A Simple Home Remedy To Cure Indigestion And Improve Appetite

Indigestion over a long period of time can cause weakness, laziness, lack of concentration, lack of interest, weight loss, feeling sleepy during day time, etc. In Ayurveda this condition is explained as “Ama”. Lack of appetite is one of the main symptoms of Ama. The basic reason for this condition is the lack of digestive power. Ayurveda explains a simple Ayurvedic herbal tea to cure indigestion and to improve appetite.
Coriander seed coarse powder – 5 grams
Ginger coarse powder – 1 gram
Water – 70 ml

Take this mixture in a vessel and boil it in moderate heat till around 35 ml remains. Filter it.
It should be consumed while it is warm.


Once prepared, this herbal tea cannot be reheated after cooling, or cannot be stored for more than 12 hours.

While heating, the vessel should be kept open. (it should not be closed with a lid. )

While heating, the mixture should be stirred to avoid charring of herbs.

Special health benefits

This herbal tea cures indigestion. It is the simplest home remedy for indigestion.

Improves appetite and helps to put on weight.

Relieves abdominal pain due to indigestion.

Apart from these benefits, it is also a natural kidney cleanse and bladder cleanse tea. This special benefit is due to coriander. Click to read a simple natural coolant and bladder cleanse coriander drink.

13 thoughts on “A Simple Home Remedy To Cure Indigestion And Improve Appetite”

  1. Hello Dr Hebbar, I am a beginner nutritionnist and am studying Ayurvéda. I hope to include ayurvedic principles to the way we are eating here, in the west. I just wanted to say how much I love your posts and the way you always provide references to classical texts. This really helps me learning, many thanks.

  2. This my sound like a stupid question but do i have to filter the contents or just drink this remedy with the powder in it?

  3. Is it possible to improve one’s digestive fire so that one can take heavy foods like soyabean,urad dal,dry fruits etc in rainy season as well?


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