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Tridosha – Basic Principle Of Ayurveda Ebook – Dr JV Hebbar

Allopathic description of health starts with the descriptions of cell, tissue, etc. But Ayurvedic description of health and disease starts and revolves around Tridosha.

Hence, if you are an Ayurvedic admirer, or if you have interest in Ayurveda in general,the basic knowledge about Tridosha is very essential to understand any Ayurvedic principle. I have tried to simplify the whole explanation on Tridosha so that it is understandable for those people who have got no idea about Ayurveda, but are still interested in it.

It is an e book in PDF format. Upon purchase, the e book will be sent to you by email.

With this purchase, you will also get 5 video classes of Dr JV Hebbar of worth Rs 500 / 10 USD for absolutely free!

Tridosha - basic Principle Of Ayurveda

So, I hope, if you read this Ayurvedic book on Tridosha, it will be helpful for you to understand any other Ayurveda books or  Ayurvedic principles  pretty easily.

The contents of the Ayurveda – Tridosha book –
1. Introduction – Ayurveda And Tridosha
2. Understanding The Principles Of Ayurveda
3. What Are Tridosha? – Vata, Pitta And Kapha
4. Qualities Of Tridosha
5. Dominance Of Tridosha
6. Location Of Tridosha – how tridosha dominate different parts of the body
7. Function Of Tridosha
8. Types Of Dosha
9. Easiest Way To Understand Tridosha
10. Tridosha Body Constitution – Tridosha Body Type
11. What Causes The Tridoshas To Become Imbalanced?
12. Symptoms, Body & Mind Changes During Dosha Imbalance
13. Dominance of Tridosha in Body, Age, Day and Night – How to Take Advantage Of This Fact?
14. Mental Doshas
15. How To Balance Vata Dosha? Line Of Treatment, Vata Diet
16. How To Balance Pitta Dosha? Line Of Treatment, Pitta Diet
17. How To Balance Kapha Dosha? Line Of Treatment, Kapha Diet
18. Oil Massage For Vata Balance
19. How To Keep Vata Balance While Travelling?
20. Amla Remedy For Pitta Balance
21. How To Use Ghee, Externally For Pitta Balance
22. Ginger Home Remedy For Kapha Balance
23. Benefit Of Chyawanprash To Achieve Tridosha Balance
24. How To Take Amla Based On Your Body Type
25. Herbs And Their Effect On Tridosha
26. How To Decide Prognosis Of Disease Based On Tridosha
27. Types Of Pranayama And Their Effect On Tridosha

Price of e book: Rs 299/- or 6.99 USD
With this purchase, you will also get 5 video classes of Dr JV Hebbar of worth Rs 500 / 10 USD for absolutely free!

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