Kapha Dosha Dominant Places in Our Body

As a general rule, Kapha Dosha occupies the upper half of the body. Its main function is to maintain compactness, cushioning and moistening. Let us learn about the places where it is dominant and how it controls our health.

Kapha is located in the following parts of the body –
Ura – thorax
Kanta – throat
Shira – head
Kloma – lungs (controversial)
Parva – joints
Amashaya – stomach
Rasa – plasma
Medas – adipose tissue
Grana – nose
Jihwa –tongue
The main location of Kapha is the thorax (uras).

place of tridosha

Place of Kapha Dosha


The respiratory system and heart are greatly influenced by Kapha Dosha. Hence most of the respiratory disorders are Kapha (and Vata) in origin. In winters, if we eat frozen food, we develop respiratory issues like cold and cough. Coldness and Kapha Dosha are directly related.


is also greatly influenced by Kapha Dosha.


The depth and smoothness of the voice is contributed by Kapha Dosha.

Head and brain

are influenced by Kapha. Brain activities like tolerance, memory, patience, forgiveness are influenced by Kapha Dosha.

Bone joints

The cushioning effect in the joints with the presence of lubricating liquid called Synovial Fluid or discs between the back bones are due to Kapha. The compactness of the joints and smoothness in the movement is due to Kapha.

Stomach and Small intestine

Here Kapha protects the inner lining of stomach and intestines from acid and digestive enzyme secretions. Kapha is also responsible for moistening the food particles and breaking them into small ones and thus, it aids in easy digestion.

Rasa Dhatu

After completion of digestion process, the food is divided into essence part and waste part. The essence part is called Rasa Dhatu. It is the nourishing fluid, which circulates all over the body and nourishes all the body parts. The nourishing action is brought about by Kapha.


fat and cholesterol are influenced by Kapha Dosha. Hence, Kapha body type persons are usually obese.


nose, along with the entire respiratory tract is dominant with Kapha Dosha.


Is a special place for Kapha Dosha. Kapha helps the tongue to perceive taste. Note that moistness is a virtue of Kapha Dosha, which is found in tongue.

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3 comments on “Kapha Dosha Dominant Places in Our Body

  • navin

    19/07/2013 - 1:43 am

    inner lining of stomach and intestines from acid and digestive enzyme secretions.

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  • R C Nigam

    22/07/2013 - 6:35 pm

    In case of imbalanced KAPH- increased or decreased- the precautions & diet along with some simple remedies, be provided to make the article meaningful.

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    • Dr J V Hebbar MD(Ayu)

      22/07/2013 - 9:07 pm

      Dear sir, many thanks for recommendations. I will cover that topic in near future.

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