4 Remedies For Blackheads, Pimple Scars Using Saffron, Turmeric

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD
As per Ayurveda, black heads and pimple scars are due to Pitta aggravation or imbalance. During these conditions, oral medicines and external application – both are used for the treatment. Here are a few remedies that you can try at home for black heads and acne scars. 

1. Red sandal wood recipe:
Red sandal wood is rubbed against the stone by adding a little water. Fine paste is obtained.
To this little Natural Red oxide (Gairika; Red ochre in English, Geru in Hindi) is added and fine paste is made.

This is applied to the affected area of the face twice daily and retained for 1-2 hour.
After that, it is washed off with hot water.
7-8 days of this paste application yields good results.
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2. Neem bark – aloe vera paste:
Neem bark (fresh or dried) is rubbed well with Aloe vera juice and fine paste is prepared.
Regular application helps to decrease the marks and black heads.
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3. Turmeric compound mixture:
Turmeric and Berberis (Berberis aristata) are taken in their fine powder form and mixed well with cow’s milk. To this little talcum powder is added and mixed thoroughly.

If this is applied once or twice daily significant benefit can be observed in any kind of markings of the face and soft body parts.

4. Saffron and ghee:
In a small china clay/porcelain mortar, half teaspoon of ghee is added and 3-4 saffron strands. The mix is tritureated well.
When this becomes reddish yellow, this is applied over the wet face.
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Natural beauty and glow is added up when it is nurtured by natural substances like herbs, vegetables and fruits. Though, they may not yield immediate results, persistent use for a few days will definitely make you notice the difference. Try it and let us know your improvements.
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