Triphaladi Churnam Uses, Dose, Ingredients, Side Effects

Triphaladi churnam is a combination of three herbal ingredients –

1. Haritaki – Terminalia chebula – Fruit rind
2. Vibhitaki – Terminalia bellerica – Fruit rind
3. Amla – Emblica officinalis – Fruit
4. Yashtimadhu – Licorice powder

All the three herbs are dried under shade, powdered and filtered to get a fine powder.



It is a potent astringent. It can be boiled with water and filtered. This decoction acts as a herbal wound healer.

Internal administration

For internal administration – It is rich in antioxidants, good for eyes, spleen, liver, useful in diabetes, and acts as Rasayana (antiageing).

Triphala Cleanse: It can also be effectively used for natural herbal bowel cleansing and herbal colon cleansing. AVN manufactures Triphaladi Churnam, with an additional benefit of liquorice (yashtimadhu).

Frequently asked questions about Triphala Choornam –
Can Triphaladi Churnam be used to make Triphala kashayam? how to make it?
Yes. It can be used to make Triphala Kashayam.  Mix  50 grams of Triphala Churnam with 800 ml of water and boil it to reduce the liquid to 200 ml and filter it. This Triphala Kashayam can be used for cleansing wounds, and can also be used for internal administration.

Can Triphaladi Churnam help in diabetes?
Yes. Triphala Churnam is ideal as a supplement in diabetes. Apart from helping in controlling the blood sugar level, it also rejuvenates and acts as an antioxidant.

Quantity of Triphaladi Choornam to be taken  – For easy bowel movements and to relieve gas trouble – five grams at night with warm water. As a liver protective and antioxidant agent (Rasayana) 2-3 grams one or two times a day with warm or cold water.

External application

External application – Hair wash powder
Triphaladi churnam is a simple combination of Triphala and licorice. This can be used to wash hair and also as a hair pack. This is useful to get rid of dandruff, grey hairs. It prevents hair fall.

Triphaladi for eye wash –
A tablespoon of Triphaladi choornam is mixed with 2 cups of water, boiled and reduced to half a cup. This is filtered. The filtered plain liquid is used for eye wash in cases of an eye infection.

Side effects

There are no known side effects. However, to use this product in people with high BP, children, pregnant and lactating mothers, one needs to consult a healthcare expert.

Mouth Ulcers

How to use Triphaladi Churna for mouth ulcers?
1. Triphaladi churna powder
can be mixed with ghee or coconut oil and applied locally over mouth ulcer.
Both ghee and coconut oils have a soothing nature and have a protective action on the oral mucosal layer.  They also act in a coolant way, locally. 

2. Triphaladi churna – 1 teaspoon can be mixed with 1 cup of water, keep it for one hour. Filter it. Use this water to rinse your mouth – 2 -3 times a day. This is the formula to create a cold infusion. 
Cold infusion will not have a hotness property (whereas, when we boil and prepare kashaya or herbal tea, they tend to carry some hotness properties). 
The coolness of the cold infusion aids in the ulcer healing option. 
Mouth gargling with infusion helps the medicinal principles of Triphala and Licorice to enter nooks and corners of the mouth, where ulcers might be present. 
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35 thoughts on “Triphaladi Churnam Uses, Dose, Ingredients, Side Effects”

  1. Dear Doctor,

    As part of my infertility treatment, I have started “Triphala Choornam”. Will it good for to remove any tube block?
    Kindly let me know



  2. You can take, but This might further increase bowel movement. Hence it is better to consult your doctor.

  3. I will write about dark circles sometime. But nose block / water retention has got nothing to do with dark circles.

  4. Hi, Triphaladi churna has four ingredients – Triphala (AMla, Haritaki, Vibhitaki) + Yashtimadhu (Licorice). So, the product is correct in its list of ingredients.

    • What is diference between Triphala churnam and Triphaladi churnam ? and is this both are same function ?

      • Triphala churnam contains only the three ingredients of Triphala.
        Triphaladi Churnam contains Triphala plus Yashtimadhu (licorice)

        Whenever a medicine name as adi at the end (as in Triphaladi), it suggests towards additional ingredients along with the main ingredient. Adi in Sanskrit means – etc.

  5. I used Triphaladi churna for the 3 days, is this harm ? instead of Triphala churna ? if continue with triphaladi churna any complication s become ? Please advice

    • No. There is no harm if you ues Triphaladi Choorna. It is quite a safe medicine. Just because you were accustomed to Triphala, I insisted in the same. Nothing to worry.

  6. Thank you i have obesity whether this Triphala or triphaladi churnam to be take by Morning ir Night with Honey which is the best Jayakumar

    • thank you Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu) Please give other methods to reduce obesity and other medicines to live healthy body
      healthy body and healthy mind is wealth thank you once again

  7. Dear Doctor,
    Please aware us about the health benefits of Kollu(Horsegram) and how to use it.We appreciate your good service for the mankind.
    Thanks and best regards.

    • Hi, Thanks.
      I will cover all the grams, herbs, spices and all. Just keep coming back to this website 🙂

      • Also kindly can you cover millets like ragi, bajra, jowar, etc, what the ayurvedic texts say about them. And also pulses. Many ayurvedic and anceint texts say that moong dal is the best among all the dals.

  8. I’ve read from many ayurvedic sites and I generally see Amalaki, Jambu Phala(Nerale Hannu), Dadima(Pomegranate) mentioned to have high qualities. Apart from these 3 fruits are there any other fruits which are highly recommended as per ayurveda??


    • jack fruit, dates, coconut, mango, ber fruit, Fig, and any such other fruits are mentioned in Ayurveda with its qualities. Many of those will be covered in 6th Chapter of Ashtanga Hrudaya , will come to that in about two weeks time.

  9. is Triphala a useful treatment for low stomach acid? I know it is said to be a versatile rejuvenator and assists digestion, but can it help weak stomach acid?

    • Since Triphala helps with Gastritis (inflammation of stomach mucosa, right?), does it equally help with inflammation of the (small) intestines?

  10. Milk is not indicated along with Triphala. But you can take it with or after Yogurt. Make sure that the Yogurt contains less or no fat.

    • Is Triphala after buttermilk soon after meal also okay?

      Are there any things that we should not have in meals if taking Triphala soon after (like sweets…)? Is it better to keep gap between taking meals and taking Triphala at bedtime (when for purpose of easy bowel movements/relieving gas…)?

      • Triphala after buttermilk is fine.
        If you have consumed milk in the meals, then it is better to give 30-45 minutes gap between meals and Triphala (before / after)

  11. For Diabetic control what is role of – SIVA GULIKA – ? this can be use parallel with Thriphaladi churna ? I have allopathy medicine Gulvus 50mg and Glycephase 500 , I intend to slowly ch anging to ayurvedha with minimum of allopathic medice, Can you advice me ?

    • Shiva Gulika is not a specific medicine for diabetes. But it has supportive role. It is a good source of anti oxidants, and is useful to relieve internal organ stress and improves immunity. Learn more about it here -
      There are better medicines for diabetes in Ayurveda. You need to consult an Ayurvedic doctor directly. Regular blood sugar level monitoring will be required to adjust the dose.

  12. If you are taking it for constipation, better to stop it now and consult an Ayurvedic doctor directly.

  13. Dear Doctor,

    If we have to manually make triphala churnam

    1) Nellikka ( embilica officinalis)
    2) Kadukka (terminalia chebula or Haritaki )
    3) thanikka (terminalia bellirica or Vibhitaki )
    4 ) licorice ( irattimathuram)

    how much of these ingredients should be taken and powdered, is there any procedure available to do this

    in kottakkal arya vaidya sala we see 1.667 g each of the first 3 and 5 gm of licorice(abhaya) for each of 10 gm.

    Could you please help me?


  14. (a)
    In the ‘quantity’ section above, it is mentioned to take 5 grams. Would you please clarify if this is the maximum dose or the recommended dose? I ask because different people seem to need different amount of Triphala in the night to help bowel movements, and I have heard from various sources, that the best way to figure out the optimal dose for yourselves with Triphala is to start with 1/2 or 1 gram of Triphala and slowly step up to the point of (just before) diarrhea.

    Also, how does adding licorice to Triphala help in particular? Is it targeted for high Pitta individuals who are too sensitive?

    I have read in some places that taking Triphala for long term is excellent because it is one of the rare herbs that helps each and every organ and system in the body. Does Triphala hold a really special place from this viewpoint (or others?)? I ask more from the point of view of ‘preventive’ things we can do to remain disease free throughout life.

    Say, one is trying to take Triphala for long term. Are there any specific effects to watch out for (ignore diarrhea for this question) that might indicate that Triphala does not suit one’s body too much and should be stopped at least temporarily?


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