Veg Buttermilk Stew (Temana Takra) – Qualities And Health Benefits

By Dr M S Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu) PhD.

Side dishes are commonly used during intake of food may be veg or non veg; or food may be of any continent. They may be solid, semisolid (curry, salad, chutney etc) or liquid in nature and liquids are called stew or soup (Sambhar or Sara/ yusha). Such side dishes increase taste of food and improve digestion and hence give pleasure to one who eats.
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Among liquid preparations even though most of them are spicy and cause burning sensation, few may not like it. Also some people like to have liquid side dishes at end of food so as to get soothing effect and to counteract heaviness and warmth caused due to spicy food.
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Temanna takra or buttermilk vegetable stew is one such preparation which is tasty, appetizer, soothing and pleasure enhancing effect. Classical reference is available in Paka darpana text written by Maharaja Nala.
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Text reference – Sanskrit verse

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Method of preparation

Buttermilk is prepared as per classical method and kept ready. (read here to learn how to prepare buttermilk)
To this buttermilk, little amount of sesame oil is added and mixed.
Later, fragrant flowers like Jasmine, Kewda (Ketaki), clove etc are added and kept for a while.

After 30-45 minutes flowers are taken out and filtered.
To this liquid, sliced or paste garlic or ginger is added.
Further, as per requirement, leaves of coriander, powder of ginger, rock salt are added and mixed well.

Small amount of lime juice is also added and stirred.
This liquid is taken in a vessel and cooked in mild intensity of heat, with constant stirring. While doing this fine powder of pepper is also added. Cooking is continued till it is not very thick and not too spicy .

Further, to this, well cooked vegetables or pulses are added and mixed properly. Lid is closed and the whole mix is cooked once again.

Then it is augmented with leaves of lemon, camphor, flowers of Kewda etc or seasoning can be carried) .

This is called Temana takra or buttermilk vegetable stew.

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Qualities, Utility

It is sweet in a taste, tasty, appetiser, wholesome, light for digestion and balances vata and kapha in nature.
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This kind of stew is beneficial and usable in all age group. As it is simple to prepare, tasty we can cherish the nutritive and therapeutic benefits as well. Click to consult Dr MS Krishnamurthy by email

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