Improving Lifestyle Habits Is Very Important To Prevent Cancer

Till recent times, we used to advise improving lifestyle habits to avoid a list of lifestyle disorders like diabetes, obesity, hypertension and other degenerative disorders. But now it is a clinical proven fact that improving lifestyle habits also helps prevent cancer. Not only food carcinogens, but an errant lifestyle habits is also an equally important cause for cancer. According to a recent research report published in the British Journal Of Cancer, one third of cancers is caused by  4 lifestyle factors – alcohol, tobacco, obesity and diet.

improving lifestyle to prevent cancer
Improving lifestyle to prevent cancer

Tobacco and cigarette is a major cause for cancer.

Alcohol – There are a few benefits of alcohol but in excess, apart from other ill effects, alcohol increases the risk of cancer.

In Ayurvedic terms, excess of alcohol disturbs the normal metabolism process to cause increase of toxins and waste byproducts of digestion.

Diet – According to Ayurveda, food is not only meant to provide the body with nutrition. It is also meant to cleanse the body, to keep the organs fit and healthy. According to Ayurveda,  diet can be considered ‘proper’ only if one evacuates bowels every morning.

According to modern science, passing stools about thrice is a week is considered normal but, according to Ayurveda, passing stools everyday is important to maintain proper digestion and appropriate enzyme levels in the body. This stresses the importance of fiber in our diet.

Good amount of fresh fruits and vegetables is so crucial to provide the body with sufficient dietary fiber and anti oxidants which help prevent cancer.

A diet rich in fruits and vegetable salads also help in preventing obesity.

Obesity – Being overweight or obese makes you more prone to diabetes, hypertension and cancer. Hence a regular lifestyle with good habits, regular exercise has become all the more important.

Ways to improve lifestyle

A sample blueprint to prevent cancer by improving lifestyle – 

1. Get up early, go to bed early.  – Waking up early in the morning helps to keep you active and energetic through out the day.

2. Physical activity  – jogging, walking, outdoor games, yoga or gym, dance or any other active hobbies – for at least half an hour per day. You should be sweating by the end of that half hour.

3. Vegetable and fruit salad – At least on alternative days. A meal can be skipped to accommodate salads.

4. Leaving non veg   or limiting non veg food to only once or twice in a week.

5. Taking responsible steps to quit smoking and limiting the amount of alcohol intake.

6. Attending to natural urges at proper time. For a better understanding, read here to know about an important Ayurvedic principle

7. Ayurvedic treatments such as massage, Panchakarma and such other cleansing procedures, seasonally.

8. Use of Ayurvedic spices like Trikatu, herbs such as .

” href=”” target=”_blank”>Triphala, Amla etc.

13 thoughts on “Improving Lifestyle Habits Is Very Important To Prevent Cancer”

  1. hello sir,
    what do the ayurvedic texts tell us about the ratio of foods. for example cereals,legume/pulses,green leafy vegetables, tubers and underground vegetables, herbs.

    is there any kind of ratio in which these foods must be consumed??
    also i have heard that millets like ragi are much more superior to polished rice. do the texts tell us about benefits of millets like ragi,bajra,jowar,etc(i think there are total of 8 major millet species)??

    also i have heard that guggulu helps to fight cancer. is it true??

    thank you

    • 1. There is no particular ratio with respect to cereals, legumes, tubers etc are mentioned in Ayurveda. However, it is advised in terms of taste. It is told that A person should have food consisting of all the six tastes – sweet, salt, sour, bitter, astringent and pungent.
      2. I found out the reference of Jowar in Ayurveda. Jowar is astringent and coolant. It is useful in diseases of Pitta and Kapha, skin diseases. Ragi and other millets are also mentioned in Ayurveda.
      3. Guggulu has shown promise against cancer. But the research has not moved upto a stage where an anticancer medicine is prepared with guggulu.

  2. Thanks you very much for sharing this one.
    Is there a mention of how much of each taste one should have? Like 10% Astringent, 30% Sour etc?

    • It depends from one person to the other. There is no specific mentioning of percentage of each taste, as of my knowledge goes.

  3. Are there any suggestions indicating that our diet should ideally consist of 80% (or some other ratio) of alkaline substances vs. only 20% acidic? I have read this in certain ayurvedic books in the market… where they have charts of foods that are acidic vs. alkaline. Generally, they say that grains, legumes and beans (most proteins) are mostly acidic, whereas fruits and vegetables are alkaline, with certain exceptions in each case of course…

    Thank you,

  4. Hi Dr.
    Doing yoga will not bring out any sweat. So what do you suggest to do along with yoga to sweat out ?


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