8 Reasons To Include Pranayama In Your Daily Routine

Pranayama is one of the ancient Yoga techniques to improve both mental and physical health.
Pranayama is one of the simple and Effective Yoga technique, well adopted in the Ayurvedic treatment for a variety of health conditions. It is helpful in improving both physical and mental health.

What is Pranayama ?

It is a technique of controlled & rhythmic breathing for a small period of time. It is the fourth step in Yogic spiritual practice. But apart from the spiritual benefits, it is also a healthy technique to prevent or treat many diseases.

Benefits of Pranayama

Here are the health benefits of adopting pranayama as a daily routine.

  1. The mind becomes concentrated. Brain becomes more active.
  2. Memory power increases.
  3. All the organs of the body will be stimulated.
  4. Good flow of oxygen rich blood to the brain and all parts of the body is ensured.
  5. The muscles will feel relaxed, thus reducing the pain.
  6. Good for people suffering from stress, depression, anxiety, etc.
  7. Instills confidence and courage.
  8. Useful in speech related problems.
  9. It is helpful in chronic degenerative diseases such as diabetes.
  10. It is one of the best stress relieving techniques.

Pranayama and Ayurveda

Ayurveda explains vāta as one among the three Doshas.  Vāta is very important as all the body and mind activities and movements are controlled by vāta. The breath is called as prāṇa vāta and it controls all the other types of vāta. Pranayama helps to balance prāṇa vāta. Thereby bringing about balancing of the total vāta in the body. It leads to a balanced health and balanced mind.

How to do Pranayama breathing?  

It is better to learn the technique of Pranayama under the guidance of a Yoga teacher.
However, if you are really busy and can’t find time to go to a Yoga class, click to read about how to do a simple pranayama

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