Cigarettes Are The Biggest Enemy Of Your Health

This is a guest post by Ms Kate Wilsson.

Cigarette smoking is one of the vice that humanity cannot leave away. Scientific research has proved this fact with myriad of explanations. Even the health commission has issued safety warnings in this regard. Yet, we seem to be happy in falling in the same pit.

The paradox
Many of you might have read in the Daily, an article stating the health hazards of persistent smoking. But, the truth is all these are mere hoaxes to frighten you. In fact there are many health benefits of smoking. In this article, few of them will be mentioned.

Researchers have proved that a typical cigarette contains 2000 hydrocarbons; prominent among them are Nicotine, Cyanide and Tar. So, you can be proud that you are puffing a huge petroleum factory! Apart from that you can also proudly say that you pump out tones of CO2 annually. And the best part is that you pay your hard-earned money for buying a pack.

So, what are the benefits of smoking?
The nicotine acts on the Central Nervous System (CNS). This makes the adrenal glands to release a hormone that makes you addicted to it. The tar particles get clogged to the walls of lungs, making it difficult to breathe. It has been found that smokers are very poor in athletics. This is because; their lungs become inefficient enough to meet the increased oxygen requirement. The cyanide and other hydrocarbons make you endowed with two great diseases-Oral cancer and lung cancer. You don’t need an explanation on what is lung cancer, do you?

Many claim that they get rid of tension when they smoke. So, do you get a permanent solution? Suppose you had an argument with your wife and you are worried to face her, so will her mood get improved by puffing a pack of cigarettes? If it had been so, all the problems of this world, including the prevailing cold-war between USA and Russia would have been solved.

These are the benefits that you derive by smoking. The list is not over. These are only a few of them .You know, smoking provides you with a new offer; the ownership of the various benefits mentioned above can be passed on to others as well. So if you smoke in front of your wife regularly, she will surely get lung cancer. For that, she need not smoke.

Thus, you are now aware of the real face of cigarettes. Yet, it is certain; many of you will act more ridiculously than a fool. Aren’t you smoking right now, while you are reading this piece of writing? Don’t read this article for anyone’s sake. Read it, value it and follow these values for your benefit, for it’s your life and you make the choice in your life.

Smoking may give hallucinations of momentary pleasure. But, you are blinded from a truth that you are slowly pulled to death and destruction.

All the scientifically proved cons of smoking have been dealt in this article in plain language that can be understood even by a layman. There are no technical complications involved. This article has been specifically sculpted taking cognizance of the fact that many of you might have been unaware of the disadvantages of smoking, not because you have not been told about it, but because the language was such that it dissuaded you from further reading. It is thus hoped that this article might have opened your eyes and you will surely make a wise judgment.

About the author: Kate is a blogger by profession.

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    • There are a few substitutes for cigarettes, made of herbs – called herbal cigarettes. Eg: Nirdosh cigarettes.


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