Exercise And Diabetes Treatment – Recent Guidelines And Ayurvedic Perspective

Exercise and diabetes treatment , especially type 2 diabetes, has a direct relationship. Recent guidelines issued by the American Diabetes Association and the American College of Sports Medicine stress the very important role of physical activity  in the management of type 2 diabetes. While Ayurveda has explained exercise as a treatment option for diabetes centuries before, the truth has been revisited now. 

Ayurvedic view

Ayurveda has explained Avyayama (lack of exercise) as the first and foremost cause for diabetes.

Ayurveda advises exercise for every healthy individual as a daily routine. Click to read – Ayurveda exercise
Since it is explained that avoiding the cause of the disease is a way of treatment, Ayurveda has been using exercise as a mode of treatment for diabetes.

Exercise guidelines

Exercise and diabetes treatment – guidelines:

Here are the benefits of physical activity

Regular physical activity improves blood glucose control and can prevent or delay type 2 diabetes, along with positively affecting lipids, blood pressure, cardiovascular events and quality of life.

Aerobic and resistance training type of exercise is very beneficial.

For people with type 2 diabetes, 150 minutes per week of moderate to vigorous aerobic exercise spread out at least 3 days during the week, with no more than 2 consecutive days between bouts of aerobic activity is recommended.

Resistance training should be done at least 3 times a week.

The new guidelines emphasise that exercise must be done regularly to have continued benefits and should include regular training of varying types.

Exercise benefits

Benefits of exercise and such other physical activities:

  • Physical activity increases glucose uptake into active muscles.
  • Moderate exercise improves blood glucose and insulin action with minimal risk for very low blood sugar levels.
  • Physical activity acutely improves systemic insulin action for 2 to 72 hours.
  • Aerobic and resistance training improve insulin action, blood glucose control, and fat oxidation and storage in muscle.
  • Physical activity and physical fitness are linked with reduced risk for heart and cardiovascular diseases.
  • If relying on exercise alone for weight loss, up to 60 minutes per day of physical activity might be needed.


Exercise is an important tool in the treatment of diabetes, pre diabetes treatment. It is good for those, having risk of developing diabetes.

Exercise is good for the heart, cholesterol control, and for muscles and bones.

Physical activity can be taken up by starting gym, Yoga, dance etc.

It is always better to start an exercise schedule under expert advice. A qualified expert will help you on deciding on amount, type, and schedule of physical activity suitable for you.

Those having arthritis and such other problems, should exercise extra caution.

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