Sushruta Chikitsa Sthana 27th Chapter – Sarvopaghata Shamaniyam Rasayanam

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S

Master Sushruta has allotted four chapters for the discussion of Rasayana. The names of each chapter are self-descriptive of the content of the chapter.
Sarvopaghata Shamaniyam Rasayanam chapter describes the Rasayanas which are highly beneficial in curing all the diseases which have been caused by physical (vata, pitta and kapha) and mental (raja and tama) doshas.
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Sarva – all, Upaghata – injury, Shamana – cure, Rasayana – immune-modulator medicines.
In this chapter, master Sushruta explains about the eligibility to take Rasayana and the below mentioned formulations –

  1. Vidanga Tandula Rasayana
  2. Gambhari Yoga
  3. Balamula Rasayana Yoga
  4. Varahikanda Rasayana Yoga
  5. Vijayasaradi Rasayana Yoga
  6. Shana phala Rasayana Yoga
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Eligibility for consumption of Rasayana

Rasayana should be administered only to young and middle aged persons. An experienced and skillful physician should administer Rasayana to these individuals after subjecting them to oleation and purification therapies. It is not beneficial to give Rasayana to a person who has not been purified by administration of cleansing Panchakarma therapies. The Rasayana will not bestow good qualities in a person who has not undergone body purification just like a dirty canvas doesn’t catch up with colors and doesn’t look attractive when painted on it.
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Shitodakadi Rasayana

One will attain longevity of life by consuming one, two, three or mixture of all four of cold water, milk, honey and ghee early in the morning.

1. Vidanga Tandula Rasayana Yoga

 his formulation has Embelia ribes as the chief ingredient. Two kinds of Vidanga Tandula Rasayana are described in this chapter.

Vidanga Tandula means fruits of Embelia ribes. It is one of the praised medicines for expelling worms, a potent anti-helminthic herb.
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1st Vidanga Tandula Yoga Rasayana

The outer husk of fruits of Embelia ribes is removed. Now the fruits look like rice. Therefore they are called vidanga tandula.

  1. It is powdered and mixed with licorice powder and honey. This mixture is consumed with water. Following this one should drink water again. It should be taken every day for one month.

The same Embelia ribes can be taken in four more ways. They are as mentioned below –

  • With decoction of Bhallataka i.e. Semecarpus anacardium
  • With decoction of Draksha i.e. Vitis vinifera mixed with honey
  • With juice of Amalaki i.e. Emblica officinalis mixed with honey
  • With decoction of Guduchi i.e. Tinospora cordifolia

Thus the first Vidanga Tandula Yoga is of five kinds.

After the medicine gets digested, ghee mixed cooked rice should be taken with salt-less soup of green gram and Indian gooseberry added with little fat.
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Benefits –

  • Cures piles
  • Destroys worms
  • Enhances capacity to grasp and memory power
  • Every month of its use is said to enhance life span by 100 years

2nd Vidanga Tandula Yoga Rasayana

1 drona i.e. 12 kg, 288 grams of fruits of Embelia ribes should be taken and their husk removed.They should be put in a vessel made up of grass and subjected to steaming so as to soften the fruits. After proper boiling of Embelia ribes, after all the water has been evaporated, they should be collected and grinded on a stone slab. The grains of Embelia ribes are now put in an iron vessel filled with honey and water of desired proportions. In the rainy season, this vessel should be sealed and kept in the heap of ash, within the inner chambers of the house, for a time period of 4 months.

After the monsoon season goes away, the vessel is removed from the heap of ash. The medicines should be worshiped with chanting of ‘sahasra sampat mantra’ hymns and offering sacrifice. The person who has been subjected with body purification measures should be allowed to take this Rasayana, every day, early in the morning. After the digestion of the medicines, soup of green gram and gooseberry mixed with little fat and devoid of salt should be served with cooked rice. The person should later be allowed to sleep on the sand bed.
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Benefits –

One month after the consumption of this Rasayana, the worms are expelled from all the parts of the body. These worms should be removed from the body of the person who has been anointed with Anu Taila oil with the help of split bamboo.

In the second month the ants come out of the body and in the third month the louse exit the body. They too shall be removed from the body using split bamboo as said above, after having applied Anu Taila oil over the body of the person. In the fourth month, the teeth, nails and body hairs will fall off. In the fifth month excellent qualities and features develop in the person.
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Benefits –

  • The body will have gained rich features which were absent before and the person becomes radiant like a glowing Sun.
  • The person will get enormous powers of hearing the sounds from large distance and seeing things placed far away.
  • The Raja and Tama qualities will be destroyed and the person will be endowed with richness of Sattva quality.
  • The person will gain the power of retaining and remembering everything he has heard and also to create the verses which are rare, unheard and unsaid.
  • He will possess strength equivalent to elephants and velocity as good as horses.
  • The person becomes young and lives for 800 years.

Post operative care –

The person should be given:

  • Massage with Anu taila
  • Rubbing with decoction or paste of Ajakarna i.e. Vateria indica / Shorea robusta
  • Bathing with well water with Vetiver
  • Anointment with paste of sandalwood
  • Dietetic regimen and activities – as indicated for consumption of Bhallataka (Semecarpus anacardium)

2. Gambhari Rasayana Yoga

Gambhari after removing the seeds should be consumed in the same way as Embelia ribes but here person is not made to sleep on the bed of sand. While taking this Rasayana one should eat cooked rice with milk. The other procedures including benefits of Rasayana are similar to Vidanga Tandula Rasayana. This Rasayana is extremely beneficial in those suffering from diseases caused due to vitiated pitta and blood.
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3. Balamula Rasayana Yoga

Just like in the previous procedures, the person should enter a pre-built cottage meant for taking Rasayana. Inside the cottage, he should consume 24-48 grams of roots of Sida cordifolia mixed in milk. After the digestion of medicine, cooked rice should be taken with milk and ghee. If this Rasayana is taken in the said method for 12 days, the person’s life will become stable for 12 years and if he consumes the same for 100 days, he will have a longevity of 100 years.

Benefits –

  • Bestows enormous energy and strength
  • Cures depletion of tissues and tuberculosis
  • Cures bleeding disorders, especially bleeding occurring due to mutual contamination of blood and pitta (raktapitta)
  • Cures vomiting of blood
  • Beneficial for all those who are fit to undergo purgation therapy

Similarly the below mentioned herbs too shall be used. The same benefits are bestowed by these Rasayanas.

  1. Atibala i.e. Abutilon indicum with water
  2. Nagabala i.e. Sida veronicaefolia powder with honey
  3. Vidarikanda i.e. Pueraria tuberose powder  with milk
  4. Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) powder with milk
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4. Varahikanda Rasayana

Powder of roots of Dioscorea bulbifera should be prepared in 1 tula quantity i.e. 4 kg 800 grams. Single dose for consumption will be 1 pala i.e. 48 grams. It should be taken with honey mixed in milk. After the digestion of medicine, cooked rice should be eaten with milk and ghee.

Milk should be boiled with the said powder. When it gets cooled, ghee should be extracted from the milk by churning it. It should be mixed with honey and consumed in the morning and evening or at least once in a day.

Benefits –

These two forms of use of Varahikanda is said to bestow lifespan of 100 years and more. He is also said to perform uninterrupted sex i.e. will never have decrease of semen or ejaculation.
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5. Vijayasaradi Rasayana

A person desirous of having powerful vision and extreme physical strength should prepare decoction of roots of Vijayasara (Pterocarpus marsupium) and Agnimantha i.e. Clerodendrum phlomidis. In this 768 grams of black gram should be processed. When the black gram is being cooked 12 grams of paste of roots of Plumbago zeylanica and 384 grams of juice of Emblica officinalis should be added. When the black gram is thoroughly cooked, heating is stopped and the vessel is removed from fire. The medicine is enchanted with ‘sahasra sampata mantra’ hymns. The Rasayana should be added with ghee and honey and consumed as per one’s strength and capacity. Avoid salt in diet. When the medicine gets digested, cooked rice added with ghee should be taken with salt-less soup of green gram and Indian gooseberry or with milk, for a time period of 3 months.
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Benefits –

  • Provides eagle-like-sharp-vision
  • Enhances physical strength
  • Enables withholding of semen during intercourse and enjoy prolonged sex
  • Bestows longevity of 100 years

6. Shanaphala Rasayana Yoga

One should consume the Shana Phala i.e. fruits of Cannabis sativa (Crotalaria juncea / Cassia senna) cooked in milk, along with milk.

Benefits – The person who consumes this Rasayana will not undergo deterioration of life span. He will enjoy longevity.

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