How to Improve Digestion Strength? Remedies, Tips

As per Ayurveda, indigestion and low digestive capacity is the cause for many diseases. Hence, improving digestive strength is the first thing that is done before starting any Panchakarma treatment. Improving digestion is also helpful in treating conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, low body weight, cough, cold etc.

Improving Digestion Strength in Old Age

How to maintain healthy digestion and nutrition assimilation as we age? 
Dr JV Hebbar 
As per Ayurveda, Pitta dosha is naturally dominant till the end of middle age. Hence, normally, all have good digestion strength till 40-50 years. 
After that, Vata dosha becomes naturally dominant and this may cause depletion in digestion and assimilation capacity of the body. Here are a few tips to maintain good digestion strength (Agni). 

1. Eat and drink only when hungry. As we age, because of tissue degeneration, the body does not need excessive food intake. The digestive organs need proper rest from time to time. Eating and drinking only when hungry and thirsty is the golden Mantra of Ayurveda, becoming more relevant with old age. 

2. Reduce the quantity of meals. It is also a good idea to reduce our calorie intake as we age. This keeps the digestion and metabolism sharp. This allows the body to utilize the accumulated fat tissue to burn and convert it into energy. 
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3. Fast from time to time. Fasting helps in the process called autophagy. This kills the old and weak cells of the body and those components are recycled and re-utilized by the body to make the younger tissues stronger. 
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4. Regular amount of spices in diet – ginger, black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom 
5. Healthy amount of exercise, walking, jogging, Yoga 
6. Anti aging and rejuvenating medicines containing spices. Eg: Chyawanprash, Brahma Rasayana, Ashwagandha Rasayana etc.  
7. Regular oil massage and sweating treatment helps the bones and muscles strong, which in turn help to improve nutrition absorption by body tissues. 
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Home remedy video


Home Remedy To Improve Digestion – What you need?
Saindhava Lavana – Rock Salt – 5 grams
Haritaki – Harad – Chebulic myrobalan – Terminalia chebula – 5 grams
Pippali – Long pepper fruit – Piper longum – 5 grams
Chitraka – Lead wort – Plumbago zeylanica – 5 grams

Method of preparation

How to make?
Take the fine powder of all the ingredients. Mix thoroughly and it is administered in a dose of half to one gram.


Low Digestion strength
Lowered metabolism
Weight loss 


Dose – Half to one gram once or twice a day, after food with warm water. 
How long to take? 
For 2 – 4 weeks.

Shelf life

Shelf life (expiration date) – Because all are powders and especially rock salt tends to capture moisture pretty easily, this combination should be stored in a air tight container. Once after preparing, it can be stored under hygienic conditions for up to 2 – 3 months.

Mode of action

How does it work?
Long pepper is one among Trikatu (three pungent) group of spices. It improves the secretion of digestive enzymes. It is very hot in potency. Same is the case with leadwort (Chitraka). Both these herbs are widely used in Ama relieving medicines (like Chitrakadi Vati)

We already have dealt with benefits of Rock Salt One of its property is Deepana – improving digestion strength.
Haritaki is one among Triphala. It has hot potency. Apart from improving digestion strength, it also improves bowel habits. Hence useful in relieving constipation, gas distension in stomach and bloating.

For kids and during pregnancy

Safe for kids?
It can be given to kids above three years of age. But doctor’s advice is needed before administering this remedy.

Safe for pregnant mother?
No. It is not safe for pregnant women. It is best to avoid in women seeking pregnancy.
It is best to avoid this even during lactation.

Side effects

Any side effects?
It is not good to continue this remedy beyond 2 – 3 weeks.
It is best to consult your Ayurvedic doctor before trying this home remedy.
This home remedy is not safe for people with sensitive stomach, gastritis, IBS and ulcerative colitis.

Remedy for side effects

If you develop any burning sensation  in the stomach and discomfort in chest after taking this, drink a cup of milk. Take an antacid.

Digestive Enzyme supplements

What Ayurveda says about foods that contain digestive enzymes like papaya, pineapple, honey etc ? And what are you thoughts on consuming digestive enzyme supplements?
Dr JV Hebbar 
As per Ayurveda, it is good to take them. Pineapple comes with allergy issues in some people. Hence care needs to be taken. Digestive enzyme supplements – are not specifically explained in Ayurveda. Ayurveda believes in stimulating the pancreas, liver, stomach and intestines so that they produce sufficient enzymes themselves, so that the body becomes self reliant and not dependent on external supplements for life. 
This is achieved by fasting, detoxification procedures, healthy diet regimen, including buttermilk and healthy amounts of bitters and spices in diet etc. 
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