‘Pre Diabetes Treatment’ – Do We Really Need This?

Last week, one of the patients called and frantically told that she has been diagnosed with “pre diabetes” and would be required to undergo medication. I began to wonder, if we start taking medicines for all the health conditions on earth, then who will eat food? Here is an attempt to explore more about pre diabetes management.

What is pre diabetes?

Pre diabetes is a condition, which if ignored, the person would end up becoming a diabetic.

What are the pre diabetic symptoms?

A person might or might not have pre diabetic symptoms. It is usually measured keeping in mind the pre diabetes risk factors such as an age above 45, being over weight, having high BP, smoking habit, a family history of diabetes, sedentary life style etc. However, in some cases, a few diabetes symptoms such as a continuous feeling of tiredness, excessive thirst etc. can be observed.
Blood sugar testing would reveal a reading neither in the diabetic range, nor in the normal range. (borderline).

Does pre diabetes condition require any treatment?

This is actually the question that I am trying to answer and the answer is NO. No medication is required in pre diabetes condition according to me.  If today, we develop a trend of advising medicine to pre diabetes, then tomorrow, another condition like pre-pre diabetes will evolve, and we will end up in eating more medicines than food.

So, what do we do about pre diabetes?

For the sake of information, even diabetes, up to a decent amount of high sugar level can be very effectively managed with changes in lifestyle, regular exercise and  simple dietary restrictions.  So, that being the case, during pre diabetes, only a suitable lifestyle dietetic changes will ensure that you will not end up being a diabetic in future. Click to read about pre diabetes management using Ayurveda.

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