Swadhishtana Chakra – The Sacral Chakra

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S

Swadhishtana Chakra is the second chakra mentioned in the chronology of chakras. It is called as sacral chakra since it is located in the sacral region. It is also called as lower abdominal center. It is called as creativity chakra because it is related to reproductive functions, procreation and all creativities we make. It is also named as sexual chakra because it lays in the pelvic region. It is also the center of search for pleasure, be it through sensual way or daily life experience.

The two other important facets of an open and balanced sacral chakra are abundant creativity and strongly felt intuition.

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This chakra is connected to our unconscious mental impressions. It is also connected to our sexuality and urges related to it.

It is associated mainly with emotional responses and regulation. It is also referred as the seat of emotions.

It is located in close proximity of root chakra. Therefore it is also indirectly involved in awakening of Kundalini Shakti. When awakened, this dormant form of energy which is coiled beneath the spine bestows many benefits at physical, mental and spiritual levels.

More than anything this chakra influences the urinary and reproductive system. This chakra is also connected to the prostate gland and utero-vaginal plexus.
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Swadhishtana Chakra

Swadhishtana is a word derived from two terms, swa + adhishtana
Swa means self.
Adhishtana means location or established.
Swadhishtana means – the place where ‘self (being)’ is established i.e. the dwelling place of the self.

Other Names of Swadhisthana Chakra

Modern day description – Sacral Chakra
Description in Vedas – Medhra (for penis, genitalia, reproductive system)
Description by Tantras – Wari Chakra, Skaddala Padma, Shatpatra, Adhishtana, Bhima
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Qualities, Tools, Symbols of Sacral Chakra

Location of sacral chakra – Located at the lower end of sacral bone. It is above the root chakra i.e. muladhara chakra and below the solar plexus i.e. manipura chakra. Anatomically it is located above pubic bone and below the navel. It encompasses the genital region and hypogastric plexus.

Symbolic animal of sacral chakra – Crocodile
Crocodile lives in water and water is the element of sacral chakra. Crocodile is a symbol of laziness, insensitivity and hidden dangers that are rooted in this chakra.

Bija Mantra (seed mantra) of Swadhishtana Chakra – ‘VAM’
It is located in the innermost circle of the chakra. It has moon white color.
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Just above mantra, within the bindu – a point that forms a part of letter VAM (the dot over the Sanskrit term ‘VA’) is found the deity of the chakra, Lord Vishnu.

Lord Vishnu – The lord is dark blue in color and wears yellow dhoti. He holds conch, mace, wheel and lotus in each of his hands. Lord Vishnu is wearing the Kaushubha gem and Shrivatsa mark. He is seated on his vehicle Garuda, a celestial eagle or on a pink colored lotus.

Goddess Rakini – Goddess Rakini, his Shakti or strength is depicted alongside him. She is black and is dressed in red or white. Elsewhere she is said to be blue in color. She has one face with two arms. She holds a sword and a shield. She is also depicted having two faces and four arms. In this avatar she holds a trident, lotus, drum and vajra – an arrow, skull, drum and axe in each of her hands.

According to the other schools, Lord Brahma – the creator of the universe and Goddess Saraswathi – the goddess of knowledge are said to be the divinities of the sacral chakra.

Presiding deity of sacral chakra – As already mentioned Goddess Rakini is the presiding deity of the sacral chakra. She has red eyes and has a fierce form.

Lotus and number of petals of sacral chakra – The sacral chakra is represented as a white colored lotus. It has 6 petals of vermilion color or of orange red color.

Each petal has one of the Sanskrit syllables written on it. They are –

  • Bam
  • Bham
  • Mam
  • Yam
  • Ram
  • Lam

Inside this lotus we can find a white crescent moon. This represents water region presided by Lord Varuna, the deity of rain and water. There is the seed letter of the chakra VAM seated on the crocodile. Lord Varuna is seated on the crocodile and carries a noose – pasha. Inside the Bindu of the seed mantra is Lord Vishnu, blue in color, dressed in yellow raiment and four armed.

Inside this lotus is located another red lotus. In this lotus we can find the presiding deity of Swadhishtana Chakra, Rakini, blue in color. She holds a spear, a lotus, a drum and a sharp battle axe in each of her four arms. Her red eyes and projecting fangs indicate her fierce form.

These six petals and the letters written on them represent the following vrittis i.e. modes of consciousness or awareness –

The Divinity of Sacral Chakra – Lord Brahma, the creator and Saraswathi, the godess of wisdom and fine arts.

The color of Sacral Chakra – Orange.
It is also the color of sunrise. It is symbolic of rising consciousness. Orange color also represents purity and activity. This color indicates positive qualities such as joy, energy, faith and self confidence that unfold in this chakra.

Elemental connection with sacral chakra – Water is the element of Swadhisthana Chakra. It is also a symbol of hidden danger, just as we cannot figure out what lay in the depths of water. Water, when in a state of balance is serene, soft going and pliable. But when it goes out of control it is immense power and dangerous. It tends to consume everything that comes into its way and destroys them. Same is the nature of Swadishtana Chakra related to the water element. As long as this chakra is in a state of balance, everything is balanced. When the negative emotions surface to the conscious state from the depths of subconscious state just like the raging water which crosses all its barriers, we can be completely put into a state of off-balance. Water also equals cohesiveness and the same is bestowed by sacral chakra to our body.
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Organs and sense organs related to sacral chakra – Swadishtana Chakra is located above the root chakra. It is about 2 finger width above the root chakra. In front of the body the location of sacral chakra corresponds with region just below the belly button.

It is connected with tongue and reproductive organs. It is mainly connected with testes and ovaries. They produce testosterone or estrogen respectively. These hormones influence sexual behaviors and functions. Our fertility and potency depends on the balance of energies in swadishtana chakra. People with low energy in sacral chakra often present with problems related to their sex life and reproduction. These problems include infertility, impotency, premature ejaculation, loss of libido and menstrual disorders. Involvement of Swadishtana Chakra in these problems and the need to balance its energy is known, when no medical reasons or etiological factors for these disorders are not found.

Gland related to sacral chakra – As already mentioned the root chakra has its connection with gonads and their function i.e. testes in men and ovaries in women. These glands are also in close proximity with root chakra and energies of root chakra are closely related to those of sacral chakra. Therefore the root chakra too has its control over gonads. Regions of root and sacral chakras are connected with apana vata and its functions. Menstruation, ovulation, ejaculation and parturition are all under the control of balanced apana vata.

Characteristics of sacral chakra

Swadishtana Chakra is the second chakra, the second level of our development. It is said that the evolution of our consciousness towards pure, human consciousness begins in this center. It is the seat of subconscious mind.
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Its energy is lunar, feminine and passive. It is the seat where all of our life experiences and impressions right from beginning of our existence in the womb as an embryo are stored.

It is said to be the center wherein our Karmas which are stored in the root chakra are activated.

Swadishtana Chakra is associated with procreation, sensuality, relationships, pleasure, unconscious state, emotion and sense of oneself.

It is the chakra of creativity, pure attention and pure knowledge. It connects us to the inner source of inspiration and enables us to experience the beauty around us. It is also the center of pure, steady attention and power of concentration.

Sacral chakra is related to sexual desires and other unconscious desires. It is said that it is very difficult to raise the kundalini shakti i.e. energy of consciousness above the level of sacral chakra. Sexual temptations arise at the level of this chakra and make it impossible to overcome these desires. Energy level rises above this level if these desires are controlled.

This chakra and its energy get blocked by feel of guilt. Creative expression, respecting and honoring one’s body will enable to open up the blocks of this chakra.

The samskaras i.e. potential karmas lie dormant in the root chakra whereas they find expression in Swadhishtana Chakra.

When balanced, it bestows feelings of –

  • Pleasure
  • Joy
  • Abundance
  • Wellness

When out of balance, one experiences –

  • Depression
  • Sexual dysfunctions and sexual disorders
  • Emotional instability
  • Addictions
  • Fear of change

One can experience the below mentioned when the sacral chakra is open and balanced –

  • Optimum love and intimacy
  • The attitude of being honest, true and non-judgmental about one’s desires
  • To live as one’s authentic self without fear

The motto of sacral chakra would be – ‘I enjoy my life fully’.  

Other entities related to the sacral chakra

  • Color – orange (activity, energy, joy, hope)
  • Element – water
  • Mantra – VAM
  • Lotus – 6 petal lotus
  • Animal – crocodile (lethargy )
  • Divinity – Brahma (creator, consciousness) and Sarasvati (knowledge, intellect, discrimination)
  • Symbol – half moon
  • Qualities and aspects – first level of human development, the subconscious,
  • Positive attributes – will power, vigor
  • Negative attributes – egoism, passion, pride, envy, doubt, laziness
  • Plane – astral plane (bhuvara loka)
  • Prana – Apana – elimination
  • Planet – Mercury
  • Principles – chitta – consciousness, memory
  • Precious stone – Beryll
  • Metal – Tin
  • Mineral – Sodium
  • Emotion – anger
  • Taste – salt
  • Secretion – hormones, semen
  • Feature – rasa – fluidity
  • Plexus – Hypogastric Plexus
  • Quality – chalana, to move
  • Tissue of the body – mamsa, flesh
  • Organ – upastha – sexual organs, creation, reproduction (Read more)

Effect of imbalances of sacral chakra

If your ‘sacral chakra’ is balanced you –

  • blossom as an individual
  • sensitive
  • creative
  • idealistic
  • accept changes
  • go with the flow
  • have healthy dreams and desires

Blocks in sacral chakra can cause both physical and emotional distress. These problems eventually increase if these blocks are not addressed. The energy flow within and from this chakra will be interrupted and so does the relative functions. When this chakra is healed, balance is restored, blocks removed and energy levels increase. The chakra starts functioning normally thereafter.

Signs of sacral chakra imbalance –

  • Constant flux
  • Inability to ground
  • Inability to set boundaries
  • Tendency to become over-emotional and dramatic
  • Feel of guilt
  • Feel of lust
  • Feel of betrayal
  • Feel of jealousy
  • Life doesn’t seem sweet
  • Nothing seems good enough
  • Feel that you have no choice, no ability to change and no initiative
  • Aggression
  • False emotions
  • Denial of pleasure and fear of sex

Sacral chakra, like other chakras may become over active or underactive. The symptoms will be different in both conditions.

Symptoms of overactive sacral chakra –

  • excessive attachment to people, relationships or objects emotionally
  • excessive dependency
  • excessive emotional reactions
  • tension in muscles, abdominal muscle cramps

Symptoms of under-active sacral chakra (energy deficiency) –

  • depression
  • pessimism
  • lack of creativity
  • lack of authenticity
  • fear of happiness or pleasure
  • self sabotage
  • low libido
  • impotency, sterility, premature ejaculation
  • irregular menstrual cycle
  • infections of urine, urinary bladder
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Other symptoms of sacral chakra imbalance

Being in a world of fantasies – The person, instead of enjoying the available pleasures of life is lost in the world of fantasies related to unavailable pleasures. Example – The person instead of having a healthy sexual relationship with an actual life partner will be lost in sexual fantasies. He or she may also be obsessed with getting connected sexually with every attractive and beautiful person they happen to see and fantasizes being with them. He or she always suffers from episodes of lust and unusual sexual desires.

Addictive behavior – The person will show unusual and excessive indulging and addiction towards food, substances, games, television, phones etc to satisfy his desires. There is no fulfillment and satisfaction in life and the person will have ever insatiable desires.

Relationships gone wrong – When the relationships of any kind are disturbed there is imbalance in the sacral chakra.

Negative and destructive emotions – When the second chakra is imbalanced the person will be a victim of excessive envy, jealousy, anger and rage. These emotions will further weaken the chakra energy. The person overreacts when someone challenges him or differs in opinion with him. He may also become outrageous and frustrated.
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Need and areas of focus for healing, balancing and awakening for sacral chakra

Creativity, the main area of focus – Creativity is the fundamental quality of sacral chakra. It is in this center that the energy of our creativity is generated. After self realization we find out that the real key to creativity is in achieving a state of thoughtless awareness i.e. nirvichara Samadhi through meditation. When we do this, we find out that within us is reflected like a silent lake, the beauty of creation and also we are the channel for its expression. Therefore the process of creativity draws on the qualities of this chakra. If the creativity we do is achieved and accomplished in a balanced state, the results are spiritually enhanced. The spirituality of the creation and artistic works remain aesthetic until the creator doesn’t feel possessive and egoistic about the creation.

Atma, i.e. the individual soul is the real owner and reservoir of creativity. Creator or artist who is obsessed with fame or success related to his creations usually suffers from a weak sacral chakra. They also tend to become and be off-balance personalities. Their possessiveness and ambition to be superior is the by-product of egoism. The creation of these people will lack the spirit.

Procreation is natural to humanity and is also a responsibility. Creativity related to the sacral chakra will express as procreation but procreation is not the only limited territory of this second chakra. Therefore the sacral chakra is not just limited to make offspring. Sacral chakra is thus related to many kinds of creativity like cooking innovative foods, gardening, making an artistic piece etc. Finding solutions to our problems is also creativity and hence linked to the balance of this chakra. Just like this transforming our physical and mental properties, raw or tuned, into something new is nothing but using our creative energy in a constructive direction.

Never cease to be creative – Keep creativity as a habit if you need to prosper at the level of swadhisthana chakra. We need to explore our pathways of creativity. These pathways are unique for everyone. The more we explore the more we get creative, the more the sacral chakra is nourished. We have all seen or experienced that one’s creative talents are either discouraged or suppressed in the interests of making one focus on other things. At school we have seen teachers impose some creative works on children, may be like a craft, painting, participating in artistic competitions like music, dance etc while the children are not interested in doing them. Same is the case with the parents at home. At the same time the best creative talents are often suppressed in the better interests of something else. These suppressed and unfulfilled creative talents act as blocks of sacral chakra. This will give an inferiority complex or lack of courage in creating new things when given an opportunity in later part of life. There, we may fail in creating things or even thinking or believing that we are capable of doing creative works. As we age, we try to be more mature and chose not to be creative. Thus we chose our creative energies by our choice and let our unique ideas die in the process. This may also affect our energy to procreate new life.
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It enables personality development – Clarity and development of personality is bestowed by a balanced Swadishthana Chakra. But before that we need to eliminate the negative qualities from our consciousness and purify it.

It hints us about the negative qualities that we need to overcome – A lotus with 6 petals is the symbolic representation of the sacral chakra. Each of its petals represents a negative quality that we need to overcome. Those 6 qualities which need to be cleansed from the consciousness are – anger, hatred, jealousy, cruelty, pride and desire. These are also the qualities which block the energies of swadishthana chakra and hinder our development because this chakra doesn’t express to its optimum levels until and unless it gets freed from these qualities. The other qualities that block this chakra energy are – greed, envy, revenge, doubt, fear and lethargy.

Methods of activating and balancing

There are many practices which allow energy to flow freely into the sacral chakra and to eliminate excessive energy in it. These practices will remove the blocked energy in the chakra and heal it effectively.

1. Be a child and keep your creative energy high

To awaken the swadhishthana chakra, we need to awaken our creative energies which are deep buried inside us. Or we may also keep those creative energies on the rise. For this to happen we might have to keep the child in us alive and play like a child while being creative. We should remember how creative we used to be as children. We also need to recollect and surface those creative talents we had and were either denied expressing them or suppressed from making creative things of our choices in our childhood. We need to replenish and nurture that child and make him or her playful yet again.

To be a child we need to stop being too self-conscious. If we are, we might not open up and be creative like a child. We as adults are capable of writing a book, blog or article easily but if we are asked to paint or cook a delicious recipe we may feel that we are less equipped to those jobs or those tasks do not belong to our profile and dignity. Here we are giving too much into thought process rather than enjoying our creativities. It is not that we do not know to paint or make a craftwork or we have forgotten that but we have left the child related to these tasks long back and have also tagged many creativities with childhood. We feel that we are too much adults to do those or may fear regarding the comments we might get from other people around us, we try to be too conscious. But if someone tells us that painting a picture on a canvas is mandatory and my life or job depended on it, we would definitely jump into doing it without a second thought. We may also do it to perfection. The creativity was always there within it but we had masked it, we never tried to take a risk of being creative, we were trying to be grown ups and professionals. But creativity is all about enjoying and moving with the flow. You should enjoy the painting not working on its perfectionisms; the brush should dance on the canvas. You should not calculate too much while being creative.

At a point we have all stopped being creative or stopped taking risks creatively. This is because someone somewhere told us that we weren’t good enough or that because we couldn’t do it at first or second attempt. We never dared to do it again because we were afraid of being named as losers or being afraid of losing. To open up the energy of the sacral chakra we need to take risks and be creative, not being afraid of failure or results. We just need to play like a child.

While being creative we need to think and execute like a child. The child builds a building with blocks or sand or makes some innovative creation with dolls. Later the child dismantles those constructions and starts constructing new ones. There is no fear, no inhibitions but there is lot of fun involved. We should follow this principle of playing fearlessly and without many rules and blocks in whatever work we do, whatever assignment we are given with but never falter from being creative. If your recipe doesn’t look delicious, make changes, be creative and prepare it all over again. If the plant you have planted dies in the garden, plant a new one. If your projects and assignments aren’t coming good of time, re-plan them in a creative way and finish them. If your painting looks awkward try a new one. If you can’t speak or sing properly at the first few attempts, practice and try again. Just look ahead and try to be creative, create new things and concepts on the older ones and emerge winner. There is no limitation of creative energy given to us by the creation, using and not using it is our choice.

2. Have a healthy sexual life

The sacral chakra deals with our sexuality. This chakra and its energies can be balanced by maintaining a healthy sexual life and also by respecting and honoring one’s body. On the other side if this chakra is healthy one’s sexual life is healthy.

3. Ida Breathing

Ida Nadi breathing is a process and practice of breathing through the left nostril. This will help to open up the sacral chakra. This happens because Ida breathing activates and brings forth the lunar energy. While practicing this breathing, close your right nostril with the help of first two fingers of your right hand and inhale. Later, exhale through the left nostril. This shall be done only for 8-10 breaths.
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4. Yogic way and methods

According to Kundalini Yoga, the below mentioned are some Yogic practices which are said to control and balance the energy in the sacral chakra –

  • Vajroli Mudra (men) and Sahajoli Mudra (women) – contraction of the genital organs
  • Ashvini Mudra – contraction of anal region
  • Pranayama
  • Asanas

Some yoga asanas i.e. postures will help in opening, aligning and balancing the sacral chakra. They are –

  • Baddha Konasana i.e. butterfly pose with forward fold / bound angle pose
  • Upavishta Konasana – open angle pose
  • Bhujangasana – cobra pose
  • Seated pelvic circles

The asanas are focused on opening the hips and also healing the sacral chakra.

5. Dhyana, Meditation – Meditation is one of the best remedy for balancing the chakras and sacral chakra is not an exception. It also removes the blocks and cleanses the chakra. Meditating by focusing on the second chakra helps in energizing it. It also brings about personal magnetism, freedom from diseases, refinement in one’s behavior and longevity of life. The meditation includes visualizing an orange lotus or orange crescent moon in the region of sacral chakra in the pelvis area. Hold that image for few minutes while doing deep breathing. Also chant the mantra VAM while doing so.
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Effects of meditation on Swadisthana Chakra

The below mentioned siddhis i.e. accomplishments are obtained by meditating on swadhisthana chakra –

  • Awareness of astral entities
  • Status of being a lord among the yogis
  • Word flow with eloquence and clarity
  • Freedom from enemies
  • Loss of fear of water
  • Ability to taste anything desired

6. Mantra chanting – The mantra chanting sound which is used to balance the sacral chakra is VAM. When VAM is chanted, the vibration will open and align the sacral chakra.

7. Visualizing Orange color – Orange is the color of sacral chakra. It is also healing color for this chakra.

To balance the sacral chakra, one should

  • wear orange colored dress and ornaments,
  • have orange interiors and materials around him, which he can see daily,
  • eat food and drink things which are orange in color,
  • visualize and meditate on the orange color

Simultaneously chanting on ‘VAM’ bija mantra and visualizing orange, while breathing in orange color and visualizing the sacral chakra bloom at its place will work in balancing the imbalances in the sacral chakra.

8. Wearing Gemstones – Wearing amber, citrine, calcite orange, hematite or carnelian is soothing and balancing for sacral chakra. Sacral chakra is associated with water and the moon. Therefore moonstone too may be used. You can place the gemstone on the area of the chakra while lying down. This will help open and align the sacral chakra. These stones can be worn on finger or neck too.
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9. Sacral Chakra healing foods – Below mentioned foods help in cleansing and healing sacral chakra.

 10. Essential oils for Sacral Chakra Healing

The below mentioned essential oils may be used as part of aromatherapy to heal the sacral chakra –

  • Rose oil
  • Orange oil
  • Sandalwood oil
  • Patchouli oil

11. Being around the water

Water, as said already is the element of sacral chakra. Therefore one should get outside and relax near the open waters like rivers, streams or ocean. One can also wade in or dangle his feet in the water. This helps flow of energy and opens up the sacral chakra. Alternatively taking a bath or shower too helps balancing this chakra and also provides relaxation.

Other effective ways of Sacral Chakra healing

Overcoming the challenges of passions and sensations

Many passions and sensations and attractions related to them are linked to sacral chakra. We should look at balancing their over indulgence and overly getting attracted to them. There is always a strong magnetic pull towards the source or cause of these experiences related to passions and sensations. It is difficult to welcome them in a balanced way and also overcome the dangerous attractions of the pleasures of life. We generally tend to grasp the sources of pleasure. This form of attachment to the pleasures might hamper the healthy flow of energy in the chakra. This will eventually turn into ones insatiable, obsessive or hoarding behavior towards pleasure experiences. Therefore it is important to stay conscious and aware as one engages in the experiences of these pleasures so as to keep the sacral chakra and the energy flow in it in a state of balance.

Beating the bad and unwanted emotions

Emotions too impact swadishtana chakra. While balanced and needed emotions keeps its energy in a good condition, the emotions which are incompletely or indirectly expressed or those expressed aggressively will keep the sacral chakra out of balance. Therefore it is important to choose which emotions to display and which not and which emotions to respond and which not. Any emotion which is expressed in excess or deficit will imbalance this chakra, be it happiness, sadness, joy or disappointment. These emotions are exchanged in many relationships. Therefore it is important to choose comfortable relationships and keep away from those which are incompatible or disturbing to us. These emotions are very frequent at work places and home. To strike a right chord with the members we frequent and working out the emotional chemistry amongst them is vital for keeping the swadhishtana chakra healthy and balanced.

Dealing with shame, guilt and sexual repression

Many of us might have gone through many incidences of shame and guilt at various instances. There may be many reasons behind them as in stringent upbringing at home, strict education, contradictory values or any traumatic experience. These, if not overcome might seriously block the energy flow in the sacral chakra. Similarly repressed sexuality too blocks these energies. The repression may be due to someone else or self imposed. To restore the energies back one should overcome the feeling of shame and guilt and become courageous. One should also overcome sexual repressions. Alternatively working on chakra and healing in it helps one overcome these negative forces. One should work on trust around sex and sensuality with one’s partner. Alternately one may share their concerns with a trusted friend or professional. One should learn to enjoy the pleasure provided in the moment in full awareness rather than blocking or saturating one’s experience with overwhelming sensations and emotions.

Detachment from desires, to feel fulfilled and satisfied  

If the chakra needs to be healed and its energies replenished, one should be trained to feel fulfilled and satisfied. The person should be guided, counseled and trained to get detached from these desires which are the root cause of energy blocks in the sacral chakra. One should learn to appreciate who he is and whatever he has. He should learn to be content with whatever simple pleasures of life he is bestowed with instead of getting excessively attracted and attached to them in an inseparable way. The feel of fulfillment and content and detachment from unusual desires should not just be in thoughts or mind, but should be a deeper experience. This will lead to a healing balance of swadhishtana chakra.
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Fine tune the relationships

When the sacral chakra is healed the relationships are brought back to balance and harmony. The other way is also true, i.e. if the relationships are sorted out; the sacral chakra comes to a state of balance. To balance this chakra one should be trained to keep away from people, relationships and habits which drain its energy.

Manage emotional highs

To balance the energy of sacral chakra, the person should be taught to manage the emotional highs and be balanced and aware.

Important keys to heal the sacral chakra

  • Attractions and repulsions are both linked to the sacral chakra. Balancing between reception and rejection of both in skilful way is the mantra. Attractions and repulsions should not block our growth but should be guidelines for a meaningful life.
  • One needs to balance between emotions and reactions. We need to see them as indicators and chose to respond in a wise way rather than allowing them to rule us.
  • Never be ruled by your emotions, rather chose to be emotionally aware and conscious. Similarly don’t create untoward reactions.
  • Feel confident about yourself image and know and believe that you are important. Don’t doubt your potentials.
  • Don’t indulge self in life’s little pleasures to the point of losing balance. Never turn your quest for pleasure into insatiable obsessions.
  • Enjoy your experiences with awareness, through a healthy moderation and self discipline. Know the quality and quantity of what you get. Differentiate between need and desire.
  • Try to keep your passions and personal discipline balanced.
  • Respect life and feel alive most of the time. Never feel the life around you to be worthless and dull.

Psychology related to Sacral Chakra

Certain quality of the mind and the evolution of the person is related with each plexus. Sacral Chakra, being the second most important chakra in the evolution of man, deals with pleasure and psychology of sex. It embodies all latent subconscious and unconscious mental impressions ready to be manifested. These impressions tend to block the kundalini energy from ascending up the spine in its normal course. When the kundalini reaches swadishtana chakra many subconscious impressions come to the surface. The Kundlaini raises beyong the sacral chakra only after this cleansing process is completed. The blocks due to sexual urges affect both men and women, more in men. Men should use techniques like Vajroli mudra and Vipareeta Karani mudra to guide the sexual energy upwards, towards the brain after having learnt the art of sublimating their sexual energy and mastering it. On the other hand, women too can use Sahajoli mudra to sublimate their sexual energy. Thus, at swadhisthana one needs to deal with unconscious impressions related to desires and pleasure. Thus, Swadhisthana cleansing is very important for taking the Kundalini Shakti upwards along the spine. (Read more)

Impact of healing the sacral chakra on physical health

Healing the sacral chakra helps in preventing or curing serious physical ailments like infertility, sterility, ectopic pregnancies, multiple miscarriages, prostate and testicular diseases, ovarian cysts, endometriosis etc.

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