Hobbies – An Effective Cure For Depression

Mental depression is a very tough condition to tackle. Effective cure for depression depends not only on the medication, counselling etc. but also on the personality. Hobbies are the major factor that configures personality. Having a hobby or developing hobbies is very important in your fight against mental depression. 


How hobby acts as a cure for depression:

Boosts self-confidence: Hobbies help to boost your self-confidence. It gives you an extra talent and extra ability to showcase your talent.

Positive investment: Hobbies help you to invest your time and money in a positive activity.

Showcase passion: Many people do not get to indulge in their passion at the workplace. Routine repetitive type of work turns out boring. For such people, hobbies give them a chance to live their passion. This brings happiness.

Keeps you busy: Hobbies keep you busy and happy. They help to get rid of lethargy, loneliness and dull mood that are the basic pillars of depression.

Positivity: Gives a chance to divert your concentration towards positivity.
Health benefits of hobbies: If dance or a sport is your hobby, it helps to keep you fit. This way you may not worry about gym or any other physical activities.

Builds personality and character: Hobbies help you develop a personal identity of your own.

List of hobbies and their mental benefits:

Drawing, clay modelling, art and craft – injects creativity into mind, keeps you busy and active.

Cooking –

  • Keeps you busy, helps improve health with healthy cooking.
  • If you make others happy with your delicious food, then you will also become happy.
  • Gives you a sense of achievement.

Swimming, Dancing, sports:

  • Keeps you busy and fit.
  • Helps you in developing a fighting spirit.
  • Makes you see victories and losses with a balanced mind.

Solving puzzles, crosswords:

  • Makes the brain active
  • Gives a sense of achievement.

Singing, Music: Calms your mind and gives you a sense of achievement.

Reading self help books and famous biographies – 

Self help books such as “Leading with no title, Monk, who sold his Ferrari” by Robin Sharma, Biographies like those of Steve Jobs, Swamy Vivekananda etc can really help to boost self confidence. Reading habit gives a fresh perspective towards what can be done better in the future.

A study conducted by Prof. Peter Bower and his team and article published in British Medical Journal, 2013 reveals that in patients with severe depression, self help books and interactive websites yield significant results in improving depression symptoms.

A word of caution: Online hobbies like chatting / befriending unknown people, too much indulgence in Facebook etc may not always be creative.

So, make great hobbies a part of your life and live happily and successfully in this new year. 🙂
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