An Insight On The Book Arogya Chandrika Athava Kudumba Vaidhyan Of Shri Swami Sachidhanandhan

By Dr M S Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu)PhD.

About the author

  • Arogya Chandrika Athava Kudumba Vaidhyan book was written by Shri Swami Sachidhanandhan.
  • He is the disciple of Sree Narayana Guru.
  • His other important works are Sukumaara Baskaram, Kavitha Manjari, Sri Narayana Vijayam.

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About the book

Name of the book: Arogya Chandrika Athava Kudumba Vaidhyan Also spelled as Arogya Chandrika Athava Kudumba Vaidyan Name of the author: Shri Swami Sachidhanandhan First published in: 1957 Publisher: V.U. Sukumaran Printed at: Sree Narayana Press Read –


  • This book was written by Swami Sachidhanandhan in poetry form.
  • When the book was nearly about to complete he lost it during his journey. “Kudumba Vaidhyan” is more useful as a “First- aid” for the patient if there is no physician available nearby.
  • This book consists two parts – Prathama Khanda and Dwiteeya Kanda
  • Prathama Khanda deals with healthy life style of a person and Dwiteeya Khanda describes treatment for various diseases.

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Contents of Prathama khanda

  • Grandha prayojanam (utility of the text)
  • Arogya shiksha sangraham (health education)
  • Shishuparipalanam (child care)
  • Vayu (air)
  • Vellam (water)
  • Aaharam (food and its practice)
  • Viharam (habits and regimens)
  • Urakkam (sleep)
  • Shuddhi (purification)
  • Dhahana kramam (digestive information)
  • Arogyam (health retention)

GRANTHA PRAYOGANA:- Importance of the text is explained.

AROGYA SIKSHA SANGRAHAM:- About health of the person is discussed here. Read – Acharya Vagbhata: Work, Text Books, Legacy, Amazing Facts

SHISHU PARIPALANAM (Child care):- Caring of the child is mentioned here. If the child did not get the breast milk on the first day of birth, then diluted cow’s milk should be given or grape juice should be given or breast milk from other lactating mother is advised.

VATA:- One who inhale polluted air will be diseased very often and he is considered as sadhaatura (less immuned and a constant patient).

VELLAM (Water):- Ganga jala is considered as best among the water. Other varieties of water, resources and their qualities are explained. Read – Benefits And Usage of Water As per Ayurveda: Complete Compilation

AHARAM (Diet):- Dhanya varga (Group of grains and cereals) are considered as satvika aahara. Mamsa (meat) is considered as rajasa and tamasa guna ahara. Pradhana ahara -food that is wholesome for all is discussed.

VIHARAM (Lifestyle):- About vyayama (exercise) is mentioned here. For gents kalari and for ladies nritya is advised. Read – Lifestyle Tips For Healthy People And Patients In Ayurveda

URAKKAM:- Proper sleep will give proper health, janam, tejas and shanty; relative benefits are referred. Improper sleep, its ill effects, compensatory methods etc are also dealt in the text. Read – 20 Simple Ayurveda Tips For A Better Sleep

SHUDDHI:– Various purificatory measures like vastra shudhi, deha shuddhi (body cleansing) are mentioned here.

DAHANAKRAMAM:- About process of dahana krama is mentioned. Pachana of sneha dravya is emphasized and is mentioned that it is digested in pakvashaya (large intestine). Read – Kshara Agnikarma Vidhi – cauterization- Astang Hriday Sutrasthan 30

AROGYAM:- To attain deergayu (long life span) one should maintain proper arogya throughout their life. Relative information is furnished in this part.

Contents of Dwiteeya khanda

Jwara chikitsa (Fever treatment):- First Langana should be done. Later Shunti jala can be given.

Vataja fever:- Ginger + Musta + Guduchi kashaya

Pittaja fever:- Bruhati + Musta + Parpataka kashaya

Kaphaja fever:- Shunti + Musta + Haritaki kashaya Read – Kashayam (Kwath) – Herbal Teas Preparation, Benefits, Usage

Raktapitta treatment:- Treatment for bleeding disorders: Aragwatha twak + Pathya both should be boiled first, then add honey, Payas and sugar candy along with it and given which cures Raktapitta.

Asrugdharaadi chikitsa:- Coconut flower juice along with sugarcandy should be taken.

Treatment for vomiting:- Tender leaves of Mango + Musta + ginger + Sariva should be boiled and add honey along with which it cures vomiting.

Treatment for cardiac diseases: Green gram + Daruharidra + Bala should be boiled and add sesame oil along with it.

Treatment for thirst:- Sariva + Usheeram + Sandalwood + Liquorice should be boiled and taken.

Madhathyaya chikitsa (Treatment for alcoholic intoxication):- Raisins + Liquorice + Sandalwood + Usheeram + Sariva should be boiled and taken.

Moorcha chikitsa (Treatment for fainting):- Raisins + Sandalwood + Sariva + Usheeram + Pippali + Laaja + Liquorice taken in equal quantity and make it kashaya and given.

Treatment for haemorrhoids:- Cumin + Ginger + Vilva Moolam + Dushparsha + Patha should be taken in equal quantity and decoction is prepared. Read – Haemorrhoids: Ayurvedic Treatment, Medicines, Remedies

Treatment for diarrhoea:- Make Musta kashaya add honey along with it, which cure diarrhoea.

Visoochika chikitsa:- First Langanam should be done. After that make Ginger decoction and add Pippali along with it and taken.

Grahani chikitsa:- First Pachanam, Sangrahanam, Deepanam should be given.

Indhuppu choornam:- Inthuppu, Pippali, Ajamoda make it as powder form mix it with Buttermilk and to taken which cures Grahani.

Treatment for dysuria:- Shatavari should be boiled with Milk and add Sugar along with it which cures Moothrakruchra. Read – Dysuria: Causes, Remedies, Tips, Diet, Ayurvedic Treatment

Diabetic treatment:-

Gooseberry+ Dhaari + Lodra+ Nishakadhaka + Badra + Usheeram kashayam which cures Prameha. Read – Diabetes: Ayurvedic Treatment, Remedies, Prevention Tips

Vruddhi chikitsa:- Treatment for orchitis: Swedanam and Lepanam should be done. Swedanam:- Swedanam should be done with Arka, garlic, Dhanyamla, cow’s urine. Lepanam:- Kankshi +Indhuppu + cow’s urine is boiled, made paste and applied as Lepa.

Treatment for oedema:- Punarnava + Nimba Twak + Ginger + Bruhati + Amruta + Daruharidra kashaya which cures Shopha.

Visarpa chikitsa (Treatment for herpes):- Patola + Dhatri + Musta decoction is made and given.

Masoorika chikitsa:- Treatment for blisters, skin eruptions associated with fever: Ginger + neem bark + Bala + Patola + Gooseberry + Kushta decoction is given.

Pidaka chikitsa:- Carbuncle treatment: Jeevanti + Triphala + Sariva + Liquorice+ Sandalwood + Musta + Usheeram+ neem bark should be boiled and then add honey and jaggery along with it and given.

Sheetapitta chikitsa:- Treatment for allergic skin conditions: Amruta + Turmeric + Neem bark + Aragwada twak + Dhatri + Vasa Moola decoction is taken. Read – Urticarial Rashes – Ayurvedic Understanding And Treatment Options

Kushta chikitsa (Treatment for skin diseases):- Triphala + Patola + Amruta + Neem + Turmeric make it as decoction and given.

Krimi chikitsa:- Treatment for worm infestation: Vacha along with Cow’s urine is taken. Bhoomi Amalaki taken along with Rice washed water. Ajamoda and Vidanga mix with water and taken.

Krisha chikitsa:- Treatment to gain weight: Boil Ashwagandha along with Milk and then dry it and mix along with Ghee and taken.

Sthoola chikitsa:- Treatment for obesity: Honey and water taken in equal quantity in early morning reduces Sthoola. Sesame oil taken early morning reduces Sthoola.

Vata chikitsa:- Bala moola + Atibala + Ginger decoction and given. Holy basil juice + pepper+ ghee mix it and given.

Apabahuka treatment:- compared with cervical spondylosis: Onion + Krishna Jeerakam + Shaliparni decoction and given.

Urusthamba treatment:- Guggulu along with Cow’s urine should be taken.

Treatment for Pitta disorders: Amruta Swarasa taken along with Jaggery.

Treatment for Kapha Disorder – Amruta + Shatavari Moola decoction is made and then by adding ghee it is taken.

Phiranga roga:- Approximately compared to syphilis: Amruta and Neem bark are taken in equal quantity and made as decoction; it is mixed with honey and taken twice daily. Read – Upadamsha – Treatment For Sexually Transmitted Disease


  • This book is beneficial where instant relief is needed in few of the specific conditions.
  • The drugs mentioned in this book are easily available in the surroundings.
  • First –aid for almost all the diseases are mentioned in this book.
  • Minimal number of drugs are mentioned for each disease and as it is in the form of song pattern and hence it is easy to remember.
  • This book can be used for home remedy purpose too.

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  • Dosage of medicine is not mentioned in this book.
  • Diseases are not mentioned in an order.
  • As this is a Malayalam book it is difficult to understand for others. So, it needs translation and comments in various contexts.

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