Curds Recipe Of Amla – Ayurvedic Home Remedy

Curds recipe of Amla has multiple benefits. The beauty of this curds and amla recipe is – it can be prepared within five minutes. Ayurvedic medicines not only always mean bitter Kashayams, or packed herbal supplements in tablet form. The real Ayurveda starts from your kitchen. Appropriate combination of herbal recipes can do wonders to your health and to your diseases.

What is amla?
Amla in English is Indian gooseberry, is well-known for its richness in Vitamin C. Botanical name is Emblica officinalis (Linn.)Due to its richness in health benefiting active principles, it is widely used in Ayurvedic formulas such as Chyawanprash, Brahma Rasayana etc.

Curds recipe of Amla:


Ingredients of curds and Amla recipe.

  • Curds – 200 ml
  • Sliced Amla pieces – of one Amla (approx 10 grams)
  • Grated coconut – three table-spoon
  • Green chilly – three small.
  • Salt – according to taste
  • Cooking oil – Sunflower oil / coconut oil  – two table spoons
  • mustard – half tea-spoon
  • red chilli – one
  • curry leaves – 5 – 6

Method of preparation

Procedure of Curds and Amla recipes:
Part 1.
Take green chilli, Amla pieces and coconut in a mixer and grind it to get a paste.
Add this paste to the curds.
Add salt according to taste.

Part 2.
Take the oil in a bowl.
Add red chilli pieces and mustard. Heat in very mild heat.
Observe that the mustard starts cracking, then add curry leaves to it and add this mixture to the curds mixture that is kept ready in part 1.

This is the curds and Amla recipe.
Use it along with rice, idly, Dosa, Chapati, etc. (See the pics below to understand better.)


Benefits of curds recipe: All the benefits of amla, benefits of curds, curry leaves etc are there in this Ayurvedic recipe, and will improve your health.


Special thanks to – My Mother and Wife 🙂

Indian gooseberry


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  1. This is a wonderful recipe . Thanks for sharing.
    Can we consider this recipe tridoshic and can be had in all seasons ? Would you mind clarifying ?

    • Amla balances Tridosha. so, overall this recipe can be considered as Tridosha balancing, but with mild coolant effect.

  2. Sir is it a good combination to take buttermilk and amla together? is it a right combination according to Ayurveda … and please can you please guide how i should to take amla daily to get glowing and beautiful skin???


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