Ayurvedic Bodybuilding Tips: When To Avoid Gym And Workout

Bodybuilding and gym training is a passion for a few and a need for many. With ever-rising risk of cardiovascular diseases, and a rise in people wanting to look fit, many people are hitting the gym with vengeance. But there are many circumstances, where in Gym and exercise for bodybuilding are best avoided.
According to Ayurveda, you must avoid gym under these circumstances –

1. Lack of sleep Recently Amir Khan, bollywood actor took up body building for his flick – Ghazini. While his training program was shot, he pointed out correctly that he used to avoid gym, whenever he was not having 8 hours of complete sleep. According to Ayurveda, Vyayama or gym elevates Vata, so also, lack of sleep. So, elevation of Vata to a much higher level is undesirable. So, avoid gym if you did not have sleep and rest, the last night.

2. Muscle pull – Sometimes, in gym when a new exercise is tried, muscles twitch or pull. During these circumstances, it is highly advisable to keep away from gym till the time the muscle pull or twitch is treated, to avoid excessive Vata aggravation.

3. After delivery – After delivering a baby, till the time the uterus returns to normal shape and the tendons and ligaments around it regain strength, it is highly advisable to avoid gym. Usually this period is up to 3 months in case of normal delivery and 6 months in case of Cesarean section.  Uterine prolapse during the later stages of life is linked to improper rest during the after-delivery-period. So take rest if you have just delivered a baby and enjoy taking care of your lovely baby. 🙂

4. Feeling of burnt out, breathing problem – Normally, after a heavy work schedule, we may feel too tired, or burnt out. In those circumstances, rest is very much needed. If you are feeling burnt out, stop going to the gym for one week, then self access your condition and act accordingly.

5. During or just after a disease attack – Your body has already fought with infecting micro organisms. so, it needs rest, before you go and fight with the gym machines. So, rest, rest and rest, during or just after a disease attack.

6. When you do not feel like going to gym – Sometimes, if you are not really feeling like going to gym, it may be a hidden signal from your body to take rest, unless your laziness is haunting your will-power to workout. 🙂

7. When your family members are upset with your daily routine – This is also a very important issue. If you are very much self indulging in nature, and do not give enough time to your beloved one’s at home, then, why not stop going to gym and look for alternatives like out-door games with your family like volleyball, badminton, football, swimming, trekking etc? They are also equally effective as a gym schedule, provided you plan it correctly.   Always remember – Family first.

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  1. Hello Doctor can you please suggest me when iam done any work after that i feel very fatigue and my body does not allow me to any work please suggest me some natural way to treat this and can you tell me effective remedy for back pain while sleeping in center of the back.


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