How To Do Juice Fasting? Ideal Juice Recipes For Fasting – Ayurveda Method

Juice fasting is a safer method of fasting, when compared to complete fasting or water fasting. The success of juice fasting largely depends on the choice of juice recipes for fasting.  The choice of juice recipe can be made based on your health / disease condition, strength of your stomach and the target organ or target system of your body. 

juice fasting

Method of juice fasting

Any type of fasting should always be done under medical supervision.
There are a set of general rules of fasting. How to prepare yourself on the previous day, etc. Read here – Rules of fasting.

The basic rule is to avoid all sorts of food and only take fruit juice or vegetable juice through out the time of fasting.
It is better to do juice fasting for one day only.
It is better to avoid adding sugar, while making the juice recipe for fasting.

Selection of recipe

How to select juice recipes for fasting?
Your doctor will be the best judge. Here are a few guidelines.
In a few conditions,  few types of fruits are best avoided.

Example – fruits and vegetables containing oxalates, such as berries, grapes, spinach, celery, beans are best avoided by a patient with kidney stones.
Juice of fruits and vegetables that stimulate stomach are best avoided – like ginger juice.

Ideal juice recipes for fasting –

Orange juice fasting

It is very ideal. This comes with loaded benefits of orange fruits.  Good for stomach, liver, heart and kidneys.  For fasting newbies, who are scared of hunger, orange juice fasting is quite handy.

Grape juice fasting

This carries all the health benefits of grapes.
Good for those targeting liver, stomach and intestines.
Comes with natural colon cleansing advantage.
Has calming effect over stomach.
May make you pass stools a couple of times.
Many not be ideal for those who suffer from frequent cold attacks, as it is coolant in nature.

Coconut water fasting 

Ideal for newbies
Has calming and coolant effect over stomach and intestines.
Not ideal for those suffering from frequent cold attacks.
Not ideal during winter.
Does natural urinary bladder cleanse
Calms Pitta.
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Sesame juice fasting

Good for those having frequent cold.
Has hot nature, hence not ideal for Pitta body type people.
Improves intelligence and strength of teeth.
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Kokum juice for fasting

Good for heart.
Good for liver and small intestines.
Ideal for those doing juice fasting for weight loss.
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Pomegranate juice fasting

One of the ideal fruit juices.
Pomegranate Balances Tridosha – Vata, Pitta and Kapha.
Cleanses oral cavity, and throat.
Good for stomach health.
May cause constipation in few.

Lemon juice fasting

One of the ideal juices. Good for heart, liver, stomach and intestines.
Has stimulating effect over different body parts.
Ideal for those doing juice fasting for weight loss
Good for people with any body type.
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Sugarcane juice for fasting

Ideal only for newbies, as it is rich in carbohydrates and keep you well nourished even during fasting.
But it has good value, as it comes with sugarcane juice benefits.
Does natural bladder cleanse.
Not ideal for diabetics.

Amla juice fasting

One of the ideal juice recipes for fasting.
Good for all three Doshas.
Calming effect over stomach.
Immense health benefits of Amla.
Natural anti oxidant advantage.
Does rejuvenation.

Aloe vera juice fasting

Good for liver
Improves stomach strength.
Good for those having frequent skin issues like acne.
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Apple juice fasting  

One of the good ones.
If you are doing fasting for 2 or 3 days (which is not always recommended), a mixture of the above juice recipes for fasting can be tried.
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Garlic juice, ginger, pepper

Fasting has its spiritual connections and garlic is told to increase Tamas (darkness of mind). Hence, if your fasting has a spiritual angle, better to avoid garlic juice.
Ginger, pepper, etc – Not ideal because they may cause excessive burning sensation in stomach.

4 thoughts on “How To Do Juice Fasting? Ideal Juice Recipes For Fasting – Ayurveda Method”

  1. Diabetic people will have to consult their doctor for the advice on fasting. It depends on following factors.
    1. People with insulin dependence find it difficult to control hunger for a long period of time.
    2. Patients may feel excessive thirst and early exhaustion.
    3. The dosage of diabetes medication may have to be adjusted, due to alteration in the glucose level.
    4. Sugarless sweet lemon juice, orange juice, apple juice etc can be used for fasting.
    5. During fasting they will have to take the juice whenever they feel signs of hypoglycemia, like blurred vision, tiredness, exhaustion etc.
    6. For the initial couple of fasting sessions, it is best for them to do fasting under continuous medical supervision.

  2. Sir,

    Regarding the lemon juice fast :

    1. How should one prepare the juice ( proportions of lemon juice and water ) ?
    2. Which minimum quantity of this juice would you recommend one drinks each day ?
    3. Should one drink additionnal pure water during the day ?

    Thank you in advance for your advices.

    • 15 ml of lemon juice in 200 ml water.
      2. There is no minimum quantity prescribed. As and when thirsty, person can drink lemon water.
      3. He can.

  3. 1) Which is more beneficial: coconut water after flesh formation (which tastes sweet) or coconut water without flesh formation (which tastes like alkaline)?
    2)Should the ripe coconut water (I mean hard coconut that we break during puja)be consumed? Is it also beneficial & effective like raw coconut water?
    Because somebody told me that raw coconut water should be consumed & ripe coconut water should be thrown away.


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