8 Good Reasons Why You Should Have Honey At Home

There are a few natural health benefiting wonders that you have to start using from today! Honey is one among them.

Here are 8 very good reasons which should compel you to use honey at home.  

1.  Honey in wound healing – It is an excellent wound healer. On any small wounds, applying a thin layer of honey benefits in quick wound healing.

2. Sore throat home remedies honey – Honey with a pinch of turmeric / ginger will heal the sore throat.

3. Honey acts as a vehicle  (Yogavahi) to other food articles/ herbal supplements such as Triphala churnam, Sitopaladi Churnam, Talisadi Churnam etc.

4. Honey in Ayurveda – Many Ayurvedic herbal jams like Chyawanprash contain honey as an essential ingredient. Apart from acting as a vehicle to the herbal ingredients, it also acts as a preservative.

5. Honey fat loss – Honey, mixed with a glass of water, taken every morning will help you lose fat. (Reference: Bhaishajya Ratnavali)

6. Replace sugar with honey – Sugar / aspartame can be replaced with honey wherever possible.

7. Acne home remedies honey –  3 grams of neem powder or turmeric powder is mixed with 3 ml of honey and applied over the acne in sufficient quantity for quick relief.

8. Cinnamon and honey benefits – Apart from these, Honey, in combination with cinnamon has many benefits such as wound healing, lowering serum creatinine levels and improving digestion.  (click on the link to know details)

7 thoughts on “8 Good Reasons Why You Should Have Honey At Home”

  1. Dear SIr,

    I have read in many places that Dabur honey is not pure and that it contains many of the antibiotics that are fed to the bees to increase the production of the honey. However, almost none of the articles I have read suggest an alternative to Dabur honey. So, requesting your advice on the same. Which would be a good and safe brand of honey to buy?

    Thank you.

    • You are really putting me in trouble 🙂
      I honestly do not know. Basically, if any company can dare to sell the honey with all the lab test results for antibiotics, heavy metal analysis etc, it would be great. If someone knows of such a brand, with proof, I will be more than happy to share the same.

  2. Consuming hot honey like in boiling/very hot water is not good, correct? Does this mean that consuming processed honey which has been heat treated (or liquefied) is also not beneficial?

    I haven’t seen any honey bottle declaring if it has been heat processed or not…Is there a way to tell if honey has been heat treated or to tell the quality of honey in general, by doing some home inspection/tests?

    • If we think in a purist way, we cannot use any honey at all. Let us buy the best brand of honey from the market, which does not have any traces of antibiotic etc. and let us not boil it / excess heat it once it is in our hands. This should help in keeping our peace of mind. 🙂

  3. Dear Doctor

    my age is 52 years,I am a diabetic and BP also,I would like to have Flaxseeds.I am confused whether the flax seeds sold by loose(not in sealed pack),should we eat it as it is or should we fry them,should it be taken in the form of powder with a glass of hot water? pls clarify the doubt.Also let me know the quantity of how much to be taken in a day.


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