Foot Pain Causes And Remedies

Foot is one of the most complex structures of the human body, having 24 bones and many tendons and ligaments. Foot pain is something that everyone suffers from at one or the other point of time. At the outset, foot pain looks like a simple symptom but negligence is not recommended.  Having said that, foot pain can be very easily avoided or reduced with very simple techniques and remedies recommended.

Foot pain causes

1. Watch what you wear – The biggest cause for feet pain is ill-fitting foot wears.

2. Injuries and postures – Wrong foot postures, foot injuries, ankle twitches, muscle cramps, sprains, strains, bruises are major causes of foot pain. Dancers, Athletes and gym goers often suffer from feet pain due to wrong techniques.


3. A few diseases –Diabetes, infections,  toe nail that grows inward, warts, Gout and such other diseases are causes of foot pain.

Foot pain symptoms

Foot pain exhibits in the form of –
Foot arch pain, 
Top of foot pain,
Ball of foot pain,
Bottom of foot pain, 
Heel pain etc.

Foot pain remedies

1. Foot position: Correct foot position is one of the simplest remedies. Often, we tend to keep foot in awkward positions involuntarily. While you sit, make sure that your feet are lying flat on the ground.

2. Knee angle – While sitting, if you consider the knee angle, obtuse knee angle is preferable than a 90 degree or acute knee angle.

3. Foot on mattress – As per Ayurveda, in winter season, it is better to rest the feet on mattress rather than plain floor. As cold exposure increases Vata at the level of feet.

4.  Foot exercise – Keeping a round stick beneath the feet and gently rolling is a good foot pain remedy.

5. Remove your shoes – While you are sitting, or standing at a single place for a long time, it is a very good habit to get rid of your shoes. Feet’s normal position is flat. Your shoes keep the feet bent. Hence, avoiding shoes at a given opportunity really helps.

6. Disease treatment – If your doctor figures out a particular disease such as gout or diabetes as the cause of foot pain,  treating the disease helps in foot pain relief.

7. Foot bandage – In a few cases, crepe bandaging while sleeping helps to solve the problem. But correct technique is very important. This is very beneficial in foot arch pains.

8. Cleanliness – Cutting nails regularly, keeping feet dry, neat and clean helps to prevent infection and pain.

9. Ice pack  – During severe foot pain, ice pack helps to relieve pain.

10. Foot massage – Foot massage with Ayurvedic oils will help relieve foot pain. It is better to get a massage by someone else rather than self foot massage.

11. Correct pair of shoes / foot wear : Shoes and foot wears, with very less heel height, not too rough, without any pricking points, is very necessary.

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    • Any Anti inflammatory oil, like Narayana oil is good for ball of foot pain.
      If you consult an Ayurvedic doctor, then certain oral medicines for a short period of time, along with oil application would be really helpful.

  1. Severe pain in foot with burning sensation some times. While walking felt pain in foot below fingers. Used allopathy but of no use. Can you suggest the medicine for the same.

  2. Hello
    Too much foot pain since last 3 years
    Taped by podiatrist several times hot cuatom insoles made to no avail foot feels weak and now thw other foot is also starting to show weariness
    Started with leg pain and low back pain but is actually a heel spur very painful
    Please help


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