Hot Water Honey Benefits, Limitations, Remedies

There are many Ayurvedic home remedies for weight loss. Hot water with honey is one of the most hailed weight loss drinks. Though it is quite simple to make, there are some reservations to consider.

Ayurvedic reference

praatarmadhuyutam vaari sevitam sthoulyanaashanam | Bhaishajya ratnavali 39/3

Meaning: Daily intake of honey along with water is a remedy for obesity.
Method:  Take half a spoon of honey.  Mix it with half a glass of water. Drink it.

Time and duration of intake

Time: Early morning on an empty stomach. Do not eat or drink for at least 15 minutes.
If you are planning to go to gym / Yoga, then better to take it after the workout. If you drink it before workout, it may cause stomach discomfort.
How long to take honey with water?
As long as you are not diabetic, this weight loss drink can be taken for 4 – 6 months.
How much time does it take to lose weight?
If all weight loss measures are followed diligently along with this remedy, then results can be expected in about 2 months time.
How many times in a day?
It can be consumed once or twice a day, preferably on empty stomach or before food.
Before brushing or after brushing?
After tooth brushing.

Diabetes, IBS, BP

Can diabetic people take this?
It is better not to follow this method if you are a diabetic.

Can this be followed by obese kids?
It can be followed by anyone who is obese and wants to decrease weight.

Is it suitable for IBS patients, high BP patients?
Cold water with honey is tolerable by IBS or ulcerative colitis patients.
This remedy can be taken by patients of hypertension.

Hot water with honey

Can hot water be used in place of plain water?
There are some advice of taking hot water with honey. But according to Ayurveda, hot water and honey are not compatible with each other. Heating of honey or using heated substances with honey is not recommended as per Ayurveda. With this reason only, in the making of herbal jams like Chyawanaprash, where honey is an ingredient, it is added at the end of the making of Chyawanprash, when the jam is left for cooling down.

Hence, at the best, the water can be lukewarm or boiled and cooled water with honey, rather than using hot water. 
Because, heat processing of honey or using it with too hot substances is contra-indicated as per Ayurveda. (Reference: Ashtanga Hridayam Sutrasthana 5/ 53 and Charaka Samhita Sutrasthana 26/84)

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Lemon juice with honey

A teaspoon of lemon mixed with a teaspoon of honey can be taken in the morning and evening, 30 minutes before food.

Q: Is it safe to drink warm water with lemon and honey in the morning for pregnant women?
Warm water, lemon juice extract and honey combination is used for cleansing, detoxing, weight reducing purposes, called as Langhana therapy or Shodhana in Ayurveda.

During pregnancy, the opposite of it – Brihmana – nourishing therapy is required. Hence, the above combination is not required during pregnancy.

Q: Is it a good idea to add lemon juice to honey + water?
Yes. honey and lemon juice go well with each other.  Lemon is also good for stomach and for weight loss.
So, 1 teaspoon of lemon juice + 1 teaspoon of honey in half a cup of water, in the morning, empty stomach is also fine to take for 5 – 6 months time.

During pregnancy, lactation

Water with honey is cleansing and detoxifying in nature. It is meant to reduce weight. But during pregnancy, the woman is expected to gain weight. Hence, this remedy is not recommended during pregnancy.
But cold water / lukewarm water can be taken when the couple are planning for pregnancy.
This remedy is especially useful in female infertility patients with PCOS and obesity. This remedy can help reduce body weight.
This remedy can be taken during lactation period.

Home remedies

A cup of lukewarm water can be taken along with a teaspoon of honey and half a teaspoon of amla, early in the morning, on empty stomach. This gives the anti oxidant boost to your body. This is safe to continue for a period of a few months time.

Lemon with honey is good to lose weight and to decrease bad cholesterol. This can be taken even during menstruation if periods are not very high. If there is heavy periods, then better to avoid this during menstruation.

Green tea with honey in the morning is fine to take, as long as green tea is not very hot.

Ginger tea with honey is fine to take, if the ginger tea is not very hot. Prepare the ginger tea first, allow it to cool down to just above room temperature, add honey and drink.

Does it cause body heat?

Honey is neither too hot nor cold. If it is used along with lukewarm water, it can increase body heat to a small extent. But if it is used along with cold water, it does not cause any such issue.
This remedy does not cause any stomach upset.

129 thoughts on “Hot Water Honey Benefits, Limitations, Remedies”

  1. As per Ayurveda, heat treatment of honey is not encouraged.
    the warm water / hot water that I am referring to in this article is just about 40 – 50 degree celcius. So it is fine to have this drink.

  2. It is really a nice and helpful piece of information. I am glad that you shared this helpful info with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Sir
    I have heard to add 1 lemon’s juice also in honey and warm water.
    Is it right…if yes then is it more benificial than only honey and water.

    • Sir, Thanks a lot for your reply. You give response to all members from your busy sechdule, which is quite appreciable. I again thanks you for your reply.

    • In the morning, on empty stomach, after mouth wash.
      After taking this, it is best to wait till 30 minutes before having any drink or breakfast.

  4. SIr, can you please tell me for the diabetic people how they can make this drink and loose weight i am diabetic and over weight and desprately wants to loose wight thanks sir.

    • Honey is richer source of glucose than sugar. Hence, this drink is ideal for diabetes.
      There are other natural methods to lose weight such as –
      1.adopting fiber rich diet.
      2. Replacing at least one regular meal in the day with oats.
      3. Having only fruits and vegetables, in one day of week.
      4. Regular exercise / yoga / gym / outdoor games.
      5. There are also a few Ayurvedic supplements. Consult your doctor for the same.

      • Sir……
        Hello sir….by how much weight can we reduce by this method…and how many days it will help to reduce weight…

        • This method as a stand alone technique to lose weight may help in losing a couple of kilograms by 2 – 3 months.
          But diet control and exercise will further increase the results.

  5. sir i need to know the effects of drinking hot water bcoz i have developed an habit of taking hot water every nigt before retiring to bed. does it add any value to my health?

  6. Start now and consider exercise and diet restrictions. You should be successful in losing weight.

  7. You can surely add lemon to the tea. No issues.
    If you are adding honey, better to drink tea at luke warm temperature only. Heating honey is not advisable according to Ayurveda.

  8. Sir,
    I really appreciate your responses to all the question and inquiries, drinking hot water with honey help to reduce fat in the tummy, my belly is getting fatty and I want to burn the flat.

    • It is one of the methods to burn fat. But nothing is as effective as diet control and abdominal workout.

        • Abdominal crunch exercise, jogging, walking, taking water with honey, limited oily foods, non veg, sweet, relying on low carb, more fibrous diet are the best way for a flat tummy. There is no specific diet for flat tummy.

  9. Dear Sir,

    I have PCOS and I am advised to reduce weight. I had been drinking honey with lemon early morning in empty stomach and before i retire bed. But there is no difference in my weight and I do walking for 1 hour per day. Please help and give me a solution

    • If the honey is not of good quality, then this may not help.
      Stop taking honey with water at night. You can only take it in the morning, on empty stomach.
      Do regular exercise – walking / jogging / yoga / outdoor games / dance – for at least 15 minutes a day.
      Restrict coffee or tea intake to only two small cups a day.
      Restrict the amount of sugar intake and oily food intake.
      If you consult an Ayurvedic doctor, he would prescribe you with some simple medicines which would help you to fight cysts and to reduce weight.

  10. You can surely drink it generally for good health.
    But for the purpose of losing weight the honey and warm water is the said formula.

  11. Hi, I have been drinking honey with luke warm water every morning in empty stomach, but i have stopped having my morning meal since i don’t any hunger till 12 noon is it good for my health. I am trying to reduce my weight and also my belly fat. I am also doing abdomen workout. please guide me in this.

  12. Hello Doctor Hebbar,
    At the time of my general health check-up the Doctor advised me to lose some kilos after calculating my Body Mass Index. Since I have a little tummy which is visible prominently, I am desperate to get rid off this asap. My weight is 82 KGs and height is 5’11. Thereafter, I started drinking a table spoon of honey with warm water every morning immediately after getting up. I have been following this method over a month now and currently I can feel a difference of 10% reduction. There are two questions I would like to ask. Firstly, by when I will be able to lose reasonable amount of weight and flatten the tummy? 😉 Secondly, I am unable to remove time for any workouts and outdoor games due to my busy office routine, so are there any alternatives to workouts which may further help to reduce my weight? Thank you very much in advance!

    • Even if you do not time to workout, as soon as you get up, before doing anything, do abdominal crunches lying down – at least 100 per day.
      Drink good quantity of water through out the day.
      Quit smoking / alcohol, if any.
      Avoid snacks and eat fiber rich marie biscuits.
      Replace a meal with oats or corn flakes.
      Completely avoid deep fried and non veg food.
      There are a few suggestions that you can try based on your convenience.

  13. Hi Neha, congratulations on your first step towards health. May you take many more such steps. 🙂

  14. Sir., i am 18 years boy ., i have just start lemon+honey+warm water., can it help me to decrease weight

  15. Hi Dr Hebbar,

    I am planning to reduce my tummy fat. Before that I have a question about adding lime to this mixture(hot water+honey). I have read some articles saying that having lime daily is not good for health since it has citric acid in it. Does it creates any harm to body?

    • Hi, except for the condition, of being advised not to take citric acid, it is not harmful to take this home remedy for 2 – 3 months.

  16. jeevitha
    Sir i am very obese i really want to reduce my weight and my belly. i just start taking honey with warm water. Hopefully i will reduce.
    thankyou so much ……………….

  17. Dr. Hebbar,
    Thank you for your advice. I certainly am grateful to you for showing me the right direction. I am happy to inform you that I have reduced 90% of my tummy and also lost around 7-8 kilos since January.
    I would now like to seek your advice on further continuing the hot water+honey+lemon drink in the morning. My friends and colleagues are advising me to avoid mixing honey in the drink as I have reached an optimum point.
    Kindly let me know if I should discontinue the entire drink or only remove honey from it. Also please let me know if now I can eat 2 chapatis with a bowl of pulse and curry as dinner instead of oats/cornflakes. Once again I thank you for your guidance.


    • Hi Anvit, because it is summer now, you can stop the remedy for next 3 months and can continue later, if you want to further reduce weight.
      The diet described looks good to replace oats.

  18. every day morning i mix two spoon full of honey and lemon water with two glass full of luke warm water, so please advice me the weather this is good to reduse excess weight or not

    • you can mix 2 spoon of honey to just a glass of water and have it. It is good for weight loss.

  19. Sir
    Greetings ! I normally dont comfortable to drink honey+hot water in morning. When i have my dinner at night i will be tempted have honey+hot water+lime. Is that ok ??
    I am so concerned that my weight should NOT increase. I have heard that honey+milk at night will increase weight. Is the same applicable for honey+hot water at night
    Is it ok to drink honey+hot water at night ? or will that also put on weight.

  20. i am diabtic and take insulin for treatment. i have started taking honey+hot water+lime. is it good for a person to take honey with diabtic. Also advice any ayuric medicine for weight loss.

  21. Hi Dr,
    How many time we can take green leaf tea per day(ML)
    I have read some articals that green leaf tea is not good for health .is it ture?
    Taking green team causes high urination and it will effect internal organs due to caffeine.
    Will it have any side effects?

    Kindly help me with the data.

    • The amount of caffeine in it is very minimal. Hence it does not cause much of caffeine side effects.
      one cup for day looks good. With this, I do not see any chances for side effects.
      Those who are not accustomed to tea, may not like it.
      Whether green tea causes high urination or not depends on its ingredients.
      Green tea is not recommended in hypothyroidism.

  22. Hi Dr,

    You havementioned there are some weight supplements to reduce weight,are they ayurdedic?are there any side effects?
    please revert

    • It is best to avoid during menstruation period, because, overall effect of this remedy is hotness, which is undesirable during periods.
      By the by, the warm water should be not be hotter than lukewarm, while taking it at other times.

  23. Sir,
    I am differentially abled with polio in left leg and right hand. I cannot exercise, but I want to reduce my tummy which I gained during my two pregnancies. I am 5′ and I am 60 Kgs. I want reduce 15 Kgs so that it will be easier to carry out my daily chores(I am working). Can you please help?

  24. Hi, I just want to know is there any side effects of taking Honey+lemon juice+lukewarm water in the morning, because I heard it effects on bones.

    • If the water is just lukewarm and not hot, then there is no problem. Usually Ayurveda recommends to avoid usage of honey with hot substances.

  25. I heard by so many people that u can eat any type of food except rice… if i stop eating rice will it help in reducing belly fat???

  26. I am having pcod and day by day I am gaining weight too, will this be beneficial to me, I have started it for few days, n I have also heard tat churned mustard seeds +water too is helpful in losing weight, is it true doctor. ..?

    • Hi, it will be best to consult an Ayurveda doctor for full fledged Ayurvedic treatment for PCOD. As general home remedy, you can take this and churned mustard seed with water.

  27. i started this about a week ago but… i get hungry so fast. so is this going in right way or not? please reply me doctor

  28. thank you so much for guiding doctor…. i want to know that does this have any side effects and how much time does it take to reduce weight…

    • It does not have any side effects. But it should not be taken by diabetics, because it can increase blood sugar levels.
      It may not be as fruitful as a standalone remedy for obesity. Good diet control, exericse etc are also needed. This remedy may take two months to show results.

  29. Hi, assuming that you are not diabetic, take a teaspoon of honey with a cup of lukewarm water in the morning. Do not take this with too hot water.
    It does not have any bad effects over periods.

  30. Hi, you can take honey with cold water, at night, around 8 pm. Please also consider exercise, diet control, strict lifestyle etc.

  31. what is proportion of honey in glass of cold water / warm water to be taken after dinner and after how much time after taking dinner

  32. Sir,is there any side effects of this?? Because am gonna advice my mom to take this,she can’t exercise. She is 50 now,so plz advice me. And han,i have heard some people saying it will reduce blood in our body! Lol i don’t know about all these..plz advice me.

    • Hi, make sure to use not-very-hot water. Assuming that your mom is not diabetic, she can use this.

  33. Hello Mr. Hebbar,
    I have started taking lemon-honey warm
    water but then came across many people who developed liver disorders after consuming this for sometime, so discontinued.Please enlighten me on this or if any other sideaffects I should be aware of. As I really want to resume if its safe asap.

    • If you follow
      1. No sugar diet
      2. Honey + lukewarm water on empty stomach in the morning
      3. No non veg, oily foods
      4. Exercise for half an hour a day,
      You can lose around 2 – 3 kgs per month.
      Read more about weight loss tips –

  34. sir,
    During mensuration time honey+lemon+lukewater is good for our health,if it is not good how many days we can avoid it?

    • It is best to avoid honey+lemon + lukewarm water. Because, this combination is cleansing in nature, but we require nourishing treatment during periods.

  35. Hi – I am not very thin but just about right (6 ft 2 inches and 83 kgs) but have a pot belly…is it possible to have honey and water for “general wellness” and also reducing pot belly without going udnerweight ..? I have just started doing crunches for reducing belly as well…

  36. Hi sir myself thyroid patient since 3years ltake 75mg tablet daily myage is35 sir iwant loose my waight with lemon and honey and iam having it from 5 to 6 months but sir icant find any result . Sir pls help me . Can thyroid patient have lemon and honey twice a day .?does it has any sid effect ..reply it sir plz

  37. Sir I just wanted to make sure that we can consume brands like dabur honey or lion dates honey or we need to use only natural honey?

  38. Sir, i want to reduce weight. I’m taking honey and lemon along with normal water. Is it ok that im not taking it with warm water? I have also bought apple cider vinegar for weight loss. Is it ok if i take the honey mixture and cider mixture one by one after the otherin emty stomach? Or will it react with each other?

    • Hi, honey, lemon with normal water is okay.
      It is best to give a gap of at least half an hour between the above recipe and apple cider vinegar.

  39. Dear sir,
    Good morning
    I am daily using lemon with warm water last 2 month ,thereafter my weight is not losing so,
    Please tell me what i have to do??

    • Please follow these tips –

  40. Hi, I do not think it is because of the honey, lemon and warm water remedy. Do not use hot water for this remedy. Use only lukewarm water. Take it 30 minutes before breakfast.
    If symptoms persists, then stop it for a week just to see if it really is the culprit.

  41. Can children aged 5 yrs be given warm water with honey everyday or will it have any effect on their weight?

  42. Dear Madam, It is more effective in the morning in empty stomach with Yoga and Pranayama will give best results within 3 – 6 as months as said in the article.

  43. Dear sir, This problem arises when the amount of Lime juice is more. Please do take it in same amount. And do take warm water rather than luke warm.

  44. sir,
    I am 89 kg with obese, my weight is almost consistent in past two years, recently I have started honey with lemon drink in the early morning and at night before going to bed.
    will honey over heat the body resultant cold or any other side effects.

    • Sir, Would advise you to take the honey and lemon drink only in the morning empty stomach and with that Pranayama and Suryanamskara for best results. And no , honey would not over heat the body.

  45. Namaste Madam, Warm water, lemon juice extract and honey combination is used for cleansing, detoxing, weight reducing purposes, called as Langhana therapy or Shodhana in Ayurveda.

    During pregnancy or conceiving, the opposite of it – Brihmana – nourishing therapy is required. Hence, the above combination is not required during pregnancy.

  46. I am a student and don’t have enough time to exercise but i regularly walks for about 30 min should I take honey+water to reduce weight and belly fat

  47. Dear Dr Hebbar,

    For a long time, I am intending to have water + honey. Can you please suggest some good brands of honey which are less adulterated with sugar?

  48. Doctor I’m taking lion honey with lemon and lukewarm water for past few days…is there any problem for taking lion honey for this purpose..?

  49. Hii..sir..

    I am starting from last 3 days…and u am feeling so good after taking thus drinks….

    I want to know that which brand honey will be good….

  50. Dr i drink honey lemon ginger water from 1yr and am facing weight loss
    But I don’t consume it in morning empty stomch i face constipation problem
    What i should do to overcome my problems

  51. Hello sir, please suggest me about timing if drinking lemon honey in every morning then at wat time can drink amla juice.

  52. Dr I have gained weight post maternity, can lukewarm water and honey effectively decrease my belly fat. How much weight can approximately be reduced in a month?


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