Depressive Symptoms: When To Seek Medical Help During Depression?

Everyone of us pass through a state of depression in our lives.  Failure in exams, financial loss, death of a kin etc. brings us a lot of sadness. But, on a normal course, we usually overcome it and get on with our lives within say, one week. But there are people among us, who find it very difficult to cope with depression and fall prey to its web and in extreme cases, succumb to it. It is a really difficult decision to take for the fellow family members, whether to take the person suffering from depression to a hospital or not, whether he will recover by himself or if some medical help is needed to assist him to get over the depressive symptoms.
So, Here are a few depression symptoms to watch for. If the person has these symptoms, it is very much advisable to seek medical help. [For the purpose of easy flow of words, here, the person with depression is taken as male]

  1. If he does not mingle and interact with colleagues and friends for more than a month or two.
  2. Sits alone in a corner at home, doing nothing for hours together for more than a week.
  3. Watches irrelevant programs on TV for hours together.
  4. Does not respond to queries. Is absent minded all the time.
  5. Does not smile at all for months together.
  6. Lack of interest in all aspects.
  7. Continuously feels like “there is no meaning to life” “It is not worth living any more”, “I am the most useless entity in the world” “Suicide is a better option”.
  8. Cries inconsolably all the time
  9. Washes hands repeatedly, takes bath for abnormally longer periods of time.
  10. Gets angry abnormally quickly. Goes on to hit somebody.
  11. Eats either too much or does not eat at all.
  12. Talks irrelevantly, laughs with no reason, behaves exaggeratedly.

So, these are some of the important depressive symptoms suggesting to seek for medical help during depression.

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  • Gopalakrishna Bhat

    09/02/2015 - 4:22 pm

    verry verry good information Thanks

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