Parenting Tips: Great Hobbies For children For A Great Future

I remember my mother pushing me into Bharatanatya class (Traditional dance of Karnata), Carnatic Traditional music, Hindi classes, Cricket, Chess coaching class etc. Initially, I used to get annoyed (except for cricket and chess). But after a few months in, I really used to enjoy them.  

Great hobbies are a must for children. It helps to build them their own character and personality. It is very important for your child to have hobbies. For a parent, it will be my first of the parenting tips. While school related studies is very important for your children, if time is managed effectively, specific time slot can be adopted in a child’s routine for hobbies.

Benefits of Hobbies:

  • Culture and discipline: Hobbies fortify your child’s behavior with  culture and discipline.
  • Hobbies make your children specially talented.
  • Hobbies boost self-confidence. Among their classmates and friends,  your child will stand tall because of his / her special talent.
  • Learns time management: The child will learn how to manage time, how to hit a balance between studies and hobbies and the skills of multi-tasking.
  • May build the career: If your child takes up the hobby as the career at a later stage, your child may become an artist, a photographer, a professional dancer or a singer.
  • Helps to improve learning skills: The rhythm in the music, dance and song, the fineness in the art, the patience & perseverance in collecting stamps and photography all add up to the learning skills of the child.
  • Improve physical fitness: Hobbies like outdoor games, swimming, dance etc helps to keep childhood obesity at bay.
  • Hobbies remove stage fear, inhibitions, hesitations to try out new things.
  • Makes the kid more brave, courageous and confident.

How to choose a perfect hobby for your child:

  • Watch child’s interest: Hobby should be something that interests the child. It should never be a forced burden. It should be something that  the child wants to do. So watch for the child’s interest and select one.
  • Look into financial issues: Of course, you need to take your financial condition to account before you fund a particular hobby of your child.
  • Time factor: The child should be able to hit a balance between studies and hobby.
  • Age factor: Gym, weight lifting etc are not so good for children.

Time to start a hobby:

It is never too early nor too late for a child to pick up a hobby. There is absolutely no time constraint to start a hobby.

The bottom line is – hobby is a must for your child.

Hobbies-An effective cure for depression

4 comments on “Parenting Tips: Great Hobbies For children For A Great Future

  • P V Ariel

    31/05/2011 - 7:43 pm

    Hi Nice to see this web,
    Great and valuable tips
    for the parents.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I re-posted it in my pages.

    keep inform
    Best regards
    P V

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  • G Wells

    25/08/2011 - 6:12 pm

    Great article and right to the point. Too many kids sitting in front of the TV playing video games, very non-motivational! Get those kids up and moving.

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  • Priya Varier

    06/06/2012 - 2:28 pm

    Lot of parents in India, especially these days, do try to encourage their child to pursue a hobby but the moment, the child reaches the higher classes (9th and 10th) make them give up the hobby and concentrate on studies only. I too was partly guilty of this with my first child. I learnt from experience that it is better to teach the child to manage his or her time well so that the child can pursue the hobby along with studies. This increases the child’s physical fitness (if it is a sport), concentration and prevents them from suffering a burnout. I did try that with my son (my second child) who is a national level tennis player and he got more than 90% in his board exams. Many of my relatives including my parents wanted him to give up tennis in grade 10 but I encouraged him to pursue his hobby along with his studies. I am sure that if I had forced him to give up tennis, he would have been depressed and probably have got much less. Again, getting a few marks less does not matter if it helps to inculcate time management and values in life.
    Hobbies also prevent their mind from straying and having unnecessary thoughts. This has been my experience and i wanted to share it.

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