Kapha Test – How To Know About Kapha Imbalance In Your Body

Kapha Dosha is one of the Tridoshas according to basic principles of Ayurveda. Kapha imbalance is one of the very common health event that we all observe in our daily lives. Here are the list of symptoms suggesting Kapha imbalance. 

Kapha Imbalance Symptoms

Mukha Madhurya You will feel sweetness in tongue and mouth. But it is not very pleasant.

Mukha liptata – White coating over the tongue. Notice that this type of coating is usually present after drinking tea, coffee etc. But if tongue coating is present all the time and if it does not go away even after tongue cleaning, it suggests towards Kapha imbalance.

Mukha praseka – Excessive salivation, all the time.

Nidra adhikyaFeeling sleepy all the time.

Kante ghurghurata – You feel that your throat is not very clear. It is somewhat struck, there is some inner coating there as well.

Katuka ushna kamita – You feel like eating something hot and pungent. You feel like chewing a pepper seed, for example.  Note: Both pungent taste and hotness are against Kapha. Desire towards these two properties is a natural counterbalance measure that our body takes up to even out Kapha imbalance.

Buddhi mandya –  You will not be at the best, in terms of intelligence and sharpness of mind

Achaitanya – You feel lack of direction, lack of decision making power, lack of enthusiasm

Alasya – laziness, lethargy, lack of interest

Trupti – lack of appetite, lack of initiation to do any work

Agnimandya – Lack of hunger and indigestion

Malaadhikya, Mutraadhikya  – Increase in the volume of urine and feces.

Shukradhikya – Increase in the volume of semen.

Note: The concept of sex is considered as Rajasik (a mental quality of attraction) and Tamasik (mental quality of inaction, darkness).  If you observe all the Kapha imbalance symptoms, it refers to the quality of inaction.  Hence excess of Kapha leads to inaction. Hence in spiritual terms, Sex is caused by Rajasika and Tamasika state of mind while abstinence (Brahmacharya) is influenced by  Satvik state of mind.

Staimitya – Feeling tied up, feeling stiff, you can not move your body parts that easily

Gourava – Heaviness of the body, heaviness of joints.

Shaitya – Appreciating coldness in the body.

These Kapha imbalance symptoms  indicate that the person is neither healthy nor sick. These symptoms indicate that if someone experiencing them, indulges in more of Kapha imbalance activities such as excessive sleep, eating oily foods, ice creams etc, may develop Kapha dosha diseases in future.

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Diet for Kapha balance

7 thoughts on “Kapha Test – How To Know About Kapha Imbalance In Your Body”

  1. RES. DR. JANARDAN SIR- WHAT IS INDICATION OF ” Kante ghurghurata” associated with little discharge of cough on application a little pressure on way to remove the same from throat. IS IT CURABLE OR NOT ? IS IT RELATED TO “VAT DOSH”

  2. In stead of diagnosing yourself as with Kapha Imbalance, go and consult an Ayurveda doctor in person. Your physical and mental health will certainly improve. Take action!

    • it is that doctor who diagonised me with kapha dosha sir not my self diagonosis what should i do sir they gave me medication ive been using since 3 months but not even a bit improvement will i be normal again into my usual life ?
      iam feeling very weak depresed for no reason sir unable to enjoy very little things even!!!!

    • Please contact here and inquire. If they can promise a betterment, they will deliver the result. I know them personally.


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