Video Game Rules That Your Kid Should Follow

Video games these days are a part of childhood. While kids learn computer skills faster than adults, it is high time that the adults pick up some technicality and take control over what your kid is actually doing in front of the computer. The following video game rules hold good for kids up to 14 years of age (Till the age kids tend to listen to what parents are saying).  Here are some video game rules that your kid should follow.

Video game time:  Not more than one hour per day of video gaming during school days and not more than two hours in holidays. Ideally a break of minimum five minutes after half an hour.

Avoid these types: Video games that involve betting, pub, alcohol, cigarette, fighting, bloodshed, hatred, foul language, crime, killing, theft, etc. are best avoided.

Computer screen: While the kid plays (or is doing online browsing for that matter), the computer screen should be facing such that you can always peep into it.

No episode type of games: The video games that are played in episodes, like they continue playing in successive sessions, such games are best avoided. It makes the kid think about the game all the time. Video games are for entertainment, only till the time the kid is sitting in front of computer. The kid should not dwell in the thoughts of the game, after playing it.

No online games, where friends at different places group together online and play. It makes them completely dwell in that. It creates confusion between the actual characteristics of the friends and their virtual game characteristics and these games always come in episodes.

No video games in internet centers. Better that your kid plays the video game at home only. you will not be knowing what he does in internet or computer centers / video game parlours.

Any physical game should always be preferred to video games.

Good video games to play – video games that are constructive, peaceful, that stimulates the thinking capacity, like chess, race, pool, kitchen, etc. The parent should always check the game before the kid starts playing it.

Play with your kid:  It is  better that you sit and play the video game with the kid. This helps in bonding and you can supervise your kid easily as well.

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