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How To Get Rid Of Headache? 20 Things That You Should Avoid

There are many types of headache such as Migraine headache, Sinusitis headache, Tension headache, Depression headache, etc. But there are a few food items and habits, avoiding which helps to get rid of headache.  Follow these simple and easy-to-follow rules and set your head free from ache. 🙂

How to get rid of headache?

Make a note: Specially in migraine headache and in all almost all the other types of headaches, certain types of food triggers headache. Make a note of food that you took within 1- 2 days of headache, point out that one or two particular common food that is continuously present every time and avoid them as much as possible.  Please note the headache triggering food may be different for different people.

Usually, these are the headache diet that is to be avoided.

Headache diet – food & things to avoid in headache

Avoid these things, generally to avoid triggering of headache.

If you have a headache attack,

Avoid long journey and heavy travelling: It increases Vata and triggers headache.

Avoid green chilli and such other hot and spicy food: It increases Pitta and triggers headache.

Avoid ground nut, brinjal and potato: Usually these foods are related with headache trigger.

  • Do not talk too much
  • Do not stay awake till late at night
  • Do not skip meals.
  • Do not fast.

All the above four directly increase Vata in you and triggers headache. Avoid them.

Do not sit for long in front of TV or computer screens. Their radiations may trigger headaches.

Long hours of mobile phone use, radiations, exposure to loud sounds may cause headache.

Flashy lights, loud music, too hot or too cold water baths – not good for headache. Avoid them.

Smoking and Alcohol – not good even for those without a headache.

Strong tea, strong coffee – Not good in headache.

curds For some, curds may trigger headache.

For people with sinusitis headache, avoid ice creams, frozen food, oily food stuff in general and especially at night.

Aerated drinks, junk food, colas – Are they good for anybody? Only for the companies which manufacture them. 🙂

PranayamaSome may have headache from Pranayama. In a few, it is seen that Pranayama actually triggers headache. Take care.

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