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Question: What is the best method of application of Rasayana treatment in the present day?
Rasayana therapy is the Ayurvedic anti aging treatment.  For Rasayana treatment, there are specific norms. “Shuddhasya sruta raktasya vishudhasyena sarvada“. Before starting Rasayana, you should conduct all Panchakarma treatments. Then only it  will be fruitful. This is because,
अविशुद्धे शरीरे ही युक्तो रासायनो विधि: ।
वाजिकरणो मलिने वस्त्रे राग इव अफल: ॥
aviśuddhe śarīre hī yukto rāsāyano vidhi: |
vājikaraṇo maline vastre rāga iva aphala: ||

Rasayana therapy

If you want to dye your cloth, you have to wash it first. First make it clean, then only you can color it. Otherwise the cloth will become more dirty and useless. Similarly, if you want to rejuvenate your body, first remove the dirt from the body. Here body toxins, accumulated waste products etc are the dirt.

Rasayana based on climate video

In Ayurvedic terms, this dirt is called as Dosha imbalance. So, this dirt is to be removed, or imbalanced Doshas should be expelled out of the body first by means of Panchakarma treatment.

Without removing the dirt, by doing Panchakarma, doing Rasayana treatment will not be so useful. But as a quick fix remedy, there is Vata Atapika Rasayana – Anti aging treatment that can be undergone while  someone is not admitted to a hospital, he can attend to his daily routines but still undergoes anti aging treatments like taking Chyawanprash, daily oil massage etc.

But even for this Vata Atapika Rasayana also, some sort of purification procedure is essential. At lease some Virechana. Unfortunately Chyavanaprasam etc are publicized and sold. People do not know about rules about it.

When I was in Russia, there were some old women. They were taking half teaspoon of Chyawanaprash everyday. If they forgot taking Chyawanprash for a day, they used to tell “Oh! I forgot Chyawanprash today, I am very tired.”

This indicates that it is only a mental slavery to the medicine. Chyawanprash is to be consumed in high quantities. Even for Vata Atapika type of Rasayana, at least a tablespoon of Chyawanprash per day is necessary. So, taking this in lesser quantity might just have psychological effect rather than real therapeutic effect.

Like Nasya treatment is basically of two types – Marsha (higher dose, for short term period) and Pratimarsha (low dose for daily use), similarly Rasayan therapy is of two types – Kuti Praveshika (where one remains confined within a treatment room for specific days and undergoes treatment) and Vata Atapika.

Vatatapika type of  rasayana can also be administered to patients, but the effects will be lesser. Sometimes Kuti Praveshika is deleterious also, to some patients, in some places. For example, in Moscow, we applied Chyawanaprash and Brahma Rasayana to 36 mentally retarded patients. It was in summer, when they had vacation. So, as part of treatment, they were put in treatment facility, without allowing them to go out and play. There were participants of even 12 years of age.

There was drastic improvement. There was significant improvement in their hand writing skills etc. pediatricians, psychologists, psychiatrists, biochemists – the observing team was very large. All of them certified that their condition did improve significantly. But the biochemist reported that their calcium levels were down, after taking Chyawanprash.

The Russians get good sunlight only during summer. They manufacture Vitamin D only during summers. They store their Vitamin D in their body, sufficient for one year during summer. When these students were restricted to treatment rooms, they were not permitted to go under sun. So, had we permitted them to go under Sun, this would not have happened. So, Kuti Praveshika is also sometimes not helpful to some patients, based on region. In them, Vata Atapika was enough for them.
So, one has to judiciously consider all the aspects of patient and administer Rasayana treatment.

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