Kapha Body Type From Structural, Functional Mental And Social Viewpoint

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S

Anatomical viewpoint

Kapha constitution features from anatomical viewpoint

  • Appearance of body – strong, well built, well demarcated, soft and differentiated body parts, highly attractive, pleasing, unctuous and smooth. They are tall and broad. They will have long arms, broad shoulders, broad chest and forehead. Due to all these good virtues, kapha is said to be a perfect and best body type. These features contribute towards attractiveness, glamour, unctuousness and good complexion of kapha temperament people. They will have perfect body dimensions.
  • Every body part will be strong, well built, well defined, anatomically perfect, even, heavy and proportional.
  • Bony joints are strong, stable, well bound, perfectly covered and enveloped by strong muscles. Bones are strong.
  • Texture of body – unctuous and smooth
  • Color and complexion – they are fair in colour and complexion. They have color of one or other of blue lotus, sword, gold, bright yellow orpiment prepared from cattle bile, bent grass beauty berry and saffron
  • Body weight – more, heavy and broad body
  • Unctuous and pleasant facial colour and complexion
  • Their hairs are strong, stable, deep rooted, curly, pitch black or blue in color
  • They have well nourished body and healthy tissues and organs. Body parts and organs are proportional.
  • Face and eyes are always attractive and pleasant. Eyes are broad and unctuous, light red towards corners and eyeball milky white in appearance.
  • Eyebrows are thick, black, elongated and attractive.

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Physiological viewpoint

Kapha constitution features from physiological viewpoint

  • These people have soft, unctuous, and melodious voice. voice resembles sound of cloudy thunder, rising sea, roaring lion or beats of a drum.
  • These people are well spoken. There is clarity of speech with well formed meaningful sentences. They never speak bad or ill about others. They do not pass unwanted comments and are not involved in unnecessary arguments and confrontations. They know what they speak; they speak according to situation and are less talkative.
  • They have gentle and stable elephant-like gait, walk with even and well measured steps
  • They have less and trimmed hunger and thirst
  • They are not troubled by heat and sweat
  • Their physical and mental activities, food and lifestyle activities will be limited, slow and mild in nature.
  • They do not fall victims to mental diseases or emotional swings as they have very good control on senses and mind. They are happy and serene people with less or deficit fluctuation of mind. They do not suffer from anger, grief, egoism, intoxication and extreme stress.
  • They do not begin any task in a hurry. They are well organised people. They think a lot and plan well before up taking any work. Once they start any work they will finish them to perfection because their blueprint and plan is well. They do not give up anything easily and are unperturbed. But beginning, progression and ending of any work will be slow and steady, but according to perfect plan.
  • They are courageous, tolerant, hard working, forgiving, virtuous and righteous.
  • They do not grieve or weep a lot. They have trimmed emotions. They don’t have fluctuant nature.
  • Sweet, sour and salty foods do not suit them. They eat bitter, astringent and pungent foods, hot, dry and less food but still remain strong and healthy.
  • They have immense semen, immunity and sexual competence. They have good number of progeny. These people are attracted to women and attract women. They keep their women happy and pleased and satisfied.

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Kapha constitution features from mind behavior viewpoint

  • These people are calm and composed, brave, tolerant and devoid of greediness.
  • They are enriched with sattvik qualities. They are physically and mentally strong.
  • Their mental composure is best in comparison to other body types.
  • They can tolerate all sorts of hardships.
  • They respect elders and teachers.
  • They are extremely intelligent and are good at situational application of mind.
  • They always speak truth and have good memory.
  • They are forgiving and excuse people quickly.
  • They are of shy and conservative nature but do not shy away from expressing things in right manner when it matters.
  • They are scholarly and transparent in their thoughts and expressions.
  • They are good visionaries.
  • They tend to sleep a lot.

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Kapha constitution features from social behavior viewpoint

  • They are always righteous and respected in society by everyone.
  • They give and take respect. They respect elders, seniors, teachers, friends and family. Their friendship is longstanding and trustworthy.
  • They are visionaries and do not do any work in hurry. They have clear cut plan before venturing into any activity.
  • They are dignified, respectable, devoid of jealousy or greed, strong and composed.
  • They do lot of charity and are helping people.
  • They do not make enemies of anyone and maintain good relationship with everyone. If they do not like anyone or develop hatred, those feelings remain latent in their heart for long time.
  • They always trust all sources of knowledge and are bent upon learning new things.
  • They have slow grasping power but once they grasp any knowledge or information they know it forever. They do not forget things easily since they have good memory.
  • Their wealth, relations and friendship is everlasting and stable.
  • Such people are bestowed with good strength, wealth, knowledge, wisdom, immunity, health, pleasantness and lifespan. Owing to above mentioned virtues, kapha constitution people are regarded as best constitution. They are highly regarded and respected in society.

Kapha constitution features from viewpoint of dreams they see

Kapha constitution people see one or more of below mentioned in their dreams.

  • Lotus, water lilies, swan, chakravaka bird
  • Water bodies filled with birds and flowers
  • Groups of birds
  • Clouds
  • Nature of activities and behaviour will be similar to those of creator, Lord Rudra, Lord Indra, Lord Varuna, eagle, swan, elephant, lion, horse, cow, bull and boar.

Influence Of Kapha Qualities On Kapha Dosha Body Type

Body type of an individual is formed right at time of conception, immediately following fertilization. This is called prakriti, physical constitution of person. It will be predominant in one or other doshas.
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If kapha is predominant in embryo, kapha body type is formed. In kapha body types, kapha predominantly influences fetus. Each quality of kapha influences fetus in one or other type. Therefore, person of kapha temperament will be rich in kapha qualities. Each and every feature of kapha body type are produced and influenced by qualities of kapha.
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This influence of kapha and its qualities on kapha constitution will continue even after birth, during growth and development phase and will continue throughout life including all phases of life.
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Influence of Kapha qualities on Kapha constitution

Snigdha Guna – Unctuous quality

Due to this quality, kapha personalities will have smooth, oily and shining body parts and structures.

Slakshna Guna – Smooth quality

Kapha body types will have smooth and fine body parts owing to this quality.

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Mrudu Guna – Soft quality

This quality bestows fairness, attractiveness, tenderness and charming personality to individual. Their skin, organs and muscles will be soft in nature.

Madhura Guna – Sweetness

Kapha body type of people, owing to sweetness quality of kapha, will have abundance of semen, sexual vigor and sexual competence. They will have more children and good capacity to reproduce.

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Saara Guna – Essence

Due to this quality, body would get best essence and enjoy good health and endurance. Person of kapha constitution will have strong body parts. Body will be proportionally built and maintained, will be heavy with good built, composed of healthy tissues in a compact way, strong, steady, balanced, stable and strong.

Saandra Guna – Compact

This quality enables one to have well formed and fully developed organs and muscles. Body will be well nourished, built, full and healthy.
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Manda Guna – Slow

This quality brings about slowness and steadiness in all activities of a kapha predominant personality. Physical and mental activities, eating habits and behaviour, everything will be slow and steady in these people.
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Staimitya Guna – fixed / stiff

Owing to this quality, kapha personalities will have balanced and trimmed physical, mental and verbal activities. They are in no hurry to do any activity and would program them to perfection.

These people will not hurry or take hasty steps in their works. When things do not go their way, these people are not disheartened. Since these people face very little mental perversions and deviations, since they have very good control over their minds, they are less prone to mental disorders or extreme emotions.

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Guru Guna – Heaviness

Kapha personalities will be strong and firm in all their movements. They walk and move about with a steady, stable, heavy gait, as that of and as elegant as an elephant

Sheeta Guna – Coldness

Due to coldness in body, kapha people will have controlled and balanced hunger, thirst, sweat and doshas. Production of excreta will be less. They will have controlled and less body temperature in comparison to other body types.

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Pichchila Guna – Slimy

Kapha personalities will have strong, stable and integrated joints, muscles and ligaments.

Achcha Guna – Pure

This quality bestows below mentioned features in a kapha personality.

  • Attractive eyes and face
  • Pleasant, charming color and complexion
  • Pleasant and melodious voice
  • Smiling always

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Overall effect of these qualities on temperament of person

Owing to above said qualities of kapha, kapha constitution persons will have –

  • Good strength and endurance
  • Good life span
  • Good number of progeny,
  • Abundant amenities, education and wealth
  • Great success
  • Peaceful life

Hence this prakriti of kapha predominance is considered as best constitution.

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