, butter catches it instantly.
  • Child’s mind is like a raw clay, it acquires the shape that we give.

Qualities of leadership and qualities of a CEO are important to ensure a bright future for your child.

Qualities of leadership and how to make your kid learn them – 

1. Self management –

  • Teach your child to recognize appetite and let him take food according to his hunger. Let the kid be aware of the ill-effects of junk foods and too much of chocolates and ice creams.
  • Make your child eat and drink on his own.
  • Soon after the child gets up in the morning, let him develop the habit of brushing teeth on his own.

2. Crisis management – 
Once in a while it is good to break the parent’s promise of gift to the child. This way, the child will learn to accept the disappointment and will learn that everything that he desires may not be achieved and there is a difference between desired result and reality.

3. Leadership skills –

  • While playing, make your child the captain of your team and observe and encourage his leadership skills.
  • Tell him the stories of social and political heroes and elders who achieved excellence with their exceptional leadership qualities.

4. Planning and forecasting –

  • Let your child plan his time schedule to manage homework, reading, playing, watching TV and computer games on its own.
  • Let him report to you and you suggest corrections.
  • Once the final plan is prepared, help him to go by the plan, accurately.

5. Self discipline & honesty –
You should develop enough confidence in the child to report any bad events that he came across in school to you, without any hindrance. Correct and forgive his mistakes, reward his honesty.

6. Punctuality –
As far as possible, let the child stick to his time plans with pin point accuracy.

7. Acquiring new skills –
A good leader usually will have multiple skills of different specialties. Observe the interests in your child and make him adopt hobbies – painting, sports, dance, music, musical instruments, martial arts, whatever he likes. Ideally the kid should have at least two or three hobbies.

8. Multi tasking – Child should learn to hit a balance between hobbies, entertainment and studies.

9. Adjusting to new conditions – Let your child enjoy class tours, vacations, short trips to different places from time to time.

10. Neatness and cleanliness – 

  • Give your child a chance to help you in cleaning your room.
  • Make him learn how to keep the books, bags and toys in an orderly fashion.

Remember: Having good management and leadership qualities is as important as scoring high in the school exams.

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