Give Your Body A Chance To Heal On Its Own

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On a recent visit to Facebook head quarters, US President, Mr Obama stressed on the importance of cutting the healthcare costs. While he is thinking on those lines, many medical researchers are trying to bring normal health conditions into the framework of  ‘disease’ and to push medicines for them. A day may come, when,  if you cry once, you will be labelled as suffering from depression. If you lose sleep for a day, you will be labelled as a patient of insomnia. Before that day comes, let us wake up and give our body a chance to heal on its own.  

Our body has an in-built system to hit back to normal health. For every small health variations, medicines are not needed. But if we start using medicines for each and every small health variations, our body will get accustomed to the medicines so much so that it loses its innate ability to fight on its own, it loses the art of self healing.  With the rampant usage of medicines, this is a great threat that we face today. So, before you pop that pill for that little headache, which you can bear for a while, give your body a chance for self healing.

Even the Indian Government recently advised doctors not to prescribe strong medicines and antibiotics in case of fever, common cold etc. (News)

How to do it?
1. By adopting a healthy lifestyle.
2. By maintaining regular timings for sleep and food intake, setting up a rhythmic body clock.
3. By eating smartly, eating healthy nutritious food, avoiding junk foods.
4. By listening to your body for signs of recovery.
5. Smart use of Ayurvedic home remedies. Garlic is an efficient herb to curb cholesterol.
6. By choosing a good physician, who would prescribe appropriate medicines for appropriate conditions for an appropriate time period. Many times, the patient will be ‘expecting’ the doctor to write a medicine. So, even if the doctor thinks that you do not need medicine, he feels compelled to write one for you. So, if your doctor says that you do not need medicine, learn to respect his decision.

7. Exercise is one of the best medicine for pre diabetes, PCOS and hypertension.

8. There are certain conditions which heal on its own. Examples:

  • Common cold: Have a ginger tea and allow the body to fight the virus. You will be successful within 3 – 5 days.
  • Small headache: Follow these tips to fight headache
  • Depression: There is a difference between depression – the disease itself and a temporary state of sadness. Learn to differentiate between them and avoid medicine for depression

9. Stopping the paranoid attitude towards each and everything around you. “How much protein should your daughter eat? ooh there’s some dirt on her dress, she may get allergic reactions!.. oh my God,  Today she ate 4 almonds in place of 2, she may suffer from excess of Vitamin E.”  I am not suggesting that if you have severe chest pain, you should neglect it, which can be life threatening. But I am suggesting you to

  • Adopt smart natural ways to heal.
  • Judge your health and disease with smartness
  • Use Ayurvedic home remedies wherever needed and
  • Choose a good doctor.

6 thoughts on “Give Your Body A Chance To Heal On Its Own”

  1. Your universal coverage of all areas of health is simply attracting admiration.Where are the words,how to appreciate,this had been my problem,so far.God bless you.

  2. Absolutely right. Human body has everything that requires to fight ‘Created’ ill feelings. If you keep your mind free and not allow unwanted thoughts to occupy your mind, you will be on the right path to pursue good health and may not need any physician at all. It is all in our mind – we give room for many of the things which are unnecessary.
    Follow some of the above tips sincerely and you will be away from the hospital corridors for ever.

  3. Absolutely spot on Dr Hebbar. With help of proper physician, people have to learn how to maintain health. In fact, the literal meaning of “doctor” is “teacher” – a doctor is supposed to teach his/her patients how to stay healthy. Thank you for the article.

  4. Absolutly right Doc.Hebbar.Our body has all the power to heel …we just forget about it.
    God blees You to remind us


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